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Amidst the Sunflowers

2: Kiss

No matter what Lelouch says, no matter how he acts; I know that he still hasn't truly gotten over the fact that his mother is gone.

I've seen the proof.



Ever since the day Lelouch and I accepted each other for who we were and learned to tolerate one another for a longer stretch of more than five minutes, I have been visiting both Nunnally and him inside their cramped little Annex every single day. I can't remember a day when I wasn't in their presence. I always have such a wonderful time when we're together, and I doubt I would be lying if I said they did too.

On these lazy summer days, I would usually be on what-they-called-a doorstep bright and early in the morning; the time when the grass was still wet and the air had yet to become warm. I would be smiling and already energized for the day while they would be groggily rubbing their eyes and stifling a couple of yawns. Throughout our time together we would do a variety of things such as playing games, going to the beach and occasionally fish, taking turns pushing Nunnally's wheelchair on walks around the shrine, or just sitting in a sort-of circle and basically talk.

Flipping through my memories, I think these have to be the happiest bouts of my life. Before they arrived in my country of Japan... I constantly felt so alone.

They are what I look forward to. I don't stay awake in my bed almost every night thinking about Tohdoh-sensei and kendo practice. No, I can never fall asleep because my mind is usual occupied by the prince and the princess. Especially the prince, I thought with a blush.

Since that day amidst the sunflowers, the moments we shared crumpled on the earthy ground doing the strangest of things, the instance in which Lelouch told me to never leave him, I can see that our friendship has started to grow even stronger than what we had had before it all happened. I feel that he trusts me more. I trust him more as well. We are also kinder to one another; don't get me wrong, we still insult one another, but Lelouch and I both know that it is all out of good fun.

Nunnally has seemed to take notice of our alterations as well. You don't need your sight or legs to see something like this. It is a thing that can be felt in the wind, heard in our words, and in our silence. I think she's relieved. Fighting used to be the only activity we ever partook in. Hearing us sound so friendly must be such a welcomed change of pace for her.

Despite that, I don't believe Nunnally actually knows why we had this about-face. Never, never in a million years would Lelouch tell his sister that I had knocked him to the ground, ridded him of his pants, touched his most private area, and successfully made him cry like a girl in only under a good ten minutes. Lelouch had way too much pride to ever admit that to her.

I don't think he can even admit it to himself.

So, as more and more days, even weeks passed by, I found myself practically living with my new friends of royalty. I eat with them, almost three meals a day. Most of the time, Lelouch is the one to cook. It really surprised me when I first took a bite of his own labor. I didn't know a person that acted so sour the majority of the time could ever create something that tasted so sweet. I also sleepover a lot. We share this one bed in the corner of the room. Sure, it's pretty tiny, but none of us ever complain. I'm sure that's because we all love the closeness, knowing that we'll be together no matter what happens and not be awaken by our nightmares to only sit and cry alone. When I wake up in the morning in the middle of the bed only to have Nunnally's hand in mine as well as Lelouch's arms around my chest and his head resting on my shoulder, I can be positive that my thoughts are true.

In a sense, I guess we have become somewhat of a makeshift family. Makeshift or not, it's better than any family I've had. I know for a fact that the same goes for them too. They wouldn't even be here if that wasn't the case.



Today was ending the same way every other day does. Lelouch and I were washing the dishes we had used for our late dinner while Nunnally was seated serenely at the head of the table listening to our small conversation and joining in a couple of times to make a comment or to giggle when we began to get distracted from our job...

"Take that, Lelouch!" I yelled, throwing the bubbles from the soap at him. I giggled as he yelped, covering his eyes with his hands as the suds stuck to his clothing and messily sprayed into his black hair. He uncovered his face, glaring at me.

"Why you..."

He tried to get to the sink to grab some ammo for himself to use, but I was quicker than he was. I blocked it, holding both his wrists above his head in victory as he tried to wriggle free. Hm... I forgot that I was stronger too. This was one of the few times I could throw one of Lelouch's smirks back at him. "Why me what, Lelouch? Why am I so much stronger than you? Is that it?" I just loved teasing him.

