Last Time On Digimon Data Squad...

"While exploring the Digital World, our group was intercepted by the evil Metal Phantomon."


"He put us all under an evil spell, one designed to keep us trapped within our own minds."


"But, With my connection to Gaomon, I managed to Activate a Full D.N.A. Charge, allowing her to digivolve to the Ultimate level."


"With one swift attack, MetalPhantomon was destroyed, and we escaped the Gorge of Deception. But, even then, our luck was short."


*cue Gouing*

MARCUS: "Falcomon: Friend or Foe?"


Thmp Thmp.

"Well, then..." Thomas sighed. "Shall we get going?"

Thmp Thmp.

Yoshi blinked as stars started to fill her eyes.

Thmp Thmp.

"Yeah... We've wasted enough time here." Marcus nodded.

Thmp Thmp.

And, almost as if the blood had rushed from her head, the sky seemed to orientate down into her eyes.

Thmp Thmp.

"YOSHI!" Lalamon cried out in horror as her partner collapsed to the ground.

For a moment, the DATS agents stared at their fallen companion, then they rushed into action.

"Sir! Did you bring a med Kit?" Gaomon asked as she ran over.

"No." Thomas grimaced. "It was in the case that that kid obliterated!"

"Here, let me...!" Lalamon quickly dived down and reached her hand out towards her partner's forehead. "Scanning..." (A curious note about Plant type Digimon, due to their physical nature of being plants, they have internal thermometers that regulate their temperature, all designed to keep their internal temperature normal. But, in some cases, this can be used to check the temperature of others around them.) "O-One Hundred and Four!"

"I can't do anything for her here." Thomas frowned. "Not here. We have to find a cave or something..."

"Sir," Gaomon started. "Digivolve me to MachGaogamon, I can get us to the mountains over there and find a cave or something..."

"Good idea." With that, he pulled out his Digivice.






A quick hop, skip, and a jump later, and they'd found a cave inside a small Forrest.

So, with all their medical training and knowledge, Thomas and Lalamon quickly took Yoshi inside in order to try to figure out what was wrong.

"So, why are they in there and we're out here?" Marcus grumbled as he paced the ground infront of the cave.

Gaomon sighed. "For the tenth time, Marcus, Thomas has a medical license, he needs to concentrate in order to figure out what's wrong with her."

"How's he got a license when he's the same age I am?" Marcus stopped pacing.

"He started training years ago." Gaomon started, then added under her breath. "That, and he's smarter than you."

Marcus winced. "I am So much smarter than him...!"

Agumon blinked, then decided to break the tension. "I Could use a checkup, can the doctor see me next?"

Gaomon stared at him for a moment, then replied. "Not without an appointment."

Inside, Thomas was baffled. "There's no reason for her to be sick all of a sudden like this."

"What about MetalPhantomon?" Lalamon started. "He was making you all dream such terrible things..."

"Hm, perhaps..." Thomas frowned as he watched Yoshi's quick and shallow breathing. "You said that he was trying to drain our life enegry, correct?"

Lalamon nodded.

"Hm, Perhaps she was drained more than we were..." Thomas shook his head. "No... When I broke his spell, all of our energy should have been returned."

"Even so, aren't you both even just a little tired?" Lalamon asked.

As if to prove her point, a small yawn broke out of his mouth. "Hmf... I guess so..."

"You both need your rest, there's no telling what effects MetalPhantomon's attack might have caused..."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Thomas went to stand up. "Even if that stamina freak out there won't admit to it, that fight took a lot out of us."

"Speaking of, isn't it a little too quiet out there?" Lalamon asked.


As the two left the back of the cave, neither of them noticed that Yoshi's entire body seemed to fluctuate with a purpleish flicker of data.

Thomas narrowed his eyes. "You sent them to go get water?"

"Yes, Sir." Gaomon nodded. "It was the only thing I could get them to do that would give us any peace and quiet."

He sighed. "Good grief."

"Sir...?" Gaomon blinked. "Did I do something wrong...?"

"No, not really." he sighed again. "I just wanted him out here to stand guard is all."


"Lalamon, stay here and watch over Yoshi, We're going to go get Marcus and Agumon."


