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Carlisle and Esme: How the Love Story Began

Journey, Part II

Previously: The tension in the room was palpable. I was shaking with anxiety and longed to take some action. But what action?

Esme reached out and touched my eye, fascinated by something she saw there.

Please speak my thoughts pleaded.


At last!

Then something happened that I never expected in the dozens of scenarios I had run through my head…

Esme launched herself at me with such force that it sent us tumbling to the floor.

Before I could protest, her lips sought mine and she kissed me with a desperation I never could have imagined. Her body trembled against mine.

I still wasn't sure what was happening or why, but I let some of my guard down…enough to feel the urgency in her actions.

In between heated kisses, Esme spoke in incomplete sentences and scattered thoughts. I struggled to understand what she was trying to say however at the same time I began to feel my body responding to hers.

"I don't deserve you…"

She ran her hands up my sides, pushing my shirt up and exposing my chest and abdomen.

"I can never repay you…"

Her tension was being released through passion and it made me long to touch her. I couldn't focus. What's the right thing to do?

"Please forgive me. I am so selfish…" Her words were breathlessly spoken.

I rolled us over and yanked her skirt up to the top of her thighs. I had to feel her skin.

"Take everything….everything I am. It's all I have to offer…"

She tore at her blouse, shredding it to pieces. It ignited me with desire and want. She was so lost to passion and emotion…and she was pulling me in with her.

I rid my body of my bunched up shirt. Sliding my teeth down the length of her jaw, neck and between her breasts, I frantically searched for something I could latch them onto.

"Esme, I want you. I want all of you." Panting now, I sought to reassure her that I loved her. I still did not understand what was tormenting her mind, but I could respond to her body.

I struggled to pull us to our feet, our lips not wanting or unable to part from each other, and make our way to one of the many bedrooms. I wasn't quite sure which way to go. I was disoriented.

As soon as I stood, Esme wrapped her arms around my neck and locked her legs around my waist. I could feel her heat…


I stumbled forward blind with the power Esme was wielding over my body and mind. She squeezed me so tight and the scent of her arousal made me dizzy.

I faltered and we slammed through the wall that separated the foyer from the main sitting room.

I mentally braced for a scolding from Esme. She frowned upon destruction…

Yet again, her response defied my logic and she clamped her legs around me even tighter and wove her fingers into my hair…and pulled.

It was pain and pleasure at the same time. A growl rumbled in my chest and erupted from my lips as a hiss. I spun us around and Esme's back slammed into the bricks of the wall-length fireplace. The force of the impact released a shower of rubble on top of us.

In response, Esme sunk her teeth into the flesh where my neck and shoulder met. I snarled in her ear and thrust my hips forward, which in turn brought on a fresh shower of crumbling brick and mortar.

Then for a brief moment, I thought I heard the force of my heart beating against my chest. I realized it was the pounding of the surf just beyond the open back doors of the house.

I smiled wickedly over Esme's sweet lips, "My Love, I think you may be getting too hot and need some cooling off…"

My words caused her to cease her movements, but I could tell she struggled with the meaning behind them.

Not wanting her to completely comprehend their true meaning, I took off through the doors that led to the beach.

We hit the water at a speed that made Esme gasp. She released her hold on me and we tumbled into to the water together.

My little stunt worked out better than I thought as I saw the look of shock on Esme's face turn into a boisterous laugh. She was back!

Overjoyed to see her happy, I took her face in my hands and looked into her eyes. They danced. I kissed her softly on her forehead, nose and lips.

When she stiffened, I understood she was not yet ready to talk about her inner conflict.

No need to discuss it now I thought. My fear of rejection had washed away with the tide. As long as she loved me, I knew we could resolve any issue…together. We had time for talk – later.

"Mrs. Cullen, no clothes are allowed when skinny-dipping," I teased.

With all our tension dissipated, we stripped off our remaining clothing.

I gazed at my beautiful wife. The water had soaked her hair and strands stuck haphazardly to her face. In the intense southern sun, her skin sparkled like a million stars. Almost as spectacular as her butterscotch eyes.

I was never able to see beauty in our kind until this one incredible moment. Light and love radiated from her.

That was Esme's gift. She could see the beauty and love in everyone and everything – and make you believe in it too. She gave in such subtle ways, so softly and delicately, it was like being wrapped in the finest silk. It just felt nice and…special.

I stroked her cheek with the back of my hand. My gentle flower…

…And my little home wrecker! I started to laugh thinking about the wall we destroyed in the house.

"What?" She demanded.

"My Beloved, the next time you want to remodel, warn me!"

She smiled a crooked smile. I didn't mean to embarrass her, so I immediately pulled her to me. I slid my hands slowly down her smooth bare back, over the roundness of her bottom and firmly grasped the back of her thighs. With one quick motion I hitched her legs around my hips and pressed into her.