Lelouch growled, his purple eyes narrowed. "You're such an idiot."

Then, he did something I definitely did not expect him to do. He kicked me in the shin. Hard.

I felt warm tears prick my eyes, a grunt escaping me as I released his arms and fell to the floor to rub my injured leg. It was really painful; he hit my bone dead on. Now, it was my turn to glare at him. I bit my lip as another wave of pain throbbed in my shin, stopping the whimper I knew I would make.

"Jeez, Lelouch. You don't have to be so rough."

"Yes, Big Brother," Nunnally piped up worriedly, "Don't hurt Suzaku."

Lelouch just snorted, crossing his arms tightly around his chest. I rolled my eyes. He could be such a drama queen. Wait... this was my chance!

I don't remember moving so speedily in my life as I was now. The look of pure horror on Lelouch's face was priceless when I suddenly sprung up and tackled him to the floor. the embarrassing squeak he made when he hit the floor was enough to send me into another fit of giggles. An intense one, I might add.

I was shocked when I heard his own chuckles start to flow out beneath me. A soft and gentle pink was sprinkled on his pale cheeks. His eyelashes pushed against his skin, his eyes hiding behind his eyelids. It wasn't long before Nunnally started laughing with us. Soon, the entire room was filled with our joyous sounds.

Minutes came and went as we continued to giggle; I think I could of laughed forever if Lelouch hadn't stopped me with this special look. His violet eyes were looking into mine, focused on me and only me. His mouth was even set in a small smile. Lelouch was happy as our eyes watched each other, sincere violet against timid emerald . Then, I felt a warmth wrap around my wrist; it was his hand. He smiled even brighter, making me blush this time.

We just stared at one another until Nunnally's questioning voice rang out. "Big Brother...? Suzaku...? Did something happen?"

"No, Nunnally. Everything's fine. Suzaku and I are just finishing up the dishes." Using his free hand to push up my stomach, Lelouch silently signaled me to get off of him. I did immediately. Once I was steady on my feet, I outstretched my hand to the prince. He took it without hesitation. I pulled him up and we both returned to our previous chore...

... it was 7:47 P.M. when we put away the last fork in its correct place. The entire annex was aglow with a weak tangerine light, the last bit of light before the sun snuck into its bed below the horizon.

I wiped my wet hands on the front of my khaki shorts. Lelouch was quietly tip-toeing over to where Nunnally's wheelchair rested. When he approached her, his face relaxed. "Suzaku... she's asleep."

Asleep? It isn't that late... Well, she is younger than us... "You want me to carry her into the bed?" I started to walk towards him when he lightly shook his head. My stomach knotted when I watched his black hair flutter in the motion, it just looked so pretty.

"No, it's okay. I think we should let her be. She seems to be pretty content right now."

"Wait," I was slowly piecing together what he was saying, "so you wanna just let her sleep there?" This whole situation just didn't fit with Lelouch. I never thought he would let his precious younger sister sleep at the dinner table. Alone.

Lelouch raised his eyebrow. "Yes."

I turned away from his eyes. They were mocking me. I hate it when he does that. Despite that, I couldn't keep down the blush that flooded my tan skin. "Oh." I started to itch the palm of my hand. "L-let's go to bed. I'm tired."

From the corner of my vision I saw him shrug his shoulders, leaving Nunnally and making his way over to the small dresser that held both the siblings' clothes. With a tiny yawn, I noticed that Lelouch was beginning to take off his shirt.

I awkwardly faced the other direction. "You could change in the bathroom, you know." I was fully aware of how rude I had just sounded. Quite frankly, I couldn't care less.

His expression was invisible to me as he answered. "Why should I? It's not like you haven't seen..." Towards the end, his words became quiet and eventually stopped all together. I heard the rustle of fabric from inside the dresser.

"I'll be changing in the bathroom, Suzaku."

I smirked.



My eyes were already closed when Lelouch returned from the bathroom and got into bed with me. Since the temperature outside was very hot and that the Annex didn't have an air-conditioner installed (I should ask my father about that), Lelouch followed my example and only pulled up the bedsheet to cover his body. We both knew using the blanket this time of year was suicide.

