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Once upon a time in a valley far far away where evil and war never touched, there was a medium sized village with humans, immortal crows and immortal cat people living together in peace and harmony. Everyday the adult humans and the immortal cat people work together, from farming to building new shops and huts while the human children and the cat children run around and played together. Everything was peaceful and perfect until one night..........an angry lion spirit came out of nowhere and started attacking the village, terrorizing all of the villagers.

"Run for your lives!" a human villager shouted.

The angry lion spirit ran after the villagers until it has them all cornered. The villagers screamed some more while some begged the spirit not to kill them, until a voice from behind got the lion spirit's attention.

"Wait!!!!! Stop! Dont hurt them!"

The lion spirit turned around and faced the person who was shouting to it. It was a little girl with brown hair, brown eyes, and is wearing a plain brown kimono while tears rolled down her little cheeks. The spirit had a look of confusion towards the little girl's crying but doesnt show it. It finally spoke to the child.

"Why should I, human?" It growled at her.

The little girl kept on crying. "You're making a big mistake.....please I beg of you." The little girl begged as she dropped down to her knees. "I'll do anything, just please dont hurt them!"

One of the villagers, a full grown woman was trying to get to the little girl but a few villagers held on to her.

"Let me go! Haru!" the woman shouted to the little girl in fear, but the girl called Haru kept looking at the lion spirit.

The spirit was surprised at the child's plea but has once again manages to keep its emotions to itself. "You would do anything for your friends's lives?"

Haru nodded her head quickly.

"Very well young human. Now I need you to listen to me. I am a very angry spirit because of what happened to my previous master 500 years ago. I need you to be my new master and host until you do one thing that will help me cross over." the lion spirit said.

Haru had a look of curiousity in her eyes. "What is it?"

"When you become older, you must find someone who you think is special and fall in love with him, he must also fall in love with you as well. Do you accept little human?"

Haru was suddenly surprised by the spirit's request and she could tell that the others were. Despite the fact that she's 5, she knew that even if she grew into a woman, no man would ever fall for her. Haru once again nodded her head.

"I accept!"

Haru's mother screamed out. "HARU!!!!!!"

The lion spirit closed his eyes in acceptance. "Very well. I will split my soul in two halves. The first half will be a sword that you wll use to protect yourself, the other half will be embedded to your soul, for if you are seperated from the sword, my rage will take over your concious and you will be in a frenzy until either you kill your opponet, or that the sword returns into your possession. Make sure that never happens....."

Then the lion spirit, along with the whole village became engulfed by a silverish white light that blinded everyone's eyes. Once the light cleared up Haru and the rest of the villagers looked at the spot where the spirit once stood and saw a silver sword with a lion's head on the hilt and was wearing a brown leather sheath lying on the ground. Haru walked towards it and then picked it up, already feeling the other half of the spirit's soul surging through her veins. Everyone started to head back home as Haru's mother ran to her and hugged her.

(Next morning)

Haru got dressed in her traveling clothes and puts the silver sword on her back then went downstairs to say goodbye to her mother. Last night, Haru and her mother were talking and much to Haru's mother's dismay, she finally agreed to let her daughter roam around the world since Haru told her mother 3 times that she would be a danger to the village if she stayed. She rushed to her mother who was in the kitchen and hugged her.

"Goodbye mother....I love you and Im going to miss you." Haru said sadly.

Haru's mother cried. "Im going to miss you too sweetie."

She then took out a necklace with a golden ring with beautiful carvings and another golden ring with a diamond on it attached.

"Please take your father's and my wedding rings, they have been passed down from each generation and now when you will grow up into a fine woman you can use the rings to propose to the man who deeply loves you." she said as she placed the necklace around Haru's neck. "Promise me one thing Haru, be careful out there ok?"

"I will."

Haru then headed out the door and was on her way to roam all over Japan until some dude wanted to love her.....after when she grows as an adult of course!

"Haru!" a voice called out to her.

Haru turned around and saw a young looking Muta and Toto holding on to a few bags running....and flapping towards her.

"Dont leave us Haru! It wouldnt be fun without you! Who would be there to listen to our constant arguing? Who will be there to call Muta a fat cow?" Toto asked as anime style tears came pouring out of his eyes.

Muta glared at Toto. "And who's going to protect this birdbrain from his sudden death by me?"

Haru sighed and shook her head. "Muta, we dont kill our best friends. Im sorry guys but I cant risk the village's safety, I could of accidently be seperated from the sword, that is why I must leave."

"Let us come with you Chicky! We got food and other stuff! We dont want you to wander around alone!" Muta said.

Haru had a look of humbleness, "But......what about your parents? Arent they gonna freak when they realize that your gone?"

Toto shook his head. "We've already told our parents everything. They understand, and they dont want you to go anywhere by yourself!"

"Yeah so where ever you want to go, we'll go together!" Muta said with a smile.

Haru smiled back at her two friends. "Okay.......lets go you two."

Then the three friends left the village to start their epic journies around Japan.


This is all I got for now. I just want to know something though. This story is gonna have a fighting tournament in here and when there is a fighting tournament there is blood and violence........uuuuuggggggghhhhh teh violence..........do you guys know which rating I should put it up for teen or mature? I just need your opinions since right now Im a bit confused with the ratings between teen and mature.......