AN Was not expecting the gigantic asspull at the end of the latest Naruto chapter, so a few of these are AUish XD

10 Genres of Shizune x Genma


"She always was terrible at saying goodbye," he told the bartender who was only half listening, before ordering another round, the seat beside him empty.


The emergency room was in chaos, and Shizune had to scream to be heard over the buzzing machines and hospital personnel who had hovered over the yakuza member they brought in approximately three minutes ago. She took a deep breath and her mind went over the facts again: male, mid thirties, suffering from several lacerations and a shattered kneecap. Condition: critical.

As one of the best trauma surgeons in this part of town, Shizune had dealt with worse.

However, this had to be the first time a dying man flirted with her.

"You're pretty cute for a nurse-" croaked the man in the blood stained suit, eyes focusing on her face.

"Surgeon," she corrected firmly, preparing the IV needle to feed through his hand.



"Surgeon," he relented, wincing as the stretcher they had him on ran over a bump, "How about you and me grab a bite in the cafeteria after all this unpleasantness is over with?"

Her mouth twisted up despite herself, "I don't date clients."

"Damn," he laughed, before passing out from blood loss.


"It's not funny!" Shouted Genma at his two female teammates with a voice that was at a higher decibel than normal.

Kurenai was bent over, clutching her stomach, her breath choked with laughter. Shizune was slightly more sympathetic.

"I'm sure we can find Sensei, she'll know how to reverse the henge…and um," Shizune rubbed the back of her neck and forced a smile, "You look very pretty Genma-chan."

The thirteen year old girl crossed her arms over her chest and glared poisonously at Kurenai, "This is the last time I let you try out a genjutsu on me."


"What the hell was that?" he shouted, for once losing his renowned cool when he saw the lab tech exit the building.

The dark haired woman stared at him, "There was…an incident in the labs, we don't have a lot of time before the outbreak swarms the city."

"An incident?" He snorted around the toothpick in his mouth, "An incident! Those things were….were…"

He barely had time to duck as the woman threw what looked like an elaborate hypodermic needle over his shoulder. He turned around to see one of those things that had been swarming the city fall to the ground, corpse like face keening as it became inanimate, the needle sticking straight out of its forehead.

"Zombies?" Suggested the practical woman, extending her hand, "My name's Shizune. I'm a former biochemist for the Umbrella corporation and you're going to need my help if you want to get out of here."

He blinked before taking her hand, "Shiranui Genma, Raccoon City Police Department."

Shizune gave a warm smile, "Nice to meet you. Don't let them bite you or you'll die a most agonizing death I'm afraid."

Genma looked down at the zombie, nudging it with the toe of his boot, "…I'll keep that in mind."

First Time

Maybe it was because of how Kurenai started paying attention to Asuma when he started smoking, or maybe it was because he wanted an excuse to use the 'deadly with his tongue' joke that he had been mentally crafting for a few days now, but whatever the reason, Shiranui Genma had picked up a senbon and placed it on his lower lip. It was his Thing now, and he felt that it suited his image.

When he walked over to the hospital, where Shizune was learning her specialization in poisons, and where he was going to perhaps ask her out for a one on one training session, he wasn't expecting her reaction.

"Are you stupid? Do you realize how much of a liability that could be on the field? What if someone punches you? You know that a senbon, when applied with enough force, could easily puncture your esophagus-"

When she went searching for the medical diagrams to show him just how easily his 'cool guy look' could kill him, Genma slipped out the back door.

The eleven year old put his hands in his pockets and smiled, happy that she had called him 'cool' and missing the point entirely.


Her cheeks were flaming red, and her fingers fiddled with the sleeves of the kimono her uncle had bought her for the festival, "What is it?" She asked shyly as her teammate continued to stare at her.

"Nothing," Gemna said with a forced defensiveness, thinking that for the first time since he had been assigned with her and Kurenai for a genin cell she actually looked like a girl.

"Oh," Shizune said, but she smiled as she walked ahead to the festival where Kurenai was waiting for them.

Genma slowly shook his head before chasing after her.

The next day, Shizune showed up to training wearing a kimono instead of her usual drab jumpsuit.


"Is this good?" Shizune asked, laying down five cards that had little red hearts in the corner, "It must be good, since they're all in order, right?"

Genma watched his former teammate, who had shit for luck before she left with Tsunade, take about two weeks' worth of pay from him in under forty five minutes.

"Yeah, it's good," said Raidou with a small smile, giving the ashen Genma a consoling pat on the back while Asuma opened up a beer for him and Hayate pushed the chips over to Shizune's side of the table.

She smiled, picking up her next hand.

"I want all the colors to match, right?"

Genma groaned, regretting this even more, "Yes, why?"

Her smile grew, "No reason," she stated, even having the gall to hum while she placed a stack of poker chips in the middle of the table.

Genma took a long drink from his beer.


He felt the rubbery snout nuzzling against the palm of his hand, and when he looked down and saw Tonton looking back up at him he felt the beginnings of grief.

His hand ran over the top of her head, "There's a good girl," he whispered, placing the flowers down in front of the cenotaph.


His breath is hot and heavy in her ear, his spine relaxing as his head rests in the crook of her neck. Her thighs are still pressed against either side of his ribcage, and neither of them can quite look at each other for those few moments of silence, their heartbeats pounding against each other.

"Shizune! Where are those files-?" They hear the Hokage yelling too close to the door.

"Shit!" Genma swears, pulling off of her as panic crawls over her face.

The next twelve seconds are spent putting on discarded uniforms and rearranging office supplies on the top of Shizune's desk.


"Long time no see," he muttered, leaning against the wall as Shizune left the Hokage's office.

Shizune looked up from the file she had been reading while walking, and her eyes lit up when she saw her old teammate for the first time in years, "Genma."


"It's nice to see you again."

"I hear Tsunade's got us together on the next mission," Genma said nonchalantly, his tongue pushing the senbon across his lower lip.

She smiled, tilting her head, "That's right."

"I look forward to it," he said, something shining in his eyes as he pushed off the wall and started walking away.

"Me too," she whispered after him, not sure if he heard it.