And as the two headed off, no-one noticed Falcomon and Ikuto in the branches above them, watching silently for their time to strike.


"Boss! Lookie!" Agumon started splashing about in the river. "Just like the tub back home!"

"Quit goofing off and help me get this water collected!" Marcus grumbled as tried to fill a small hollowed out rock with water.

"No fair." Agumon crossed his arms. "You're all grumpy when you're upset."

"With good reason." Marcus growled. "Now help me out already!"

Agumon stomped his foot, sending a small wave of water into Marcus' face. "That enough water for ya?"

"Why you...!" Marcus growled, and raised his fist.

"Ahhem." Thomas coughed. "We're not interrupting anything, are we?"

Agumon paled. ""

"Good timing, nerdstien." Marcus grumbled.


Falcomon swiftly landed on the ground, letting Ikuto climb off his back, before they entered the cave.

Swiftly and silently, they approached Lalamon and the unconscious Yoshi. Falcomon's arm hand quickly pulled back into a fist and...

By the time Lalamon heard them comming, it was too late.


She was sent flying across what little space there was in the back of the cave. But, her squeal of terror was all that was needed to bring Yoshi into a semi-awake state.

"L...Lalamon...?" Had she been feeling normal, her reaction time would have been fast enough to avoid Ikuto's next attack, but, alas, she barely realized that he was there before his hands had clenched around her neck collar.

"HUMON!" He roared. "Get Out of Digital World! GET OUT!"

Alas, Ikuto still didn't seem to get it- He himself had trapped them there by destroying their crate of supplies.

"Get out now, or I will...!"

It was then that the virus that had infected Yoshino Fujieda made itself known with a flare of deathly purple.


"IKUTO!" Falcomon cried out as both of them- Yoshi and Ikuto- collapsed to the ground.

"YOSHI!" The timing couldn't be any worse- or better- for, at that moment, Thomas, Marcus, Gaomon, and Agumon entered the cave.

"You...!" Falcomon glared at them. "You gave Ikuto the Virus!"

"Virus?" Marcus narrowed his eyes. "What virus?"

"Tell us what you know about this Virus...!" Thomas started.

"NO!" With that, Falcomon flapped his wings, spreading a massive gust of smoke and air into the cave, and, once it cleared, Falcomon and Ikuto were gone.

Agumon growled as he and Gaomon rushed out of the cave. "No Hello and No Goodbye."

But, Inside, Thomas was hurrying to figure out what was wrong with Yoshi- The poor girl was literally covered in the viral specks of data.

"Virus... Virus..." He growled. "So that's what happened...!"

"Dokugumon have computer viruses in them!" Lalamon gasped. "One of them must've bit her!"

"Grrrr!" Marcus smashed his fist into a wall. "This is the Worst!"


Ikuto's eyes slowly opened. "Fal..comon...?"

"Shh... I'm here." The bird started.

"Where is... enemy...?" And then, he lapsed into unconsciousness again, his breathing starting to become extremely quick.

Falcomon's eyes widened as he recalled a similar moment, years ago, where Ikuto had been sick with the exact same sickness. 'We got you well once before, Ikuto... We can do it again...'


"Frigimon, I'm sure he'll be allright!" A younger Falcomon started as a snow-bear like digimon, Named Frigimon, turned to leave their Ice hut and into the snowy forrest beyond.

"Falcomon." The Frigimon started. "I'll leave Ikuto in your care for now."

"Frigemon..." Falcomon started. "Why are you so worried about this human child? All he does is lie there and not do anything..." he frowned. "No fun at all..."

The motherly snow-bear placed her hand on Falcomon's head. "There there... You need to have more compassion for others."

"If you die, I'll be left alone with him..." Falcomon turned his head up at her. "Why won't you let me go to Wanderer's Cape with you?"

"Absolutely not!" Frigimon replied. "That place has been contaminated!"

Falcomon sighed.

"There there... That's not my only reason..." she continued. "Ikuto needs someone to watch over him."


"Looks like I have no choice." Falcomon turned his eyes to the stars. "I Must go to Wanderer's Cape."

