"UH...Hah...Ugh..." The weird creature runs down a tunnel, panting for breath. Suddenly, it comes to the end of said tunnel (no light at end jokes please), and the Sun's bright rays make his green eyes dialte against the sudden brightness.



The warning sirens blare.

"SIR!" Calls the blond haired female computer tech named Miki. {AN: If I got Miki and Migumi mixed up, oh well!} "Raptor One has just breached out holding cell!"

"He's used the sewer lines to escape!" the black haired female computer tech named Migumi adds. "Raptor One will emerge at sector B-1-9!"

"Send Yoshino." The commander of the facility, with a weird fox thing around his neck (that has glowing eyes! NOT DEAD!!!), er...well...commands. "Only she can catch...A DIGIMON!"

AT SECTOR B-1-9_ _ _|

An old man looks up as a police cruiser races by.

"The area's been sealed off due to a gas leak! Please stay calm!" A policeman says to the crowd near the area. Suddenly, a female teenager, with pinkish eyes and similar colored hair, steaps out of the recently arrived police cruiser, with a small nod to the driver, and walks over to the two officers, her pink colored clothes contrast to the officer's normal blue.

"Hey! You can't...!" One starts.

The girl teen holds up a badge, cutting the officer off. "Yoshino Fujieda! I'm from DATS!"

The officers back away as Yoshino walks through the poliece barrier.

"YOSHI!" says a squeaky voice through an Ipod looking device at Yoshino's waste.

"yes?" She asks, taking the device off it's clip, and facing the screen.

"A digimon signal's in their!" the voice replies. "Along with fifteen other life signs! Humans!"

"Right!" Yoshino nods as she approaches the scene in front of her. "One two three four..." She quickly counts the unconscious bodies, then talks into a radio. "We have Fourteen casualties, none of them seem to be dead..." She then notices something. "...Nor any signs of damage from Raptor1's primary attacks. Almost as if..."

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU ANYWAYS!?" Comes a voice.

"I COULD ASK THE SAME FROM YOU!" comes a second.

"Hold that thought!" She turns off the radio, and runs down a nearby staircase from where the voices came from. And what she sees...

"I'm Marcus Damon! A human, what ever you are!" A fourteen year old boy, rough estimate, shouts at a yellow dinosaur about the same size as the boy with red bands on his arms.

"Is he picking a fight with a digimon?" Yoshino asks herself.

"I'm AGUMON!" the digimon replies. "And I'm a Digimon!" He smirks.

"Raptor One can talk?" Yoshi asks herself."Well, Agumon, You're on my turf!" Marcus smirks in return. "My Training ground!"

"What of it?" The reptile asks.

"If I train hard enough, I'll be the best fighter around! The Ultimate Fighter!" Marcus exclaims. "They'll shout: 'Marcus Damon is the best!"


"What is that boy doing?" The fox like thing around the commander's neck asks, both of them watching the even on two monitors in front of them. "he could be hurt!"

"Hmm..." The commander ponders.

SEC B-1-9_ _ _|

"Damare!" Agumon rolls his eyes. "You're just like all the other humans! All Talk and No action!"

"Yoshi!' The squeaky voice states. "He'll destroy the boy!"

"Quiet you!" Marcus laughs. "Or I'll do to you what I did to them!"

"What did ya do? Talk 'em to death?" Agumon asks.

"Yoshino! What are you doing?" The commander asks the Dats' agent. "Get that civilian away from Raptor one!"

"Right. HEY YOU! STOP RIGHT THERE!" Yoshino commands. "You can't fight that creature! He's too dangerous!"

"Eh?" marcus and Agumon look at her like she has two heads.

"Look, Toots, I can handle my self!" Marcus says, annoyed.

"Yeah! This is between him and me! 'Sides..." agumon backs up. "I'm itchin' for a fight!"

Yoshino gasps. "Fine then!"

"You lookin' for a fight!?" Marcus asks. "Because I just took on Fourteen men and I'm feeling like I could take on that Big ugly vampire that attacked Last year in Odiba ALL ON MY OWN!!!"

