There are many parts of the Shadow Children series that are untold. I don't know how much I'm hurting the series by trying to fill those holes out, but I figure I might try, as a sort of writing exercise. I'll be writing short little drabbles as they come to me. It probably won't happen very often, but I'll try to write one whenever I feel the urge to write but have no idea what about. (Meanwhile all the multi-chapter stories I'm working on are glaring at me while I ignore their unfinished plots.) None of these drabbles are related to each other, unless I say so.

And um- I don't own the Shadow Children series. I think that's all I have to say?


Jen clutched the steering wheel. She only saw dark shadows, and the few feet of road in front of her which were coldly illuminated by headlights. Everyone was quiet, and Jen was sure that circumstances were the same in the cars that were following hers.

None of them had spoken after introducing themselves. None of them could speak without fear in their voices.

They would reach the capital in four hours.

She became more and more aware of the breathing in the car. Whenever any one of them so much as shifted, she would automatically clench her hands around the wheel, and it would take a while for her to force herself to relax.

Part of her wished it would be like the chat room. Safe behind the unseeing glass of a computer screen, they all talked comfortably, loudly.

But it was different. Just as easily as she could look out the glass that made up the windows of the car, anyone could look in. The windshield was not a computer monitor.

Behind her, someone sneezed. Jen felt the tension in the car increase tenfold.

This time, she felt anger instead of fear. It was ridiculous. They were going into a riot. They needed to be heard. How could that happen if they were too afraid to speak out!

Enough was enough.

She jammed a finger on a button on her door, making the window roll down. The wind battered her face, and her hair was blown back, making her look all the more fierce.

"What are you doing?" cried out a boy. His name was Eric. "It's freezing!"

She ignored him. "My name is Jen Talbot!" she shouted. "I am a shadow child. And I am damn proud of it! We deserve freedom. We deserve life! I have two older siblings! I am no different than them! Freedom! Rights! Life! Freedom! I'm not afraid!" And louder, and louder, she shouted.

Would the wind carry her message? Would the whole world hear? Would Luke hear her?

She should have been feeling ridiculous. She should have hid away and pretended she had never made a sound.

But she was tired of that. Jen would not hide any more.

"My name is Richie Goldman!"

"My name is Annabeth Brooks!"

"I'm Eric Thompson!"

One by one, all the people in her father's car started shouting out their names, and their dreams. The rest of the windows were rolled down, and their cries were broadcast through the air, scattered throughout the world.

Jen filled her ears with the sounds of freedom.