THE CAVE_ _ _|

"We need a Vaccine." Thomas declared. "The only way to stop the virus is to use a Vaccine with the Virus Antidote in it. But how can we make an antidote when we don't even know what the virus is...?"

Marcus growled. "So... What do we do...?"

"BOSS!" Agumon roared from out side. "Falcomon's Back!"

"What!" Both humans raced outside, shocked to see what they saw.

Falcomon was standing before them, with Ikuto on his back. "I know what must be done if the virus is to be cured."

"Same symptoms, labored breathing, easily fatigued, increased heart rate..." Thomas continued on even as Falcomon clenched his fists.

"We know what it is, you don't need to go on!"

Marcus crossed his arms. "Don't bother."


"When he gets into his 'geek mode' he won't stop until he's finished saying everything on his mind."

"Urgh... Why did I even come to you in the first place?" Falcomon wrenched his eyes shut. "I could be at Wanderer's Cape by now...!"

"So why aren't you?" Gaomon asked.

"It's..." Falcomon paused. "It's been contaminated."

"Contaminated?" Thomas frowned.

"Humans lived there." Falcomon replied. "Lived there and flooded the place with their data."

"Humans...?" Thomas' frown deepened. "You mean the DATS party?"

"You'll forgive me if I didn't know them on a first name basis." Falcomon cast his eyes over at him. "I've always been told to keep away from humans."

"Wait a minute." Marcus frowned. "More of this 'anti-human' baloney? Didn't these 'Digi-Destined' save the world on multiple occasions?"

"And earned them no favors in the process." Falcomon growled. "Certain... Groups in the Digital World felt we were better off under the rule of the Cherubimon, Myotismon and the like."

"Myotismon...?" Agumon narrowed his eyes. "That jerk vampire from Server?"

"Yes, one and the same." Falcomon nodded. "What of him...?"

"He invaded Odaiba a year ago and completely leveled the place." Marcus smashed his fist into his hand. "It took four Megas just to take him down."

"A Year ago...?" Falcomon blinked. "What are you going on about? That was TWO years ago!"

Abruptly, Gaomon snapped her fingers. "The Time Slip!"

"What...?" Marcus and Agumon turned to look at her.

"One year ago Human World time, the time synchronization between the Human and Digital Worlds was off set by a major amount of time." Gaomon started.

"So much so that a month in our world was roughly equivalent to ten years in the Digital." Thomas continued. "It was when The Odiaba Destined returned to the Digital world after defeating Myotismon that time ended up re-connected again."

Marcus frowned. "Okay, I think I'm following this..."


With Lalamon left to guard Ikuto and Yoshi, The Consultants, the Tacticians, and the Falcon left for Wanderer's Cape.

However, unseen and unknown to them, a Kuramon was watching them.


A burst of speed and a free ride from MachGaogamon got them to the desired beach within minutes. And when it was said that the area was "Contaminated", it was meant literally. The ocean, as it washed up on shore, left random letters of the English alphabet on the sand. The rocks and local trees were covered in ash and burnt to a crisp.

"So, you said that there were humans here before." Marcus started. "What happened to them?"

"Who knows." Falcomon replied.

"You don't know much, do you?"

A pause. "Frigimon might have known them, but she never told me."

"Can you ask her then...?"


"And why's that?" Thomas cut in.

"She's dead."

"I thought digimon don't die, they just get reconfigured..." Thomas frowned.

"Everything dies eventually." Falcomon wrenched his eyes shut.

Marcus held his arm out to stop Thomas from saying anything more. "We're sorry for your loss."

"No you know why I hate humans." Falcomon grimaced as he continued on.

And then, it was spotted.

Wanderer's Cape.

On the bottom of a massive spire outcropping was a building. Yes, You read that right. On the BOTTOM. Almost as if Gravity were inverted in that spot.

"This zone of the world is exactly why the Humans chose this spot." Falcomon continued. "The corrupt data was the only spot they could settle and remain freely and do as they pleased. It was already wrecked beyond repair."

"So... What caused all this...?" Marcus frowned.

"A beast whose name has long since been forgotten." Falcomon finished. "Not even two whole re-formats of the Digital World could fix the damage."