"Yoshi! Don't back down!" The voice says from the device.

"This is your final warning!" Yoshino calls.

"Heh... That jerk from Server didn't know what hit him, I agree! But I'm not going to lose like he did! ESPECIALLY TO ONE KID!!!" Agumon shouts while charging at Marcus.

"RRRAAARRR!!!" Marcus charges to.

"WHAT!?" Yoshino shouts in surprise.

*cue Gou'ing*

Because it'll take me away!

DATS HQ_ _ _|

"I-Impos-sible!" Migumi says in awe. "How can he do that!?"

"No way!" Miki says in awe. "Both just gave off matching attack styles!"

"Raptor One just hit him!" Migumi states. "And he's still standing!"

"That can't be!" The fox shadow exclames. "He's matched him blow for blow!"

"Impressive." The commander smirks.

"What did we just witness here?" The fox shadow asks.

SECTOR B-1-9_ _ _|

C'mon! Let's go! I'm feelin' the best!

Marcus and Agumon matched an identical punch, both landing on the left side of the face.

Dash towards Succes and snatch it!

The fly backwards. Landing on opposite sides of the arena-dock-thingy.

OK! OK! We can jump over!

"Not bad!" both compliment. "For a Human/Digimon!"

Feel that excitement passionately!

"What are they doing!?" The squeaky voice asks from the digivice.

Run Quickly! Make it flashy!

"HIYA!" Marcus knees Agumon's jaw.

Without a care! Let's go!

"RAR!!!" Agumon knees Marcus in the... Well... Lower region.

My power's immense! It's infinite!

"You play dirty! Digimon!" Marcus taunts, albeit in pain. "But I'm the Ultimate fighter! And NO ONE BEATS ME!!!"

It's at full throttle! My Soul!

"Huh!?" Agumon asks in supprise as Marcus right hooks Agumon square in the left eye.

I'll run as much as I want without looking back!

"This is crazy!" Yoshino exclaims. "Why are Raptor One and that kid fighting!?"

I'll open up tomorrow boundlessly, with these hands!

"Ultimate fighter, Eh?" Agumon laughs. "We'll just see about that!" Agumon roars while mimicking the same move.

I'll run to anywhere! While never looking back!

Marcus groans due to the now forming black eye. "You really think that'll stop ME?" He laughs. "THINK AGAIN!!!!"

While never loseing the force of my dreaming soul!

"This is the worst!" Yoshino exclaims as Agumon and Marcus start another round of fighting.

Because it'll take me away!

The two continue to fight, endlessly, until sunset.

"*pant* You know? *pant* You don't fight so bad *pant* For a Human!" Agumon says.

"You've *pant* got some pretty fancy moves *pant* yourself! For, whatever you are...Digimon was it?" Marcus asks.

"Yep..." Agumon then raises his right claw. "You know what else?"


"You're the first person, human OR digimon, to EVEN MATCH ME move for move. And, really, I respect those who can manage to end the fight in a draw..."

"Heh..." Marcus holds up his left hand, and grasps Agumon's claw, in a rough hand shake.

"Marcus my friend, you're the Boss!" Agumon laughs.


Agumon sits up. "You managed to do that. So, you're the boss! I'll follow you where ever you go! Back you up one hundred percent!"

"All because I managed to tie you in a fist fight?" Marcus sits up too. "Not bad. I've never had an employe before!"

"HEY YOU TWO!" Yoshino shouts, holding up the Ipod device's back at them. "Give me ONE GOOD reason why I shouldn't arrest you right now!"

"He's my employe!" Marcus stands up. "And I'm Not going to lose the first one I ever had!"

Agumon stands up too. "And I'm not going to lose my first boss!"

"You just had to give me two, identical reasons, and decide to come in non peacefully." She mutters to herself. Getting weird looks from the boy and Digimon. "Man, cousin Sora's right, I gota stop doing that." She sighs, before pressing a button on the device. "Since you aren't going to come peacefully, LALAMON! REALIZE!"

