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Amidst the Sunflowers

1: First



I felt so alive.

More alive than I have ever felt before as my legs carried me across the dew-ridden grass. The warm wind flew through my hair and tickled my face as I continued running. I could feel a small trickle of sweat drip down the nape of my neck. The sweet scent of the early sunflowers enclosed around me, the smell of summer.

This was my home; the Kururugi Shrine- wait, no... Japan was my home. I couldn't ask for a better place to live. Everything about this island was so amazing; so enticing to the senses. Maybe it was the sunflowers that danced with the breeze that grabbed my attention? Or it might have been the peaceful atmosphere in the valley? It really didn't matter what it was, nothing could ever change the fact that I loved it here.

'But...' a new thought came to my mind, 'I don't think I would like it as much if I had no one to share it with.' When I was younger, my father taught me a lesson. It was one of the few lessons he ever shared with me.

"If you have something in which you cherish with your whole heart, nothing in the world is better than to share it with the people you love."

My father then went on further to say how much he loved his job and that it would mean the world to him if I followed in his footsteps. I would be more than happy to take on the family tradition, but I believe that my father's perspective of what he cherishes most was completely off. Never in a hundred years would my father ask, but if he did question me on what my most prized possession was, I don't think I could choose between my country of my friends.

'My friends...'

I only met them a few months ago. Now that I look back, I feel so guilty for the way I treated them. Lelouch and Nunally vi Britannia... the abandoned prince and princess of that cursed superpower.

When I think of a prince or of a princess, I imagine a beautiful person who is stuck-up and snobbish. A person who has everything they could possibly ever want and still is not satisfied; always wanting more. Before I met them, this is how I pictured them to be.

However, when the day finally came that brought them to my home, my stereotype seemed to evaporate into the quiet air around me.

I had been proven wrong. Those two were pitiful. Nunally especially. She was only six-years-old and she was confined to a wheelchair and a world of darkness. Nunally was blind and handicapped, but she had never always been that way. Right before they came to Japan, their mother was murdered. An empress; Marianne vi Britannia. Unfortunately, Nunally was in her mother's arms when it happened. Those bullets robbed her of her legs. Everything else took away her sight.

Six-years-old and still being able to smile after that. Nunally was truly a wonderful girl.

Her brother, Lelouch, was different. Even though nothing was wrong with him physically, his mental state was a mess. Lelouch trusted no one. No one could push Nunally's wheelchair. No one could talk to Nunally. No one could help Nunally if she needed something. No one could could do anything for her except for him.

Lelouch loved his sister, he always had; but I think that incident made him love her even more. She had become his obsession; his reason for living.

He hated Britannia. He hated it as much as I did. He hated their customs, their ideas, their people, and their existence; just like every other person on the Earth. Our reasons for our hatred were different, yet I believe that these differences were what brought us so close.

Now, Lelouch is my best friend.

He wouldn't be running through the fields with me on such a warm day if he wasn't.

I turned my head back to see how he was holding up. Lelouch was slowing down behind me, his strides growing more sluggish as we traveled deeper into the thicket of sunflowers. I smiled at him; Lelouch had always been so nonathletic.

"H-hey! Slow down, S-Suzaku!" The fact that we were running with the current of the wind was probably the one and only reason why I could hear his gasping request. I loved to tease Lelouch, so I decided to speed up my pace. I heard him groan heavily behind me.

"Lelouch!" I angled my neck again to face him, "Catch me if you ca-ah!"

God was mad at me, I'm sure of it, for teasing poor Lelouch because I then stepped on a few slippery stones and lost my balance. On my way down, I could feel Lelouch's slender hand frantically grab the bottoms of my shorts in an attempt to save me. For once, Lelouch's plan was a failure.

I went down, but my shorts and underwear decided to stay up. My face collided with the soil, the impact scratching my skin despite the softness of the dirt. As I let out a small moan of minor pain, I noticed that my naked butt was high up in the air... facing Lelouch. It took me a second to realize that my underwear and pants were around my ankles, and that my bottom was utterly exposed to him.

