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The night was quiet as Fox and Krystal sat on a bench in the park. They were finishing their current day they were having. They had a nice dinner, followed by a movie. They decided to finish by sitting at the park. It has been a couple of weeks since Fox asked Krystal to stay on board the Great Fox, and their love for each other had grown since then. Fox also had been teaching her how to fight, pilot, and use weapons. He figured that soon she would be good enough to be a part of the team. He would love to have her with him while they were on missions. But for now she was still in training. Krystal smiled as she spoke, "you know Fox, this been another great night."

Fox nodded, "I know."

Krystal looked up at the night's sky and smiled, "nights like these always remind me of the ones back on Sauria."

"You're right, things were always peaceful during those times."

Krystal looked at Fox, "it's good here also since you're with me."

Fox looked at her and smiled, "I feel the same was also. He then looked at his watch and saw it was almost midnight. He sighed in disappointment. "It's starting to get late, we should get back now."

She nodded as well, " alright."

They stood up and started walking; Fox with arm around Krystal's shoulders, to the park's exit.

In less then an hour they were in the hanger on the Great Fox. They were walking until they were in front of Krystal's room. She faced him, "again I had a great time Fox, thanks."

Fox smiled, "hey anytime. I love you."

Krystal smiled as well, "I love you too." Both of their muzzles then met as they kissed each other. Krystal spoke after they broke apart, "goodnight Fox."

"Goodnight Krystal." She then went into her room, leaving Fox in the hall with a smile on his face.

His time with her had been nothing but perfect. He loved her a lot and he knew she was the same with him. He then walked down the hall and headed for the kitchen for something to drink, since he was feeling a bit thirsty. Once he entered the kitchen he was surprised to see Alex up. He was standing at the counter eating some ice cream from the carton. Fox walked in, "surprised to see you awake."

Alex spoke, "had trouble sleeping, and thought a little snack might help."

Fox walked over to the refrigerator, opened it and pulled out a bottle of soda. He opened it and walked over and stood across from his brother. "And is it helping?"

"A little bit," Alex responded. "So how was your night with Krystal?"

Fox smiled as he took a sip, "perfect as always. I love her so much. So how are things going with you?"

"Same old same old." Alex said. "So Fox if you love Krystal that much are ever going to…"

Fox interrupted him, "I'm not sure about that yet. I just need to wait some more, just in case."

"Well if you ever are sure about that, just go with it."

"Thanks Alex…so when are you ever going to find someone?"

Alex sighed, "Fox you know I'm waiting for the right person. No one fit that except…"

"Sarah? Alex you haven't seen her since the academy."

"Still she was the right one back then. I liked her, and she liked me. I still say something more could have happened if we were still together…look I don't want to talk about it right now."

Fox sighed, "alright then. Anything new happened while we were gone?"

Alex shook his head, "nothing ever since our last mission."

"That's bad, but it's still good to have time to relax."

"I agree," Alex said putting his spoon in the sink and throwing away the carton. He then yawned, "I'm getting tired again, I'll see you in the morning."

"Night," Fox said as Alex walked out of the room. Fox finished his soda, threw it away and decided to head to bed.

He walked inside of his room and sat down on his bed. He looked at the stand next to his bed it held two framed pictures. One was a picture of himself, Alex, James and Vixy together at the park. The other one showed him and Krystal on top of the Farris wheel from their first date. He smiled at those moments, since they were good ones. He then lay down and started falling asleep.

The next morning Fox was on the command deck just staring off into space. Falco, Peppy and Alex were also there with him. Alex was looking things up on the nearby computer, Peppy was reading a book and Falco was sitting back with his feet propped up. He sighed with a bit of frustration, "man I'm board."

Alex turned to him, "then why don't you find something to do."

Peppy spoke, "yeah, we all have something to do."

Falco turned to him, "I tried. Nothing here really takes my mind off of stuff except…" he was interrupted when a beeping sound was heard.

Alex checked the Consol. He Spoke to Fox without looking at him, "Fox we have a incoming transmission from the General."

Fox stood up, "alright put it though." Alex did what he said and soon a hologram of General Pepper's head was shown. "Yes General?"

Pepper spoke, "Star Fox I have another mission for you. About twenty hours ago we lost contact with a research facility on Fichina."

"What happened?" Alex asked.

"We don't know we tried contacting anyone there repeatedly but nothing. I sent a team to investigate but I lost contact with them an hour ago. Half an hour ago I received one last message from them. The contents on the message is what made me contact you."

"What was on it?" Fox asked.

"Hold on let me play it." There was a bit of silence but then they heard it.

There was a bit of static but it then came in clear. "General this is Sgt Mason. We're inside and we checked out some places. This place looks like a war zone, we haven't found anyone yet. We also saw something that…we don't know what it was. What ever it was it's probably…" a sound was heard from the background. "what was that," they heard another soldier say. Mason spoke again, "Major did you hear that?" they heard him, "yeah, and I don't like It." They heard more silence for a bit. All of a sudden they heard what sounded like something crashing. "Over there!" they heard one say. "What are they!" they then heard gunfire. "Keep firing, don't even think about leaving!," the Major said. Then they heard some sort of scream. "Jim!" then all of a sudden, they could only hear static.

The General spoke, "that was the last thing they sent. I need you to head over there and check on what happened there. And see if you can find out what happened to the team I sent."

Fox began thinking, "alright were on it."

"Good, I'll send you the coordinates of where the facility is. General Pepper out," The hologram then disappeared.

Fox turned to Alex, "set a course for Finchina."

"On it," Alex said turning to the terminal.

Just then Wolf, Slippy, and Krystal walked on the command deck. Fox spoke, "good you're all here."

Slippy spoke, "Why, what's happening?"

"We have another mission," Falco responded.

Wolf spoke, "what are we doing now?"

Fox explained what the General told him, and he played the recorded message. They were surprised at it. "So once there we're going to investigate what happened and find any of the soldiers the General sent."

Wolf spoke, "So how are we suppose to go about?"

"Me, you, and Alex will go down first to check things. The rest of you stay here unless I call for you."

"What!" Falco said. "Hey I'm board and the only time we get a mission I have to stay back."

"Falco we're just checking, it may be something minor. We just want to be sure."

Falco just sat back in his seat, "Fine."

Fox sat back down in his seat, "Ok, we should be there soon, get ready and we'll head out once we get there."

Alex and Wolf nodded as they went to get their stuff ready. Fox sat there waiting. Krystal walked over to him and hugged him, "I'm not sure about this."

Fox returned it, "It's alright, I'm always careful."

"But I feel that this is different some how."

Fox smiled, "It's alright I'll be fine. Thanks for the concern."

"I know you will," both of their muzzles met as they kissed each other. After they broke apart they both waited, both wanted to be together at that moment, both unaware of what waits for them.

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