Suddenly, in a flash of light, a weird floating plant appears in the sky.

"La...La...Mon!" Yoshino smiles as her Digimon partner says it's name slowly.

"Now then!" The plant says, in a school girlish/plantish voice, the same squeaky voice from the device before. "Please come with us quietly, or will we have to use force."

"Who's she talkin' to, you or me?" Marcus asks while crouching down, looking ready to jump at the plant.

"No clue." Agumon mimics his Boss' stance.

"Don't try to fight!" Yoshino says, warningly.

"I don't plan to." he smiles. "This is a...'Stragaticly planned'... BANK withdrawal!"

"Huh?" Both girl and her digimon look confused. What did a Bank have to do with any of this?!

Suddenly, Agumon fires off a fire blast from his mouth with a cry of "PEPPER BREATH!!!"at Lalamon while jumping onto Marcus' shoulders.

Lalamon shoots out a constant stream of seeds to counter the fire attack. Both attacks collide, and...


...Create a big enough distraction to allow Marcus and Agumon to escape.

Yoshino curses. "He got away!"

"Language, Yoshi. Language!" Lalamon scolds.

"Shut up..." Yoshino mutters, placing Lalamon back into her Ipod shaped digivice.

"YOSHI!!!" Lalamon shouts through the digivice DataLink.

"Yeah?" The D.A.T.S. agent asks.

"I'm sorry!"


"Nice rescue boss!" Agumon smiles.

"No problem. Though...One question, who the heek were we running from!!?" Marcus asks. "What are you anyways? And where did you come from?!"

"Uhhh..." Agumon laughs. "That's three questions...But..."


"I guess...I come from the...Institution? And they want me back so they can turn me into canned meat?"

Marcus sighs.

"Please don't let them get me!!!" Agumon pleads.

Marcus stands. "What am I getting myself into this time...Okay! Whatever you're running from, I'll keep ya safe!"

"Thanks Boss!" Agumon walks forward. "I'll never ask for another thing again!" He stomach growls. "Except food. I'm starved!" His eyes appear as swirls.

"Well, suck it up like a man!" Marcus states.

"BUT BOOOOOOOOSSS!!!! I'M A GROWING BOY!!!" Agumon hops from foot to foot.

"Keep quiet! What if someone hears you?!"


Agumon wanders towards Marcus, mouth open...



"Ouch..ich...Owtch...Ooohh..." Agumon groans as he rubs the big red bump on his head.

"HEY! What's the idea of tryin' to eat me?!" Marcus asks.

"Sorry Boss! But you gotta admit! You look pretty yummy sometimes!" Agumon states.

"Allright." Marcus calms down and turns to leave. "I'll get ya some food, but I'm off the menu, Okay?"

"Thanks Boss! Thanks a lot!" Agumon smiles.

"STAY HERE!" Marcus states. "And Don't let anyone see or hear you!"

"Right." Agumon nods. "I'll wait here."


Marcus brings a basket full of food to the checkout counter, watching a young girl with purple hair and big round glasses on her eyes, and a young boy with brown hair and wearing goggles around his neck toss a soccer ball back and forth. "I wonder if Agumon was like that at some time..."

As Mr. Inoue starts to ring the items up, a familiar voice drops a pudding cup into the basket. "Ring that up too, please.."

Marcus looks at the intruder, and gasps, recognising the voice's owner as Yoshino, seeming completely causal in her Blue jeans and sleevless pink t-shirt. "HEY! It's you!"

"Huh?" Yoshino glances up at his comment, and blinks in surprise. "Marcus! Marcus Damon!!?"

Neither of them were expecting this chance encounter, I bet.


Yoshino gladly dives into her chocolate pudding. "MMM....I love this stuff, it always reminds me of when I was a kid!"

Marcus glances at her. "You can't be, what, two months older than me!"

"I'm Sixteen." Yoshino states, rolling her eyes.

Marcus blinks. "Okay..Two Years older...But I was right on the number, atleast!"

"So?" Yoshino continues to devour her sweet treat.

"You owe me two bucks, too!" Marcus states.

