A Toko Drabble.

The icy water slid down her throat, relieving her temporarily of the huge thirst that had overcome her. Sweat clung to her skin in droplets of crystalline perspiration, and her heavy gulps of air, were yet another sign of her exhaustion.

"I told you not to over work yourself…" A voice cut out through the silence of the summers' day, though before the sentence was barely finished, a harsh voice cut through.

"Oh shut up Sparky, I'm not tired, it's just the heat …" the husky voice of one master Earth bender came across, very obviously lying. She wiped away the moisture that had gathered among her brow, and sighed audibly, allowing herself to regain her breath before continuing.

"Okay.. Maybe I am a little worn out, but that's only because I didn't have much sleep last night.." Her voice became quieter towards the end, and Zuko laughed wholeheartedly, amused upon hearing her excuse. The world would be at an end when the day came that Toph Bei Fong admitted Zuko's sparing to be a challenge.

"Whatever you say Princess…" Standing from the base of the sakura tree, the fire lord dusted himself off, before then offering a hand to the Bei Fong heiress.

"What's the point in offering me a hand I can't see Sparky? I'm blind, remember?" She said, taking his hand whilst she spoke anyway. She stood without anything else being spoken, however, her mocking grin remained, though Zuko paid no heed to her obvious mockery.

"Come, let's get food." He said simply, and judging by the fact that Toph started to walk ahead of him swiftly, he knew it was a good idea.

Walking in from the small courtyard garden, Toph took great pleasure in feeling the coolness of the wooden floor against her feet as she entered the Jasmine Dragon. With a sigh of content, she turned to Zuko, a small grin playing upon her delicate features.

"I love you by the way." She said dismissively, acting as if such an affectionate gesture was so casual. Zuko merely replied quietly, amusement dripping from his every word.

"I love you too."


A/N: No actual storyline here really; It's really short, and doesn't make much sense. It's still fluffy Toko nevertheless. Hope you enjoyed it. Review if you like. ^^