Here's a little story based off Tim Burton's BEST upcoming movie "9". It's amazing! I saw the original short film from 2005 and it inspird me to write this along with many songs off my iPod. Well, enjoy and leave good reviews!


I couldn't believe what had happened. My friends, all my dear friends, were gone. And I could only bring back five. I couldn't choose five out of eight. I just couldn't. But I had to, and I went through hell bringing them back.

I watched the sun set on what would be a glorious day. The birds were be singing, the grass would be swaying in the soft breeze. But all I saw was the dirty orange sky darkened above the wasteland and debris called Earth. I was the only person alive to watch it, but I wasn't alone. I could hear the creatures trying to hunt me down for afar. I could see the dead bodies laying everywhere; decapitated women and stabbed men, just the way they were supposed to go. I didn't know what the creatures gained by killing off the human race, but I didn't want to find out. If I was going to be the last human on Earth, I wanted to last.

If it was getting dark, I had to get moving. My pedestal was complete and hidden. All I needed to do was find the remains. And my first remain was sitting right in front of me. A yellow straw hat with a red ribbon. And my first resurrection is found.