"Tell you what, I'll pay you back if you tell me where Raptor One is!" Yoshi states.

"Who's Raptor One?" Marcus asks.

"Don't play dumb." Yoshino says. "You know where he is."

"Uh...No, i don't." Marcus states. "And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you!"

"I'm sorry to hear that, Marcus Damon. So, now you'll have to come with me for witness interrogation." Yoshi says.

"How do you know my name anyway?" Marcus asks.

"I know everything about you. Marcus Damon: Born April Second in Tokyo Ward, Blood type B, Otori Middle school, Eighth Grade. Your Father disappeared ten years ago, and you live with your Mother, Sarah, and Sister, Kristy, who looks up to you despite thinking you're a total Jerk. Do I paint an accurate picture?"

"Who are you?!" Marcus asks.

"Special Agent, Fujieada, Yoshino. I'm with D.A.T.S. Digital Accident Tactics Squad." Yoshino pulls out a badge.

Marcus glares a hole through it. "What do you guys do?"

"Our job is to find creatures known as Digimon who break through the real-world barrier from the Digital World, and cause trouble. We protect the General Public from them."

"That's a great storry, dollface, but what's it got to do with me?" Marcus shrugs.

"That digimon you've got hidden away, I need to find him. Do you know what kind of pannic it's cause in the general public if the world knew about him?" Yoshino asks.

"Too late, Dollface, remember that big ol' Vampire and all those monster's last year?" He asks. "Not to mention all those monster reports coming from The United States every single day!"

"Where. Is. Raptor. One?" Yoshino asks.

"Maybe he went back to the Digital World!" Marcus shrugs.

"Or maybe you're hiding him from me?" Yoshino asks before standing and pointing at Marcus' food supply. "Anyway, Digimon don't eat this stuff, they only eat specialized food from the Digital world!"

Marcus shrugs, clearly seeing the lie on her face, but he goes along with it. "Oh well! I'll just have to go buy that then!" And he makes his lie seem sooo much more plausible.

Yoshino stops him as he goes to leave. "You can't buy it at a store! You can only get it at D.A.T.S. Headquarters!" How stupid can he be?!

Marcus almost bought it that time. "Oh?"

"If You don't return Raptor One immediately, He'll starve!" Yoshino states.

And, as if to punctuate her comment, the fountain rises in water level.

Marcus sighs. "Okay. Take me in. I need to do a little grocery shopping!"

"Thank you." Yoshino blinks. "Tell me he didn't really buy that load of scrap metal I just gave him!"


Yoshino, now dressed in uniform, and Marcus walk in, with Lalamon floating in behind him, acting as security.

"Look at this place!" Marcus gasps at the size of the internal building.

"Agent 42, reporting back." Yoshino reports to the head commander.

He nods. "So..." he says. "You're Marcus Damon?"

Marcus glances at the blue trench coat wearing commander. "Huh?"

"My name is Commander Sampson." the man states. "The DATS Team welcomes you."

"Dats..." marcus glances around. "All this...Is DATS?!"

"Interesting that this is the one who managed to fight Raptor One single Handily." The fox shaped creature around Sampson's neck states. "Because nothing about him seems out of the ordinary."

"Hey!' Marcus asks. "What's up with the Talkin' scarf?"

Sampson calmly pets the creature's head when it gasps in shock. "This is Kudamon. He's my digimon partner."

"Each Human Member of DATS has a digimon partner." Miki says while walking by with White PawnChessmon.

"Mine's Lalamon." Yoshino says while giving her plant partner a hug.

"Here at DATS, Humans and Digimon work together to solve digimon crimes. As part of the universal law." Migumi states. "No being shall remain in another world with out a reason."

"Huh..." marcus blinks as A turtle/mouse digimon wearing a helmet walks by, carrying a cup of liquid.

"Enjoy." it says as it places the cup infront of Marcus.

"I'm not thirsty!" Marcus states.

"Suit yourself!" Kamemon chuckles.