I felt a strange heat creep up my cheeks, a blush. Quickly, I pulled my clothes back up and brushed myself off as I got back on my feet. It was really awkward... Lelouch was just staring at me.

"Um..." my fingers tugged at the hem of my shirt, fiddling the fabric in the midst of my embarrassment. "Oops." I couldn't help but laugh; sure, I was embarrassed that Lelouch saw my butt. Despite that, the whole situation was pretty funny. Before I realized it, I broke out into a hysterical fit of giggles. I was so into it I was not aware of the growing panic on his face.

When I did stop my laughter, I only did because of the shriek that emitted from Lelouch's quivering mouth. My heart began to beat faster; what happened? I felt my head get light when I saw the tears threatening to fall from his violet eyes.

"Lelouch! Lelouch! What's wrong?!" I threw myself into his face. I was concerned, I was scared. Never in my life had I ever seen him so frightened; heck, I never even seen him cry! Whatever reduced him into such a state would surely receive no mercy from me once I found out what it was. I was going to murder it.

The tears that threatened to fall from his violet eyes were now streaming down his face, his right hand covering his mouth, muffling the sobs he was making. I could see that his body was tense, his muscles clenching together almost painfully. Something bad was coming. I knew it.

"I-I-I... w-what is-?!" Lelouch's voice had gone up an octave, sounding very much like a girl's, as he whimpered into his palm.

"What's what, Lelouch?" I tried to comfort him, but I realized I was doing a sucky job at it. I didn't have experience with this kind of stuff; it was really embarrassing. I didn't exactly have good people skills. Nevertheless, I clutched his shoulder with my hand in panic, our eyes meeting quickly.

Lelouch was attempting to bite back his sobs, but he was failing. "Something... s-something is w-wro-wrong with m-me!" More tears fell down his pale cheeks, dripping onto his shirt with a sloppy and untimely rhythm. The small stains melted into the crumpled fabric of his shirt as he hunched closer to me; gasping in my shoulder as he continued to cry. I was lost. Really, really lost.

My voice came out unsteadily, "Lelouch, tell me what's wrong." He hiccuped in response, raising his black head so that our eyes were right in front of one another. I then saw another emotion withheld in his gaze that I had never before associated him with; uncertainty. "Th-that's the problem! I-I don't know!"

Hold on. Did he just tell me he didn't know what was wrong with himself? I'm so confused... so he's saying that something is wrong yet he has no idea what is? Lelouch, I thought you were the smart one!

"How do you know something's wrong, then?" The last thing I expected him to do was to blush; a delicate pink surfacing on his cheeks, and to avert his eyes away.

"I know something is wrong because... because it's never done this before!

"It?" I asked. I searched his entire body for flaws; nothing looked out of the ordinary, so what in God's name was it and why was it such problem? Lelouch is my best friend, we share a special understanding, but right now, I was in the dark. And I was getting a bit annoyed too. "What's 'it?'"

"M-my..." Lelouch's voice got quieter towards the end of his sentence so I couldn't hear what he said. Only a few mumbles made it to my ears.

"Your what, Lelouch?!"

I saw him flush again, biting his lip in an insecure manner. Sweat was glistening down his neck and face; it made his entire head sparkle in the hot sun.

"My privates! That's the problem, okay?!"

Now, I could feel myself share the distress Lelouch felt. I gulped, heat rising quickly to my cheeks. I didn't know what to say to that. I don't think anyone could. So, I awkwardly fidgeted my fingers that had fallen back to my sides, kicking some of the rocks below my feet. As awkward as it was, I found myself kind of curious.

"Um..." I started, "what's wrong with it?"

I inwardly shook my head at myself. I sounded so weird asking Lelouch such a personal question, but I couldn't help it. He go me interested (not in his privates you weirdos) in his problem. I never heard anything like it.

"W-well," his pretty purple eyes fluttered to the front of his pants, searching for the right words to feed me. "For starters, it feels strange."

"How so?" Lelouch lifted his eyes to mine.

"It hurts but at the same time it feels good. It kind of feels like it's pulsing... very strongly." Pulsing... I mulled that word around my brain for a bit. It hurts but at the same time it feels good... I wonder what he means?