As odd as it may sound, I could feel Lelouch's eyes on me even though my own were shut.

"Suzaku?" His voice called. I really didn't want to talk right now. I wasn't mad at him; he hadn't done anything wrong to deserve that. It was just that I was too lazy to reply. Maybe if I ignored him, Lelouch would think I was already asleep. Hopefully.

Lelouch repeated my name again... and again... and again. The fifth time he didn't say my name but sighed in defeat instead. I was so relieved that he bought my silent lie! And Lelouch always told me what a terrible liar I was. Hah!

The night slowly began to drift by. The only sounds in the darkness being the three different exhalations and inhalations of air. They were soothing to me, very much like that of a lullaby.

My shallow breaths were so close to bringing me into my dreams. I almost had fully lost consciousness when an unexpected heat touched my stomach. It cupped my bare belly-button (my shirt had rode up), rubbing it softly in a nice and continuous circle. It was then that I started to feel hot breaths hit my shoulder. I tried my best not to shudder, even though it did feel good.

"Goodnight, Suzaku." Lelouch whispered into my neck, snuggling his face into the area where my neck met my shoulder. I wonder if he could feel my heartbeat speed up. If he did, I'm sure he wouldn't say anything because I could feel his own heart beating equally as fast.



I was awaken by the sound of sobbing.

A cooling wetness was on the skin of my neck. I felt it being smeared around by something smooth and warm. As I groaned and blinked my eyes a few times, I realized the 'something smooth and warm' was Lelouch's face. And the 'cooling wetness', taking the sounds of sobbing into mind, could only be his tears. Lelouch's body was shaking, gripping my body with strength I didn't even know he had. Tiredly, I put my hand on one of Lelouch's quivering ones.

"Lelouch? Are you okay?" My voice was still scratchy from sleeping.

When he didn't respond, I figured he was still asleep. He was probably having a nightmare. Suddenly, I began hearing something. Lelouch was murmuring hysterically, a single word repeated at least a hundred times.

"Mother... mother... mother... mother..."

He was dreaming about that day. I gulped. I absolutely had to wake him up! I shook him. Hard.

"Lelouch, wake up!"

The way his eyes shot open scared me, it really did. The usually large and sparkling purple in his eyes was now small and dull, bloodshot and puffy from crying. His attention was instantly transfered onto my own face. Fresh tears started pouring down his cheeks.


He wrapped his arms around my neck and buried his face into my chest and hiccuped. He was crying again, harder than before I think. His hair was in my face and it smelled like sweat. Wait.... I was wrong. His entire body smelled like sweat. But, I kind of liked that scent on him. A prince shouldn't be sweaty and messy yet at this moment he was. Just like the time in the sunflower field, I felt my stomach knot. It felt good.

Unfortunately for me, since I never had a mother figure in my life (because she died when I was so young) I didn't know how to comfort anyone in need. Especially the boy on my chest who was bawling his eyes out.

Especially him.

So, I did whatever I thought was right. I wrapped my own arms around him in a hug. My right hand started making circles on his back. Lelouch's breath fell short when he noticed my ministrations but eventually he got used to it. Seconds, minutes passed and his breathing was starting to slow down. "It's okay." I whispered.

The next thing I did made me want to punch myself. Repeatedly, I might add. I, Suzaku Kururugi, son of Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi, just kissed the rather wet cheek of Lelouch vi Britannia, the eleventh prince of the Holy Empire of Britannia.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid me!

When the puckered noise from the kiss reached my ears, that's when I started freaking out. I kissed him. I kissed Lelouch! I know it wasn't on the lips or anything, but still! Oh, no. This couldn't be happening... why didn't luck like me?

Then, my inner hell became a reality.

"Suzaku!" Lelouch shrieked, lifting himself off my body. He was now sitting on my chest, his teary violet eyes glaring at me with more hatred than he usually uses. He looked really angry at me. With the crap I just pulled, I guess I deserved it.

"I-I'm sorry! Lelouch, I-!"

"Shut up! I don't care about anything you have to say!" He moved in closer to my face and growled. "What the hell were you just thinking, you idiot?!" I swear I saw his cheeks flush but I wasn't sure if it was from embarrassment or anger. At this point, anything seemed possible.