"Enough of this nonsence!" Marcus states, again. "I've got a family to get back to, so if you'd kindly just say what you want to say, and stop waisting my time..."

"Calm down, don't get angry." Sampson cuts him off. "Whether or nor Raptor One is saved or not depends on you."

Marcus blinks.

"We're in the midst of an unprecedented crisis." The commander continues. "The wall between the Human and Digital worlds has begun to collapse yet again. The reason is unknown, but the fact is that Digimon are coming through the barrier at an unprecedented rate. All over the world."

"Our mission is to keep the peace between worlds, keeping renegades like Raptor One under control." Kudamon states. "as it has been since DATS Started seven years ago."

"Why are you calling him a renagade?" Marcus asks. He adds. "Wait, wasn't that whole Vampire business last year under your jurisdiction? Why didn't you take care of it?"

"Raptor One has breached the world's barrier and made contact with humans. He must be stopped." Kudamon says with a frown. "VenomMyotismon was a major breach of security which we had no way of stopping."

"Easy way of saying he avoided all of our sensors!" Miki laughs. "Same with those four digimon that stoped it. They just didn't read on our tracers!"

Sampson coughs. "Regardless. The future relations between Humans and Digimon depends on you returning Raptor One, Immediately."

After a moment's consideration. "Not interested" is marcus' reply.

"Why not?" Kudamon asks.

Marcus slams his fist onto the table, jarring the drink lightly. "Why not? Because I don't owe you people a single thing! Those digimon from last year have been in our world on their own, opperating without your consent from day one! Why can't I do the same with Agumon? I don't know all about this future depends on me thing! But I know Agumon depends on me, and he hasn't had a thing to say about this the entire time!

Agumon glances out the window of the tower over the entire city sadly.

"What if he didn't have a choice when he came to our world? What if he was fleeing someone just as bad at that MaloJerk from last year?! Huh? Huh? Either way, I need to know more before I'd even consider turning him over, and if he gets into any sort of trouble, I'll claim full responsibility! But only if you give me that special Digimon Food Yoshi here promised me!" he finishes.

Sampson and Kudamon share a raised eyebrow saying "What is he talking about?"

Suddenly, all hell breaks loose. Alarms sound off, signaling an emerging digimon.

"Commander!" Migumi shouts. "Digital field detected in sector D-11! A Hamburger stand is under attack!"

"That could be Raptor One." Yoshino starts.

"Hold it! Isn't a Digital Field where a digimon ENTERS The world? Not just randomly attacks?!" Marcus asks.

"But still...!" Yoshino starts.

"Besides. Even if it Agumon attacking, he's only doing it out of hunger, because YOU kept me from feeding him!" Marcus pokes the pink wearing DATS agent in the shoulder. "And if it IS Agumon, it's ALL YOUR FAULT!" with repeated pokes on the last three words.

Kudamon growls. "Even so, do you see the consequences of hiding him? If It is Raptor One you've created the problem by..."

Marcus runs out of the room.

"Sir..!" Yoshino starts.

"Follow him." Sampson states.

"Yes sir!" She leaves.

"Seal off the area and assess Damage controll. Lock down perimiter, level five." Sampson orders.

"SIR YES SIR!" The two female technicians state.


"He's gone." Marcus sighs at the empty top level. "He told me he would stay hidden..."

"So, this is where you were hiding him?" Yoshino glances around. "A lot of good it did because we confirmed it was him who attacked the hamburger stand."

"Well then." He turns to face her. "Your fault then."

Suddenly, the tower shakes, and a fire emerges outside.

"YOSHI! The digimon is in area 2oh5!" Miki states over her radio. "You'd better get there fast!"

"Got it. Look Marcus..." Yoshino turns to face Marcus, but find him gone, and the elevator heading down. "This is the worst!"

OUTSIDE_ _ _|Marcus runs towards the edge of the wreckage. "AGUMON! AGUMON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? AGUMON!"

"BOSS HELP!!!!" Agumon's voice comes from afar, to Marcus' left, away from the source of the carnage.

"Agumon?" Marcus turns to see Agumon with a trashcan over his head.