Suddenly, a powerful urge coursed through my body. I recognized that feeling instantly; it was pure determination. I had always been a person with a curious mind and a willingness to learn, a powerful one actually. It was one of my traits. Whenever something caught my eye, it became my goal to learn as much as possible on it, no matter what it was. That same feeling was washing over me. An uneasiness began to bubble in my stomach; I was getting scared. When this feeling surfaced, I did some pretty bizarre things. Like now.

"Lelouch! Pull down your pants!"

His eyes widened, his violet pupils shrinking back into the white. His ebony-colored eyebrows slanted downward, his lips twisting into a frown. Lelouch took a step backwards, his back touching the tall sunflower stalks that encircled us. "What, are you crazy!?"

My own emerald eyes slanted, my mouth tightening in concentration. "I want to see it." Oops, that didn't come out right. Lelouch surprised me when he made a very girly gasp go.


"No, not like that!"

"Then how, damn it?!"

"I just want to see it. That never happened to me before. Anyway, it's your fault in the first place."

He grunted angrily. "How so?"

"I don't know... but who cares anyway! Just do what I say!" I didn't even notice how firmly my hands were gripping his small shoulders or the fact that I had knocked us both onto the smooth earth. His eyes were shut, his mouth open slightly, and his pale fingers tugged gently on my shirt. He didn't look like he was in pain... he was too relaxed for that. Lelouch was definitely experiencing something, something new, because he had never worn such an expression in his entire life.

I was taken from my thoughts by his voice, murmuring my name with a breathy gasp. "S-Suzaku..." He bit his lip, turning his head to the side. Then, Lelouch made a noise. A noise that made my stomach twist comfortably.

Lelouch moaned.

"This feels nice, Suzaku." His hips shifted under my own, then I felt it... I felt something hard. It was throbbing and it was warm.

"Woah!" I lifted my body up from Lelouch's hips (he gave a gasp and began to pout; I think he wanted me to return to our previous position, but I ignored him), holding myself up with both of my hands on either side of his head and stared down excitedly at his lower body. "That's so cool!"

I was amazed. That had to be the coolest thing I had ever felt! I could see how his shorts elevated where the hardness lay.

And I thought I was curious before.

I gotta see this, I thought with a grin.

So, I did.

My hands dove straight to the zipper and the neighboring buttons that kept the cloth securely around his thin waist. Lelouch screamed, trying to shove my hands away, but failing miserably. He should know better, he never wins any of our fist fights, so why would he be victorious now? I smirked evilly as I succeed in undoing his pants, tugging them down to his ankles in one swift motion. Inch after inch of pale skin entered my eye, Lelouch and all his nakedness displayed shamelessly before me.

I blushed, averting my eyes from his skin to his face, "Lelouch... why aren't you wearing any underwear?"

Lelouch's face was burning up, a light sweat covering his ivory skin. "T-Today was laundry day and-and I didn't have a clean pair... so I thought it would be okay to go without them. Nunally's not wearing any either." My thoughts then drifted over to his sister, sweet and innocent Nunally. I almost choked when I heard those words.

"B-but, she's wearing a dress today!" Lelouch rolled his eyes at me.

"Duh. Why do you think she said she wanted to stay home today?" He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. I hated that; he was always so arrogant. Stupid Lelouch.

My thoughts had been so concerned for the keeping of Nunally's innocence that I hadn't noticed that my gaze had returned to Lelouch's bare hips. His small little grunt of shame brought me back into reality, my eyes face to face with his most intimate area. I gulped from the anxiety bubbling in my stomach. My head was telling me to look away, at least attempt to save some of the poor prince's dignity, but I couldn't bring myself to do so. What was before my eyes was the unknown. I liked the unknown.

The way it stood up was fascinating. The flushed skin glimmered in the sunshine, it throbbing once and awhile and managing to make Lelouch create small noises every time that happened. Those sounds once again caused my stomach to clench, a comforting heat spreading throughout me. I guess my body was trying to tell me that I liked the sounds.

From what had happened earlier, I remembered it to be hard. Hard and warm. Again, that same curiosity started to bubble up. Was it soft? Was it rough? Would I like the feel? Would I dislike it? Those shameful questions swirled around my head, more and more adding to the hectic mess with every passing second.