I was surprised Nunnally hadn't been awaken due to her brother's ability to scream in the middle of the night. I never knew she was such a heavy sleeper.

Lelouch just continued on, yelling at me like I just intentionally pushed his sister down a flight of stairs. He can be so annoying sometimes, I can hardly stand it. He just kept repeating the same nonsense, too. "Don't you ever-!"

"Lelouch!" I was fed up. I shoved his chest, not enough to push him onto his back but enough to shut him up. "If you keep yelling, you're gonna wake up Nunnally!"

Thankfully, this seemed to quiet him down. But it didn't stop him from ranting. "I can't believe you of all people just pushed me!"

"What do you mean, me of all people?!" I was yelling now.

He smirked. I hated that smirk. "I meant that such a lowly and stupid person such as yourself doesn't have any right to shove me like that." I was fuming.

"I have the right to do anything I want!"

Lelouch's smirk had changed into a frown. Now, he was looking at me with those cold violet eyes again. "You most certainly do not." He leaned in a bit closer. "And you certainly have no right to kiss me on the cheek like that."

Kiss me on the cheek... My brain was starting to work, harder than it usually does. For some strange reason, Lelouch's words were starting to make some sort of odd sense. Then, it hit me. Oh my God... I couldn't do that. It would be like I was asking to be sent to an early grave.

Too late. I already felt myself move...

...and planted my lips softly onto Lelouch's lips.

My cheeks were getting warm, exactly how my lips felt as they pressed up against his. He was lost for words, and not just because his mouth was busy. I could see it in his wide-open eyes. He had no idea that this was going to happen, and I didn't either. It just sorta did. Neither of us moved; I don't think we wanted to move. The kiss was... something different. But a good kind of different. A really good kind of different. I suddenly wanted to hold his hands, but I restrained myself. I didn't want to push my luck no more than I already had.

After I think thirty-seconds had passed, I pulled away. We both panted, gasping for air. I was afraid to look at Lelouch. It was so embarrassing.

The entire Annex was silent. My clothes were sticking to my skin with my sweat, I was breathing heavily, and I was in an awkward situation with the person I least wanted to be in one with. Maybe if I pretended to be asleep again...



"Suzaku, look at me... please." He was begging me to look at him. Lelouch's voice had dropped into an almost strangled whisper. I couldn't deny him anything when he sounded like that.

Slowly, I averted my emerald eyes. His black bangs were partially covering his big violet eyes. His lips were parted to allow him to pant and the milky-white skin on his face and neck were flushed and sweaty. I even saw that the over-sized white t-shirt he was wearing was slipping off his shoulders and exposing his entire left one, the moist skin sparkling lightly in the small amount of moonlight coming in from one of the windows. Lelouch looked... really cute.

What really surprised me was the fact that he didn't look angry. He looked almost happy. Weird.

I gasped when he leaned down and went to kiss me this time. I wanted to laugh when he missed my mouth and kissed the corner of it instead. It felt nice when he huffed an aggravated sigh and let a warm blast of air hit the spit near my lips. It was even better when he moved himself back onto my lips, pressing harder than he did in our last kiss.

He clutched my shoulders lightly, our eyes eventually shutting as we enjoyed the closeness and the heat that was so new to the both of us.

It lasted a whole minute. Lelouch ended it this time. Just like before, we were an airless mess. Our breath was exiting our bodies in short puffs against each other's lips; our noses were almost touching...

I arched into the pillows, attempting to get some distance between us. "That was really... nice." I couldn't help but grin.

Lelouch breathlessly nodded above me. "Yeah... listen, Suzaku." His eyes suddenly seemed distant, as if they were somewhere else other then in the almost-pitch-black Annex sitting awkwardly on top of me. "Can I ask you something...?" I blinked, staring at him in confusion. He never asked me anything; Lelouch was just that kind of person. He did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted without ever consulting me, so why was he now? This had to be one heck of a question if it made him act so un-Lelouch-like.


He bit his lip. "Promise me that you won't get mad."