"Boss! Keep talking so i can follow the sound of your voice!" The digimon states.

Marcus races over, and pulls the trashcan off of the digimon's head, noting the Tokyo Tower symbol on the side. "Did you attack the hamburger stand?"

"What's a hamburger?" Agumon asks.

"Wait a minute...What's..." Marcus glances over at the fight scene, where...


...The smoke is whisked away by the big ol' bird's wings.

"That's not Raptor one!" Yoshino exclaims as she descends the tower's stairwell, up to the point where a car had been flung into it.

{KOKATORIMON: A Champion level Bird digimon. Don't mess with him, or he'll turn you to stone with his Petra Stare attack.}

"What is that thing?" Agumon asks.

"No clue. But I do know that those DATS guys think you did what he did!" Marcus states.

"Wha?!" Agumon blinks.

"Let's go, Agumon!" Marcus says before charging at the tower sized bird.

Kokatorimon kicks at Marcus, but he jumps on, and climbs up.

"PEPPER BREATH!!!"Agumon fires a blast of flame at the bird, but misses.

Kokatorimon retaliates with a blast of stone turning energy.

"PEPPER BREATH!"Agumon misses again. "PEPPER BREATH!"

DATS HQ_ _ _|

"Why is Raptor One fighting Kokatorimon?" Sampson asks.

"He hasn't been tamed, why is fighting alongside a human?" Kudamon asks.


"SKWAK! SKWAK!" Kokatorimon screams as he steps down on Agumon, who pushes back up on the bird's foot.

"Ugh! You stink!" Agumon complains. "BOSS! Could ya lend a hand?"

"How about I lend a coupple a fists?" Marcus asks as he reaches the bird's shoulder, and starts punching the bird.

Agumon gains leverage, and pushes Kokatorimon off balance.

"Don't be crazy Marcus!" Yoshino shouts. "That thing will tear you to pieces!"

"Well, what about what I'll do to him?!" Marcus continues punching.

Kokatorimon glances back at his pest, and squawks.

"BESIDES!" Marcus exclaims. "The Ultimate fighter always makes the ultimate sacrifice!"

"SQUWACK!!!" Kokatorimon launches a beam of energy at Agumon, and barely misses.


However, Agumon is knocked out of the count.

"AGUMON!" Marcus jumps off and tends to the digimon. "Agumon?! Agumon!? Are you okay?! Agumon! Wake up!"

At this moment, the heavens open up and pour their liquids down onto the scene.

DATS_ _ _|

"Raptor one...Is silent." Migumi states.

Sampson frowns.


"KRSQUWACK!!!!" Kokatorimon cries in victory.

"Agumon..." Marcus clenches his fist. "It's..."

He faces the bird. "IT'S FIGHTIN' TIME!!!"

Kokatorimon fires a beam of energy at Marcus, but as he charges, he evades the attack.

When he gets close enough...


...He jumps and punches the bird digimon.

*Data swirl*

A burst of orange data emerges from his fist, and the bird falls. Marcus pulls a back-flip, and lands next to Agumon, the orange data charge lingering on his fist with a fire like appearance. "My fist..."

"Hey!" Comes a stranger's voice.

Marcus looks, and sees the fisherman from before, holding up an orange version of Yoshino's digivice.

"Head's up!" The man tosses it, and Marcus catches it effortlessly in his left hand.

"What's this?" he asks.

"A Data Link digivice." the old man states. "Use it with your D.N.A. Charge, triggered by your fist, to make your digimon digivolve."

"What?!" Marcus asks.

"Use your heart and your fist to awaken Agumon." The Old man says as he walks away. "I trust you'll know what to do..."

"SKWACK!!!" Kokatorimon shouts.

Marcus turns towards agumon, then glares a the bird. "GGGRRRRR...." He growls as the charge over his fist grows like a flame.

*Cue instrumental theme*

D-I-G-I-T-A-L_E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N_ _ _|

"DNA!"Marcus pulls his fist back, swings both hands over his head, then slams his hand onto the top of his digivice. "CHARGE!!!"