"So the Humans have gone to Wanderer's Cape?" Merukimon asked.

"Yes sir!" Gotsumon replied. "Merukimon, what shall we do now?"

"Let them go." the Mega ordered.

"But Sir!" Gotsumon shouted in surprise. "We can't just let them roam free!"

"I SAID." Merukimon roared. "Let Them Go."

Gotsumon quickly hurried out of the chamber.

"I don't understand any of this at all. What in the dark zone could he be thinking? Surely he has a plan... Right...?"

Suddenly, a big, giant, floral beast slithered out of the shadows. "You look confused, Gotsumon."

"Oh... Blossomon..." Gotsumon gulped.

"I Agree completely." Blossomon replied. "We can't just let these humans wander around like they own it!" It...Erm... She winked at him. "Are you with me?"

"O...Of course." Gotsumon nodded.

"Hehehe... It's been a long time since my ninja flowers have had a human buffet!" Blossomon's clawed flower hand snapped in hunger.


Despite the target building being upside down, the front door was perfectly normal.

"So... Do we knock?" Marcus asked.

"How should I know?" Falcomon crossed his arms. "This is my first time here."

"Hmmf..." Thomas pressed his hand against the door, and it creaked open. "Looks like they forgot to lock the door."

The insides were ALSO right side up, despite the outside being upside down.

"Hellooooo...?" Agumon called out. "Anyone home?"

Marcus ran his hand over a desk, noting the thick layer of dust. "Looks like nobody's home."

And so, they walked through the house in search of the Vaccine.

Luckily, Gaomon found an aged computer, possibly containing the Vaccine's location. "Sir, you might want to have a look at this."

"This is only an recently outdated model." Thomas frowned as he examined the PC. "But why does it look like it's been here for decades?"

"The time slip, sir." Gaomon reminded him. "It probably made it older than it should be."

"Hmm, good point." With that, he booted it up.

The screen saver read "D.G.O.S." as the internal Operating System loaded...

And then a prompt came up for a "password."

"Well, looks like we're going to try brute force hacking, then." Thomas sighed as he rolled his neck and stretched his arms out. "You guys keep searching, I'll check this to see if I can find the Vaccine."

A Short span of wandering later found the kitchen.

"Oooh... What's in heree...?" Agumon asked as he opened the fridge, revealing only a tray with one vial of a green substance inside. "Well, it's no fried egg..."

"THAT'S THE VACINE!" Falcomon exclaimed. "We've found it!"

And then, the entire refrigerator was yanked through the wall by a large, slithery, green vine.

Above, More WRONG Passwords were tried. "I can understand such high security, but this is just ridiculous for a PC!"

Gaomon frowned. "Try 1234."


"One, two, three, four." Gaomon started. "It's a basic administrator password."

{BLOSSOMON: "I am Blossomon, an Ultimate Level Digimon! Let me introduce you to my NINJA FLOWERS! They may not have thorns, but they can pierce you to the bone!"}

Blossomon sneered as she held up the refrigerator with her vines. "Falcomon! Your betrayal has made Merukimon furious!"

"No Please!" Falcomon started. "It's not true!"

"You've changed sides! Prepare to pay!" With that, the lunatic Flower threw one of her blossom fists at him.

"GET OUTA THE WAY!" Marcus roared as he jumped to push Falcomon out of the flower's path.

"Y..You saved me...?"

"Of course, Birdbrain." Marcus smirked. "I've got a sister back home who I'd do anything for too."

Falcomon's eyes widened.

"So what d'ya say we teach this flower a lesson, Big Brother style?"

The birds eyes narrowed in agreement. "Of course."

"LET'S GO!" Agumon roared. "PEPPER BREATH!"

The fire ball hit the vine holding the refrigerator, and shattered the case, sending the Vaccine tumbling to the ground...

"Got it!" ...Where Falcomon's quick speed saved it from shattering.

"You Fools!" Blossomon roared. "You're not leaving with that vaccine!"

Marcus' eyes narrowed as he spotted the open door behind Blossomon. "Oh yeah? That's what you think!"