"Just promise me, idiot!" I sighed, looking directly at him.

"I promise."

Those two words were like a magic spell because as soon as I said them, they immediately calmed the prince down. Lelouch was watching me with new-found determination. "I was thinking about maybe you and I possibly trying..." He swallowed and blushed. "...open-mouth... kissing."

I didn't know what to say. Really. I had no idea why he would think I would get angry with him for asking that. If anything, I was shocked. Not necessarily because I knew what would happen when we would try such a suggestion... it was more of the fact that I had no clue what the heck 'open-mouthed kissing' was.

At all.

It was an embarrassing feeling, Lelouch knowing something I didn't. But, I was used to it by now. I should be, but I'm not. That Japanese pride flowing through my veins isn't just for show, you know. Having someone always a step ahead, especially if that someone is a snobbish prince of Britannia, doesn't exactly give me any kind of good sensation blossoming in my tummy.

"Uh..." I scratched the back of my head, well, the best that I could in our current positions, "... what exactly's that?"

A red hot fire blazed on his cheekbones, his right fist brought up to his mouth. Those purple eyes looked nervous... like they couldn't believe what they were hearing. "You... you don't know...?"

I shook my head "no." I could hear the muscles in his hand clench.

"Lelouch, what is 'open-mouth kissing'? If you don't tell me, we won't be able to try."

"Well..." Lelouch swallowed, his pupils dilating and darting around the room for a distraction. By the way he sighed, I don't think he was very successful. "It's a, uh, type of kissing..."

This was just getting ridiculous. "Lelouch! Tell me now or I'm going back to sleep!" My voice was a bit harsh, but I didn't care. I was tired, cranky, and confused. I wouldn't care.

His face scrunched up as he glare at me, but it didn't last very long since I decided to glare back. For the first time in history, I won against Lelouch vi Britannia in a glaring contest. It was strange... I wasn't too thrilled over my win.

He took a deep breath. "Open-mouth kissing is a kiss that involves a much deeper level of emotion, but the main reason why people kiss in this particular manner is basically for..." he averted his eyes as the word came from his lips, "...pleasure."

My heart started to beat faster.

"Unlike the normal type, people mostly use their tongues when engaging in this type of kissing. It sounds gross, I know, but apparently it feels really, really good. Much better than the regular kind... the kind we tried."

What he just said had to be impossible. There was no way in the world that there was a nicer feeling than the one I just experienced with kissing Lelouch. It was so warm and so soft and so perfect... and now he's telling me it can get better?! Oh, I really want to try this...

The eagerness in my voice sliced the thick silence that appeared after Lelouch's explanation. "Can we try that... right now?"

Blushes seemed to like Lelouch's face lately. "But, Suzaku... it's improper." I felt my own cheeks start to heat up.

"But you were the one who suggested it!"

"I know, but now that I think about it, the whole idea feels inappropriate."

I pursed my lips together in a pout. "You were a prince. Aren't you supposed to be raised properly to be a good little boy or something? Where did you even find out about open-mouth kissing in the first place? It doesn't seem like this would be a something royalty would talk about."

Lelouch sighed. "No, it certainly isn't." Then, his violet eyes suddenly went dull. It looked like he was remembering something; Lelouch's gaze no longer was focused on me but on some far away place. It was a few moments before he blinked, a small smile touching his mouth.

"I heard it from my younger, half-sister Euphy."

I smiled. Euphy... that's a pretty name. My smile didn't last very long. My sleepy brain was a bit slow, but I eventually realized I wasn't completely satisfied with his answer.

"...You're younger sister?"


"Whatever. She's still younger, right?"

"Yeah. She's a year younger than me."

I raised an eyebrow. "Then how did she hear about it?"

Lelouch's eyes narrowed the slightest amount, his earlier smile instantly gone. He sighed, his bangs draping over his eyes. "Our younger, half-sister Carline." He grumbled out her name like it was some type of poison.

I don't think he likes this Carline very much.