The Digital burst is sucked into the digivice, and flows out of the screen in a burst of light.

DATS HQ_ _ _|

Miki gasps. "Raptor One's DNA Charge has reached it's limit! It's passed it's peak!"

"How?!" Sampson asks. "Could it be...?"

"He's digivolving!" Migumi states.


Agumon's eyes open, and he jumps into the air, a ring of data surrounding him.


A Ring of data moves over his hands and arms, making them bigger, with orange skin, new red training grips, and blue stripes all over.

He steps forward into another ring of data, making his feet and legs become larger as well, also orange skined with blue stripes.

A ring of data passes by his tail, elongating it, and adding blue stripes while turning it orange in color.

Finially, a ring of data passes over his head and down his body, he now has a large bone helmet with three horns, brown eyes, and lots of sharp teeth too. His body is now completely orange, a lot taller, thinner too, with blue stripes all over.

Finially, he calls his name...

"GEOGREYMON! RAR!!!"The newly dubbed Geogreymon takes a step forward, now on the same level as Kokatorimon.

Marcus takes a step back, in awe. "He's been transformed!"

GeoGreymon roars, and makes sure he has firm footing.

Kokatorimon launches another beam at them, but, it falls short.

GeoGreymon's tail swishes away the smoke.

He opens his mouth, fire licking at the edges. "MEGA FLAME!"

A large funnel of fire launches out, and deep fries Kokatorimon alive.

The bird explodes into data, which re-formats into a white egg with blay (blue/gray) stripes on it.

"That'll teach ya! Don't mess with my employee!" Marcus turns to geogreymon, only to see Agumon holding his empty stoumach.

"Oh Booooooosss!" Agumon complains. "I'm hungry!"

"What else is new?" marcus asks, laughing as he watches the sun start to rise. "I'm just glad you're safe."


DATS_ _ _|

"Kokatorimon's returned to a Digiegg!" Miki states.

"They did it!" Migumi adds.

Commander Sampson sits down. "Get Yoshino back here right now!"

"What are you thinking, Sampson, about the boy?" Kudamon asks.

"Anyone who can tame a digimon that fast, unlock a DNA charge, and make the digimon digivolve is someone..." He smiles. "Who I want on my team."


Yoshino picks up the egg. "Here ya are, nice and small!"

"Please boss! I need something to eat!" Agumon pleads.

"Okay! Okay! How about a cheeseburger?" He asks.

"OOOHHH! A Hamburger with cheese?!" Agumon blinks. "One question, what cheeeeeeeeeeeeseeee?? Does it taste goooooooood?!"

"Who was that guy?" Marcus thinks.

"Earth to boss!" Agumon interrupts his thinking.

"YEah, sure, the works!"

"YIPPIE!!!!" Agumon cheers.

And, just as they turn to leave...

"Hey! Wait up a minute!" Yoshino starts. "Before, Raptor One may have not attacked the hamburger stand, but he still attacked fourteen men."

"Uh...No..." Agumon says. "No I didn't!"

"That was me!" Marcus smiles. "They were some posers claiming to be ultimate fighters too, wanting to train on my turf, I challenged them for it, and, guess what, I won!"

"It'll take a lot more than fourteen men to take down the boss!" Agumon states.

"That's right!" Marcus smiles.

Yoshino slaps her hand to her forehead in a /doh moment. "This is the worst!"

And, as we see an exterior shot of the city...




Marcus: "Next time on Digimon, Data Squad, D-Burst..."

Yoshi: "I'll keep following until you give me Raptor One. Weeeell... You could always join Dats!"

Marcus: "You know agumon didn't do any of that damage! So stop treating him like he's somesort of criminal!"

Sampson: "All digimon who break the rules must be sent back to the digital world."

Miki: "Begin transport."

Agumon: "Please boss! I don't wana go back! Don't let them take me!"

Migumi: "Transport complete."

Marcus: "Buh...?"


{FUNNY NOTE: soon after finishing this chapter, UruExplorer: DTC had a quick snack}