THE CAVE_ _ _|

Yoshi's eyes slowly opened. "Nh...? lalamon...?"

"Shh, I'm here Yoshi..." Lalamon smiled.

"I'm...sorry..." She frowned. "...That I've caused you all so much grief..."

"Don't say such things." Lalamon "sshh"ed her. "Just rest Yoshi, Just rest."

Next to her, Ikuto blinked tiredly as he listened in.



The fire attack just vaporized harmlessly due to Blossomon's rapidly spinning petals.

"Get Outa here, Falcomon!' Marcus ordered. "we'll hold him off! Just get that Vaccine to Lalamon!"

"Why are you trusting me?" Falcomon narrowed his eyes. "I could easily only give the vaccine to Ikuto!"

"Well, 'Cause of one thing!" Marcus noted as he jumped away from Blossomon's attack. "Only cowards betray their friends, and you're not a coward!"

"The Boss is right!" Agumon roared between launching fire attacks. "You've gotten us this far! And you've had plenty of chances to betray us!"

"You've kept your word!" Marcus finished. "We're friends! And That's why we trust you!"

With that encouragement, Falcomon dove for the entrance.

"Where do you think you're going?" Blossomon went to throw another flower packed punch.

"HEY! Fight us you over grown weed!" Marcus roared.

"It's fighting time!" Agumon roared as well.

"Well well, a human and a digimon partnered together?" Blossomon sneered. "I'll have to end this immediately!"

"Oh yeah?" Marcus shot back. "I'm a Digi-Destined! And if you wanna destroy me, then you're an enemy of the Digital World!"

These words made Blossomon hesitate. This HUMAN was a Digi-Destined?

That gave Marcus his opening.





"DNA!" Marcus roared. "FULL! CHARGE!"


The spontaneous change threw Blossomon off guard, considering that Agumon, who had been standing at her base, was now RizeGreymon and pushing her through the wall of the building from his sheer size alone.

Blossomon gasped as the Ultimate dinosaur rammed his horns into her viny torso, then flung her into the air.

"Time for you to say good bye!" Then, several cannon ports in his armor, and missile launchers in his wings opened up. "RIZING DESTROYER!"

With a spectacular display of lasers, bullets, missiles, and radioactive bursts of energy, Blossomon's Digi-egg was send falling down to the ocean below.


"We're back!" Thomas started as he and the others returned to the cave. "Lalamon, how's...?"

"Sssh..." Lalamon 'sssh'ed him. "She's sleeping."

Ikuto was nowhere to be found.

"So... Where's...?" Marcus started.

"Falcomon came in and gave Yoshi the vaccine first, then gave it to Ikuto. There's even a third of it left in case any of us get sick from it as well." Lalamon explained. "He's really a nice digimon."

"So, what'd you find on the computer?" Marcus asked as the sun set once more.

"Just some personal logs." Thomas sighed. "Nothing useful in the slightest."

"Great." Marcus sighed. "Just great."

"So what was the password?" Agumon asked.

"One, Two, Three, Four." Gaomon replied.

"Huh..." Agumon blinked.

"Well, atleast we know Falcomon can be trusted." Marcus smiled.

"For now." Thomas finished.


"Next time on Digimon..."

"This is the perfect chance to take out the humans!"

"Now Mamothmon attack!"

"I Scanned the entire cliff top, and I can't find them."

"They aren't gone for good, are they?"

"Even if I have to go there myself, We WILL Find them."

A.N.: Welp, some major information here this chapter. Mainly on the Digital World's History. Now, with the hints before, things seemed slightly obvious, but now it's definitely clear what happened one year earlier, and exactly where this Season is placed in comparison to the others. There's definitely more going on than meets the eye, especially with Merukimon. Anyways, go check out D-BURST FRONTIER, first two episodes/chapters uploaded. Chronologically, that is taking place before this one. I'm probably going to go in an Anachronic order order of uploading from here now on. I'll be trying to get Frontier caught up to this, but, it'll probably end up being shorter in comparison to the main series. Anyways, if you're confused about the order of events, there's a section on my profile that has/will have the stories in the correct order as I add them. Let's just hope I can keep everything straight. ^_^;;