"She's the same age as Nunnally, but they're complete opposites." Lelouch continued. "Carline's rude, vulgar, and violent. When she came to visit our Villa, she thought it was a hysterical idea to tell Euphy about open-mouth kissing in very explicit detail. So, by the end of it all, I had my hands full with a crying sister and a cackling little brat behind me. It was terrible. Our mothers' didn't even bother to see what was wrong... Euphy was so frightened she made me sleep in her bedroom for the rest of Carline's stay. "

I laughed, bringing my right hand to Lelouch's bangs, running my fingers gently through them. They were like silk. "She sounds like a nice person." He probably would have disagreed with me if he wasn't so busy glaring at me right now, the embarrassment visible on his skin from the way my hand was working his hair.

"You're such an idiot, Suzaku."

"Sure." I was getting used to being called an idiot. It didn't really affect me anymore.

It was nice. Lying here like this, I mean. It had been a couple of minutes since we spoke. My fingers were still combing through his bangs. Lelouch eventually closed his eyes, his lips parting with every breath he took and released. He even was leaning into my touch slightly. Like I said... it was nice. Just the two of us. Relaxing; enjoying each other's presence. I think I would have forgotten about the kissing if Lelouch hadn't brought it up again.

Violet suddenly was staring back at me. "Um... can we..?"

"Hm? What are you- oh... sorry. Okay." I bit my lip, staring back. "How are we gonna... you know?"

Lelouch shrugged. "I guess we'll just touch our tongues together. Maybe we might get the hang of it once we are actually doing it?" I tensed up when Lelouch lowered his head, barely touching his nose with mine. Nodding weakly, I connected our lips.

That same, good-feeling warmth flooded my senses again. We stayed like that for only a couple of seconds because Lelouch slowly opened his mouth, me following his lead since he obviously knew more about kissing like this than I did.

The only word I could use to explain the feeling of our lips touching with our mouths' open was "awkward." The heat from his mouth was creeping into mine. Forgetting the fact that it was the same temperature inside me, it felt entirely too hot to be comfortable. I accidently clinked our teeth together when I hesitantly slid my tongue past his lips, my heart thundering in my chest and blood pulsing loudly in my ears. I lifted my head a bit, gradually stretching my tongue deeper and deeper when- Ahhh...

An electric shock shot down my spine, the current flowing through my hips like nothing I've ever felt before. My stomach was clenching again, making my entire body feel good in that same familiar, scorching way. Lelouch and I both squeaked, moaning at the sudden pleasure floating through our veins. It was so hot... so wet... so good. So so so so so so very good. Our tongues were touching! They were really touching!

I was staring into Lelouch's eyes. His were wide and alert from the first spark of contact, but with time, they shrunk back to their original size, going hazy and starting to close as we started to rub our tongues together. My lower body throbbed pleasantly as I curled mine around Lelouch's, our spit mixing. My own eyes were doing the same as his. My sight was soon gone altogether, making "touch" the dominant sense in my body.

"Lelouch..." I whimpered in his mouth. But, it didn't even sound like his name. It was muffled and completely unintelligible yet I couldn't care less because I was so concentrated on the sensations prodding hotly at my nerves. I was overwhelmed; everything just seemed to be too much. The feather-light tickles of his hair on my face, his wet tongue playing with mine, even the sheets on the bed sticking to my clothed body... I was going crazy. Despite it all, my body wanted -no- needed more. My fingers were suddenly in his hair, his soft and perfect hair, pushing his head closer to me. A gentle sigh was released into my throat.

I was getting light-headed, a dizzy fog clouding the remaining sections of my brain that weren't already distracted by pleasure. My lungs burned. I needed air.

The problem was I just couldn't pull away.

Lelouch was... ohhh, Lelouch was rubbing my back with those scrawny hands of his. I don't even remember him slipping them up the back of my shirt, but they were there. He was tracing circle-patterns on my upper back and shoulders and each jerk of his palms felt so exciting, so good on my warm flesh.

Another minute had come and gone, and I was at my limit. I had a strong quiver in my stomach that told me I would pass out of I didn't pull away and breathe. With my heart throbbing in my ribcage, I disentangled our tongues and leaned my face sideways so Lelouch's nose was poking my cheek and (pathetically) gave into my body's need. I was gasping. The sticky air rushing into me made my head pound for a few seconds, my heart quickly speeding up before it gently started to slow down. Sweat was everywhere on my skin; my face, my stomach, my knees... everywhere. I felt disgusting and gross but I also felt strangely whole. Complete.

