True Love(A SasuNaru Tribute)

Two hearts burning with desire.

Two souls yearning for the other.

Two sets of eyes, seeing all.

Two sets of ears, hearing all.

Their hearts drawn together, perfectly in sync.

Their souls walking the same treacherous path.

Their eyes, seeing the pain.

Their ears, hearing what needs to be said.

Their love,

Crossing the same path,

Feeling the same things,

Pain, hate, and sorrow.

When they meet at the end of the path,

A new sense of hope will be formed.

A new love to be shared,

A new bond formed.

A love, never to be shattered,

A bond, never to be broken.

Together they will live,

Together they will die.

This is what true love is,

Nothing more,

Nothing less.

This is for all you SasuNaru/NaruSasu fans out there! I hope you enjoyed, please review.