To maintain her balance, Esme had to grab onto my shoulders. The waves pushed and pulled on us, causing our bodies to sway. The resulting friction rekindled the smoldering passion that had been a raging inferno moments ago.

Esme saw the shift of emotion in my eyes and felt the tension return to my body. Her response was opposite of mine: she hung her head back, exposing her throat to me and sank into my grasp. She was surrendering herself to me.

I guided her over me and relished in the feeling of her slowly enveloping me.

My wife, my mate, my lover, my friend…

The warm salty water swirled around us while we made love. Time stood still in our little bubble of paradise.

We shared each other silently and then I carried her to the beach.

I plopped down on the powdery white sand and cradled Esme on my lap. I hoped to make her feel safe and maybe she would be ready to talk about what was troubling her.

Then I waited.

Finally, it came pouring out…

"I get overwhelmed at times. You have given me so much. But I have nothing to give you in return. Our relationship is unbalanced," she spat out quickly.


"You're worried about material things? Possessions?" I questioned.

Then I laughed at the simplicity of the issue. But Esme winced. Obviously, this was a real concern for her. I needed to address it correctly…

"Esme, in the hundreds of years I have existed, I have seen possessions come and go. Empires fall, castles burn to the ground and priceless treasures are lost. The harder people hang on to their riches, the poorer they become. Their spirit fades and they are left alone and betrayed by their possessions and the greedy souls that surround them. Nothing I own will ever have power over me.

But you…you have power over me. You can raise me up or tear me down with just a glance.

What you give me cannot be measured. It is priceless. It's the one thing I've always wanted, but couldn't find. And like an addict, I can't live without it.

You see, Esme, if our relationship is unbalanced, it's because you possess the one thing I would beg for and even die for – your love.

I treasure you. To Hell with all these material things -- they mean nothing -- especially if they make you unhappy..."

* * *

Then Carlisle's tone changed. It almost seemed like each word he spoke held more weight than he could carry. "You have given me so much, I don't think I could ever show you the true depth of my gratitude…you can't blame me for trying."

Oh, I am such a fool! How could I have been so shallow? How could I have implied that Carlisle would be so shallow? Of course possessions would not have meaning to Carlise. He was a giving man. But in my brief human existence I had learned that money and material things meant power, influence, prestige, and security. Something my family always lacked.

But I was so wrong. I knew I could live without things. I could live happily with just Carlisle and Edward. Only they really mattered. Carlisle saw that. He was so wise. I could only hope that my endless years would teach me wisdom too.

"I love you, my angel. I am sorry if my behavior and words – my doubts and insecurities – caused you pain. Please forgive me." That was the best I could offer him.

"On one condition," he responded, a grin tugged at the corners of his mouth.

"What?" I asked relieved knowing he was going to let me off the hook…

"I want my anniversary gift!"

Yes! It was the solution! My handmade gift took on new meaning now. It was a reflection of my love for my family. I felt renewed confidence in it.

"Let's go back to the house." I stood taking Carlisle's hand.

While I fished through my trunk in our room, Carlisle emerged from the bathroom donning a fluffy white robe. He offered me an identical robe.

I slipped it on quickly and lovingly caressed the embroidered initials on the lapel: EAC. But I would not be distracted from my task...

"Okay, sit down on the bed and close your eyes," I instructed.

Carlisle complied with a smile.

I place the framed canvas in his waiting hands.

"Open your eyes!"

Carlisle's eyes flew open with anticipation. As the recognition of the meaning of my gift registered on his face, I glowed.

He ran his fingers slowly over the images: a hand, a lion and three shamrocks embedded in a v-shaped banner.

"A coat of arms…" he said quietly.

"Yes," I said. "We are a family – a strong, honorable family. We needed a unifying symbol of our strength: A Cullen family crest. I thought it fit with your long history. The symbols mean…"

But Carlisle's voice dominated mine –

"The lion represents courage, bravery, ferocity, and valor. The hand, a pledge of faith, sincerity, and justice. The shamrocks indicate time without end; perpetuity. And the banner, protection."

He shook his head. I had never seen Carlisle speechless. But he was – for a moment.

"I have it all, Esme. Is it wrong to want it for all eternity?"

"No, Carlisle. I want it too."

We knew for our family,

We would sacrifice anything,

Possess the courage to defend and protect

And live by a code of honor and respect.

But most of all,

We would be united in love


The End

(No, actually, just the beginning…)

End Notes:

Thank you so much to everyone who has read this story and gave me encouragement to continue. At times, I knew it was my past experiences and emotions being put into this story, and at times, it seemed like the characters were telling me what to write. I loved every minute of it! And I am so glad to have the chance to share it with others. So again, thank you.

I would so consider it a gift if you could please leave a comment or a review. Just share your thoughts!

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