Lelouch was breathing just as heavily, each little puff of air that hit my skin made me shiver. His fingers blindly searched for my hand, and when he was grasping it in his own, he squeezed. "Suzaku... th-that was amazing."

"Y-yeah." Even in the darkness, I could see what Lelouch wanted. With his front top teeth biting into his lower lip and his hand clenching mine, it wasn't hard to figure out he wanted more. Another kiss.

I did too.

Something inside me made me jerk my hand away from Lelouch's, only to return them onto his body. Cupping his flushed cheeks, I started to lean in. Our lips were almost touching-

"Big Brother? Suzaku? Are you two awake?" A small creak came from the other side of the room, a gentle rustling of fabric.

We froze. Oh God, Nunnally's awake... did she hear any of that?! I swallowed the lump that mysteriously appeared in my throat. A new, cold sweat broke out all over my skin. Please no, I begged myself, please make sure we didn't corrupt her innocent mind! All these terrible images started to pop into my head, each one getting scarier than the one before it. Maybe pretending to sleep would work... No! Feigning sleep can't solve all my problems!

I was panicking...

...but Lelouch wasn't. In fact, he didn't look the least bit concerned. That jerk.

"Yes, we are." His voice wasn't breathy or annoyed; it was the same tone he always used when he addressed her... careful and benign. He continued, "Suzaku and I couldn't sleep so we were just trying to pass the time by talking. I'm sorry if we disturbed you, Nunnally."

Lelouch always knew what to say. It sickened me.

"You didn't disturb me at all," she chirped happily, "I just woke up... and I thought I heard something coming from over by the bed. I guess it was just you two." Nunnally began to giggle.

My panic was slowly seeping out of me, a gentle smile even twisting on my mouth. She doesn't know, I thought with triumph.

"Yep, you know how your brother can't keep his mouth shut."

Glaring down at me, he punched my shoulder. "Suzaku!!" It was good to have the old, violent Lelouch back.

She seemed to be enjoying our little fight, if all her giggling meant anything. Our insults eventually died down as well as her laughter. Soon, the only noise around us was the gentle cries of the night crickets outside.

I broke the silence. "You want to come to bed, Nunnally?" Shoving Lelouch off to the side and earning myself an intense glare, I sat up in the bed.

She didn't hesitate to answer. "Very much so."

"Alright." Jumping to my feet, I started to make my way across the Annex. The wooden flooring felt cool on the pads of my feet. When I stood in front of the princess, she sensed my presence immediately and outstretched her arms. Cautiously I lifted her, making sure her arms were around my neck as I carried her swiftly back to the bed. Laying her body in the middle of the bed and beside her brother, double-checking that she was comfortable and moving the chestnut hair out of her face, I climbed back in and tucked the sheet over the three of us. Quietly, she thanked me.

Tiny, weak fingers loosely entwined with my own, and by the way Lelouch whispered her name, she obviously did the same with him. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes.

"Goodnight." She murmured, already half asleep.

"Goodnight." We both mumbled back. Tossing my head to the side, I tried to get comfortable before I drifted off-


Something warm poked my nose. Meekly, I opened one eye to see what it was. I almost yelped when I was met with the sight of Lelouch's face. He was leaning over Nunnally in such a way that he wouldn't alarm his sister, and he had the biggest smile on his little mouth. Soundlessly, he mouthed two words to me:

'Goodnight, Suzaku.'

With a small nod, he plopped himself back into his own spot and shut his eyes.

With my free hand, I lightly ran my fingers over my nose. Smiling, I closed my eyes. Then, and only then, did I allow myself to be carried away into the realm of dreams.

The last thing I remembered was myself feeling so helplessly happy.



Even though it's sad, I'm almost thankful that Lelouch still misses his mother. If he didn't, then I wouldn't be able to comfort him. I wouldn't be allowed to hold or kiss him, or tell him that everything would be okay.

Because I would never let anything hurt him.





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