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This Little Piggy- Ino, Tonton

The loud knocking on the door wouldn't go away, and Ino could feel the sparks emit from her ground teeth as she rolled over and tried to ignore it. It was still too early to be answering doors, and when she looked at the clock next to her cot she wanted to cry. She had only gotten two hours of sleep, at most.

Looking like hell, but figuring that whoever had the nerve to wake her at this ungodly hour would just have to deal with it, Ino's not so nimble feet made their way to the entrance of the makeshift Yamanaka residence.

"Whaddaya want-?" her voice fell when there was no one there. Now really awake, and really annoyed at being really awake, she hissed between her teeth, gathering chakra to use for a perimeter scan to give the ding dong ditcher a piece of her mind-


Her creased eyebrows went a little slack, and the hand that had been preparing to form a tiger seal pressed over her mouth in horror. Had she actually just squealed in anger? She had sworn that she had beaten that unfortunate habit out of her vernacular when she was still in the civilian school-

"Oinkoink!" It came quicker this time, and Ino looked down.

A tiny little pig wearing a little pearl necklace looked up.

And all the irritated anger that Ino had built up flooded out of her when she stared at the animal that she realized had no where to go. Tonton blinked.

She bunched a hand on her hip, "Well, don't just stand there, it's six in the morning and I have to report in at ten!"

Tonton seemed to smile, something a bit unnerving for a pig, and hoofed feet clacked against wood as she waddled into the house.


It took Ino about ten minutes to spot the messy mop of pink hair peaking out above the heavy stacks of paperwork, and that was with the help of Tonton. Tonton had found Ino's best friend/eternal rival first actually, and had nuzzled the preoccupied, dazed medic's ankle with her snout, causing the usually composed kunoichi to squeal, fling her arms up, and scatter about three dozen financial records.

"Making a mess Forehead?" Ino chided gently, moving around the paperwork that had accumulated in the past two months after the village had been almost totally annihilated.

A megalomaniac threatened the whole world, a tailed beast of pure destructive chakra was released, and the council wanted detailed fiscal reports. Such was war for a shinobi village. Ino was beginning to suspect they were the Village Hidden in the Leaves due to the obscene amounts of paperwork they went through.

"Damn it Pig-"

Tonton snorted, affronted.

Sakura blew a few wayward strands of pink out of her face, "Sorry, Tonton, not you," she whispered somewhat sadly, a heavy hand carefully petting the top of Tonton's head.

Ino looked around the heavily disorganized arrays of papers, "I can't believe they have you regulated to deskwork."

The severely overworked girl leaned back in her chair, tired hands rubbing around her eyes, "I'm the only one that knows how…how Shizune-senpai kept her files."

Ino hadn't been training with Morino Ibiki for nothing, and she noticed the slightest tremble in her best friend's lower lip. Tonton's head lowered as well. She would have been lying if she said that her own eyes didn't get the slightest bit prickly. But now was not the time.

Ino straightened her shoulders, and pulled up a chair alongside Sakura, "It can't be that hard, I bet I can do double of what you have done in an hour!"

Sakura looked at her friend incredulously before she allowed a grim smile, "You're on Porker!"

Tonton snorted, Sakura winced.

"…sorry Tonton."


Almost a year later, when Yamanaka Ino went on her second ANBU mission as a special jounin, she discovered that the adorable little pig who had been living under her roof had a hidden talent.

After a recon mission had gone south, Ino had escaped a mind meld only to return to a body that had been poisoned by an enemy shinobi that had discovered their position. She cried out loud when she came to and felt the senbon digging into her upper thigh.

"Don't move your leg, the enemy's weapons are coated in venom," came the man that had been in charge of protecting her unconscious body while she infiltrated the enemy's hideout. His voice was smooth and familiar behind the mask, and his brown, shoulder-length hair tickled her forehead.

"Shit," she muttered, trying in a panic to recall lessons that were taught to her long, long ago by a sensible woman with dark hair who specialized in such medical techniques.

A squeal to her right caught her attention, and Ino felt a cold, rubbery snout pressing against her leg followed by a wet, licking sensation.

"Tonton! What're you-?"

The ANBU holding her interrupted her unspoken question, "Tonton knows how to neutralize poison, don't you girl?" He asked, petting the pig's back and speaking with a hint of wistfulness.

Ino was, for once, speechless as her adopted pet piggy quite possibly saved her life. When she was sure that it was safe, she pulled out the senbon from her leg and handed it to her faceless teammate.

"For your collection," she mumbled to him, mentally deciding to brush up on her poisons and antidotes when her squad returned to Konoha. If there was one thing Ino hated being it was unprepared.


When the day of the anniversary came, Ino and Tonton took a short walk to the memorial stone, where Ino poured some sake in a small saucer and witnessed a pig in people's clothes getting drunk.



"Yes, Tsunade-san?"

"What have you done to my pet pig!"

Ino snorted, eying the grouchy retiree who was eying the very nice looking Tonton, "I haven't done anything to Tonton!"

"You painted her hooves," grumbled Tsunade, who had taken a few hours away from her cottage on the outskirts of the village to visit the hospital and check up on her protégé. She just happened to be tackled by an over enthusiastic pig on her way in.

Ino picked Tonton up and cradled her to her chest protectively, "She looks cute!"

Tonton grunted in agreement and the pair nodded in synch.

Tsunade felt something kick in her stomach at the familiar image, and she smirked at them before hastily excusing herself to do rounds.


When Ino exchanged her halter top for something with longer sleeves, no one made a comment.

After all, there wasn't much point to a covert projectile launching weapon if it was in plain sight.

Plus, she was sick of getting pig snot on her arms.


The next time Ino faced Sakura, it was during the ANBU entrance exams, and it was evenly matched. For every fissure in the ground, there's twenty senbon in the wall.

The fight lasted two hours, forty seven minutes, and thirteen seconds. It's a match length unprecedented in ANBU history.

And as the spectators watched two stretchers being brought out to the floor, the only sole thought going throughout their minds was to be wary of the Legacy of the Slug.


After waking up in the hospital, being told by a very smug looking former Hokage "Congratulations", yelling at a comatose Sakura that even though they're both in ANBU she'll definitely get Captain first, Yamanaka Ino straightened up and started the long walk back to her apartment, a squat little piggy following her all the way home.