"Uh... Lelouch? C-can I touch it?"

Quickly, I covered my mouth. I can't believe I just asked him that! Stupid, stupid me!

Lelouch did not blush as I expected. He didn't yell at me or punch me either. In fact, he looked pretty calm. His violet eyes looked at me, like they were looking into my soul. Did I see a bit of trust in those eyes of his?

"I trust you, Suzaku." My mouth hung wide open. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Do whatever you please."

"A-are you, serious?" I stuttered. Hm... it seemed I was doing that a lot lately.

"Yes, I am. If you want to do something, do it quick, before I change my mind." I could have sworn I saw him smile. Lifting up my right hand, now balancing myself successfully with only my right, I brought my fingertips near the top of his length. Closing my green eyes, I took in a deep breath. As I exhaled, I put the most determined face on that I could muster.

"Okay. Here I go."

When my fingers first made contact with the flushed skin, Lelouch gasped. I left my digits on the flesh, watching Lelouch's mouth part open. Watching him, I silently asked permission to continue, which he quickly answer with a breathy "g-go."

It felt like silk. My nerves felt the powerful heat that wrapped around it. The hardness was unlike anything I ever touched; it was hard yet squishy at the same time. It was strange, but I really liked the feel of it. My tanned fingers moved all over him, firmly stroking every bit of skin that I could get to. I discovered a few spots on the hardness that caused Lelouch to moan, shutting and opening his mouth in what I assumed to be pleasure. He even brought his arm over his head and covered his eyes with his forearm.

I moved lower, my fingers now resting on the sack and base. Using my index and thumb, I carefully felt the softness of the loose skin with the gentlest movements I could make. Before that, I had never head Lelouch scream so high. Scared, I removed my hand from him. "Lelouch! Are you okay?!"

To thank me for my show of concern, he glared at me. "Why did you stop!?"


Lelouch groaned, grabbed the hand I was using to explore him, and placed it back on the sack. "Idiot! I didn't tell you to stop!"

I blinked, realization washing over me like an ocean wave. "Wait... so you liked it?" His cheeks reddened slightly, but he still sent me one of his death glares.


That's all I needed. I immediately continued my ministrations. Lelouch's whimpers and cries were not far behind.

This had been going on for a while now; my hands feeling him all over in a continuous cycle that seemed to go on and on. I was just about to stop when Lelouch beckoned me with his small, broken voice. "W-wrap your fist around it."

What he just said didn't make sense to me. Exactly what would wrapping my fist around him do? It was such and odd request, however, this situation we had gotten ourselves into wasn't exactly what we could call 'normal.' Plus, if Lelouch said it, whatever it was suppose to accomplish had a good reasoning behind it. If it didn't, he would even bother himself with the trouble to speak about it.

Slowly, I did what I was told and put him into my first. His arm looked like it was pressed even harder against his eyes.


Again, I did what Lelouch said. This time, he bucked his hips up into my hand, crying out loudly. Lelouch shivered.

"Move your fist up and down."

I did. He screamed. I did it again. He screamed again. Again. And again.

"Ngh..." he whimpered, tossing his head from side to side, his black hair bouncing cutely with him. My stomach was now clenching almost constantly; every time it did, a wonderful sensation shot threw me. Whatever it was, it felt really good. So good it made me moan.

Lelouch's body fidgeted all over the ground, his thighs shaking violently with my hand's movements. "Oh God, Suzaku..." he breathed, arching his neck towards the earth, "your hands a-are so sweaty..." His words slurred together messily, whining like a spoiled child.

"I could wipe them off on my shirt if you want." His quivering lips began to giggle, his laughter mixing together sweetly with his moans.

"S-Suzaku... I never said I didn't like it." He swallowed. It probably was the drool that was pooling under his tongue. It twitched, the pulsations pounding harder and harder in my hand. My entire palm was warm and wet. A thin coat of stickiness covered my skin and that allowed my pumps to come easier and faster.

