A/N: you guys…I'm glad you are still into my story after all these years of Kyle XY being over but please stop with the guilt trips :/ I already feel bad enough about not being able to continue as of now. Key words here: AS OF NOW. I barely have time to sleep, let alone keep up with updating a story. :P

Here's the deal…I actually have a free weekend, so maybe I'll work on updating both Heartbeat and Decisions and Contemplating.

As a treat for keeping you guys waiting for so long, I got a huge story to tell related to the ending of Kyle XY. It seems a little unbelievable but I promise you it is 100% completely true! I had the honor of meeting the creators of Kyle XY, Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber. I talked to Eric Bress about the series ending and here is what he told me…Cassidy is NOT Kyle's brother. Cassidy was lying. The series wasn't cancelled because of ratings or views or anything. It was all personal, something about a beef with someone that worked on the show. He didn't get any more into detail than that though. He told me about how hard it was for them to leave the show on a cliff hanger like that. They wanted so bad to just go back and film one more episode to wrap up all the loose ends, and they could of because the Trager house wasn't torn down yet! But alas, ABC Family destroyed our souls with that ending. _

Okay enough about this author's note…I should get started on updating these stories!