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Makoto rolled across the bedspread, head lolling off the edge. He was leaning over his homework; maybe it would best not to interrupt, she thought. No, she set her mouth in a grimace, she wanted to tell someone—especially him.


"Yeah?" he replied, brow furrowing at the equations scribbled in graphite.

"I made him disappear."

Kousuke looked up, eyeing her with confusion. "What?" he responded slowly. "Who?"

She couldn't look him in the eye anymore, so she stared up at his stucco ceiling. "Chiaki," she said.

There was a long quiet. She could feel him staring at her.

"Why?" It came out sounding unhurried. But she knew he wanted to know.

"I played with the time we had." She closed her eyes guiltily. "Sorry, Kousuke. Chiaki was our best friend."

Kousuke gazed down at her critically. Finally, he murmured, "Chiaki was my best friend, Makoto." When she didn't open her eyes, he turned away, back to his work. He knew she wouldn't talk about this again.

"Yeah," Makoto agreed in a whisper. A small crystal beaded from her eye and fell with gravity.

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