"It's so hot... and wet..." Lelouch emphasized the 'wet' with a long hiss. "It f-feels soooo good..." I noticed as time passed that he was jittering more than before and he was definitely whining much more frequently, too. His fists clenched, biting his lip enough to draw blood. The red droplets flowed freely down his chin, staining his shirt.

Lelouch gripped my shoulder, pulling my chest closer to his body as he whispered hotly by my lips. "S-something's c-coming, S-Su-zaku..."

My face started to burn, my breaths coming out in short pants. His face was so close to mine. I had never noticed it before... Lelouch was really pretty. His pale skin was such a beautiful contrast to his midnight-colored hair. The sweat made his flesh sparkle, his eyelids fluttering under the protection of his forearm. At this sight, I felt my heart give a prideful jump. I think I was the first person to ever see Lelouch like this. I also wanted myself to be the only one who did.

"Ahh...! Suzaku, I'm gonna-!"

Something hot and sticky spilled into my fist. As that was happening, Lelouch let the loudest scream he had ever made tear from his lips, his eyes wide with shock. He suddenly threw his arms around my back, pulling me close into a strong hug. He buried his face into my shoulder.


The next thing I heard were sniffles. Lelouch was crying.

Oh God, what did I do? Did I just hurt him? Why the heck was he crying? Was he mad at me? In a panic, I held him tighter. "Lelouch, are you hurt?! I'll bring you back home right now and-."

"Shut up!" His voice was broken as he yelled. He sobbed in my shoulder, shivering in my arms. "Don't you dare move! I don't want you to ever leave me, God dammit! Never!"

As the sunflowers encircled around us in their protective embrace, I smiled.

"Suzaku, I..."


Suzaku never heard the rest of Lelouch's words. He cut his sentence short as he hiccuped breathlessly into the green-eyed boy's shirt. Although those words were never spoken, they never went away in Lelouch's head.

'Suzaku, I love you.'



...seven years later...



Slowly, I entered him. My hardness throbbed as I buried myself deeper and into his body until my hilt touched his skin. Lelouch was biting his lip, pain flashing blatantly in his eyes along with a few unshed tears leaning at the edge of his eyelashes. I brought my lips down to kiss him, my tongue poking into his mouth. I was welcomed instantly by him, our tongues swirling together as we both waited for him to adjust. Our left-hand fingers entwined, our sweaty palms just barely touching the other's.

It had only been a good thirty seconds before Lelouch broke our kiss, whispering hotly over the pulse on my neck. "Suzaku, move."

As I began to pull out, his muscles clamped down over me and snatched a moan from my lips. Oh. He was so fucking tight. It wasn't long before I was panting, thrusting my hips forward into him for the second time. His raven hair splashed over the rumpled covers as his head tossed to the side, his lower body arching into me in an attempt to get me deeper. Oh God, did that work. We both moaned simultaneously, our eyes fluttering shut in pure ecstasy.

I started to form a steady rhythm, pushing my length in and out of his body with a light and gentle pace. Only when his low voice called out my name, demanding me to speed up, did I comply. With the moans he was making, I knew I was doing something right. His lithe legs wrapped around my hips, squeezing our locked fingers tighter together. My free hand that rested on Lelouch's hip began to venture across the flat planes of his stomach, tracing his faint muscles with the tips of my fingers. I traveled all the way up to the top of his ribs to the bottom of his lower belly; my finger nails leaving red lines in their wake. I left not a single inch of his flushed skin untouched.

"Ah..." The low moan reverberated deep within his throat, filling his bedroom with it's beautiful sound. Every noise he made sent waves of energy pounding through my veins, encouraging myself to slam harder and faster into his quivering form.

"Suza-ku!" His body arched suddenly into my chest, causing his hardness to press up against my stomach. Lelouch had his face scrunched in absolute pleasure, his cheeks flushing from his accelerating heartbeat. Somehow between my panting and thrusting I was able to grin in victory. I had found Lelouch's prostate.

"Again," he groaned, "God d-dammit Suzaku... hit that again!"

Angling my hips to where his spot was located, I immediately continued my onslaught of thrusts into him. Even if the tip of my length just as much as brushed that bundle of nerves, Lelouch would scream to the heavens and beg me to do it again. Inwardly, I couldn't help but smirk. Thank God Sayako had taken Nunally to the hospital today; if either of them heard the way Lelouch cried out or the things he was saying, I don't think we could have ever explained what we were doing locked in his bedroom. Although, I would just love to see him try.

We were both getting close. Oh. So close... That familiar heat was pooling in my stomach, a coil winding taut getting ready to snap. I didn't think either of us could last much longer.

I found my way to his parted lips with my own, sloppily initiated another kiss. Our lips weren't even touching, our tongues desperately rubbed the other outside our mouths, drooling spilling down both our chins and falling onto our bare bodies. Subconsciously, I had brought my hand to his hardness because I then noticed how roughly my fist was sliding up and down his throbbing member. Nonsense was flowing out of his mouth now, his right hand pushing on the back of my neck. His grip sent chills down my overheated spine, bringing me even closer to my limit.

"I-I'm, ngh... ah-Suzaku!" The way he was moaning was getting me hotter. I needed to hear that voice when I came; I just had to.

"Scream like you want it, Lelouch..."

He clenched my hand, throwing his head back into the pillows that surrounded our joined bodies. His walls tightened around me, squeezing and unclenching sporadically as he screamed out my name, his sweaty face utterly enraptured. He came into my hand, his load squirting over my torso and dripping from my fingertips. I came quickly after, calling his name as I buried my face into his warm shoulder, thrusting into his body a few more times until I collapsed none too gracefully onto his chest.

I smiled when I felt his arms surround my chest and pull me into a firm hug. The familiarity of the notion brought a forgotten surge of memories back to the surface of my mind.

"I-it's the same," I panted, my breathing still erratic, "I mean, like when w-we were kids..."

"Shut up." His reply was as breathy as my own. I knew I wasn't going to get much out of him for the next five minutes so I let him be, relishing in the feeling of his naked body beneath my own. I could hear his heartbeat go back to normal from the pulse in his neck, his breathing regulating with it.

"What do you mean it's the same as when we were kids? I don't ever remember having sex with you other than today, Suzaku." I couldn't see his face, but his words gave him away completely. He was confused and just a tad bit snippy.

I laughed lightly, breathing in the lavender scent of his skin. "Oh no, this was definitely our first time. I was talking about you and your post-orgasm clinginess."

"Oh that? Yeah... that hasn't changed." Lelouch was laughing now, the vibrations from his voice moving through both of our forms. I removed my face from the crook in his shoulder and looked him in the eyes. A person could lose themselves in those violet irises; they were just that alluring. He leaned in for a kiss, a chaste one. Our lips only massaged one another, or mouths never parting. I took this opportunity to pull out of him, a small sound of discomfort ripping from his lips. He glared at me.

"Lelouch. Does that happen when you're alone?"

Those milky-pale cheeks darkened to a light pink, his glare lessening to a minor frown. "Yes."

"When you're doing it yourself?"

"You're being awfully repetitive, Suzaku. But, to answer your question, yes."

I felt kind of perturbed that I was asking him such personal things yet the other part was telling me 'to hell with those feelings.' If we just did the naughty, we ought to be able to talk about smaller subjects like this. I went with my darker side.

"What do you hold?"

He reached behind him, grabbing a fluffy pillow from the stack at the headboard and shoved it in my face. "I use a pillow, dumbass." Lelouch chuckled as I struggled to free myself from the pillow's evil presence, finally triumphing over it and chucking it behind me to the other side of his bedroom.

"But... I much rather hold a someone other than a something."

He then grabbed me and brought me into another loving hug. I returned it instantly.

"I love you, Lelouch."

His body stiffened. I waited for him to say something back, but all I received from him was an eerie silence. I was scared... what if he didn't return my feelings? I moved away from his grasp so I could see his face. I had to know if I had just managed to throw our entire friendship (relationship?) down the toilet. What I saw was breath-taking.

Silent tears were swimming in his orbs and down his cheeks.

"I love you too, Suzaku Kururugi." Our hands met once again and entwined, mirroring the acts of our lips as we went in for another loving kiss.




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