The hanger doors of the Great Fox opened up as the two ships entered. Both of the ships landed and were switched off. Fox looked out of the window and saw the rest of the team enter the hanger. He then opened the top and jumped out. He looked over at the other ship and saw the others walk out also. Fox then walked over to the rest of them team and was greeted by Krystal. She hugged him once he was close, "I'm glad you're safe," she said in a relieved voice.

"Fox what happened down there!" Peppy asked. "You didn't contact us at all."

Fox hugged Krystal back as he spoke, "it's a long story right now. All I can say is that this was one of the most…bizarre missions we've ever been on."

Just then Wolf and Alex walked over. "Hey," they both said.

"You two ok?" Slippy asked.

They both remained silent and didn't speak. Falco then looked back at the rest. "Who are those people over there?"

Fox spoke, "three of them are the soldiers that the General sent. And the last two are the only survivors of the whole thing."

"What!" they all said.

"What happened?!" Falco then asked.

"We'll explain that later," Alex said as he looked at Fox. "They're ok, they just want to get back home right now."

"How's Jason…after…you know?"

"A little shaken but he'll be fine."

Fox nodded, "Ok lets head to the command deck." With out hearing a response himself, Alex and Wolf started walking off. The others all followed behind them without question. They soon walked on the command deck of the Great Fox as Fox turned to Slippy, "get a direct line to the General."

"On it," he said as he went to a nearby computer.

Fox sat down in his seat as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the disk from earlier and waited. Soon a connection was made and a hologram of the General's head appeared. "Ah Star Fox, did you find anything at the facility?"

Fox sighed as he began to speak, "Yes…we found a lot. Apparently a virus broke out and started to infected everyone, turning every single person there into…mutants."

The General's eyes widen at that, "what!" The others we also shocked at hearing that. "Were there any survivors?!"

He nodded, "yes, just two of the personal. A scientist and an engineer."

The General was silent after hearing that then spoke again, "what about the team I sent?"

"Only…only three survived."

He seemed to sigh deeply at that. "Which ones?

"Jason, Sarah, and Nick."

He was silent again after that, "Do you have any information or evidence on what happened?"

Fox showed him the disk in his hand, "only this. It holds all the information on the virus and the research that was put into it."

"Have one of soldiers bring it in once you're back."


"But what happened to the facility?"

That was something that Fox didn't want to answer. "We…uh…we had to…"

"Blow it up," Alex finished for him.


Fox stood up from his seat, "it wasn't our idea but in order to wipeout the virus we had to destroy it."

"That facility was important to us. It's going to set us back a while…*sigh* work anyway, I'll have your reward transferred as usual. Get back to Corneria and drop off my troops and survivors."

"Alright General, over and out." After that the hollow image disappeared and Fox sat back down in his seat. "Slippy set course for Corneria."

"On it. We should be there in six hours, to let you know."

"That's fine." Fox just sighed after that.

"Hey Fox," Alex said.

He turned to him, "what is it?"

"Look since we have a lot of time. Me and Wolf are going to go crash, becuase we're both really tired."

After hearing that Fox then started to feel the fatigue and exhaustion in his body. "That's not a bad idea. Go on a head." They both nodded as they walked off the command deck. Once they left he stood up from his seat and walked to the door. Just before he exited he spoke, "Wake me when we're almost there." He left before he could hear a response.

Fox opened the door to his room and entered, closing the door once he was in. He took off his jacket as he approached his bed, and let it fall to the floor. He then fell on his bed, and not bothering to cover himself, shut his eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep.

Fox awoke sometime later when he felt someone nudging his shoulder. He planted his arms on his bed and pushed himself up and looked to find it was Krystal. "Hey…what's going on?"

"We're nearing Corneria, you said to wake you up before then."

"Oh, thanks," he said as he started to push himself up and swung his feet over; planting them on the floor. He then started to move and stretch his shoulders and arms.

"What's wrong?" Krystal asked as she sat down next to him.

"My body's sore," he then heard a couple of pops in his joints as he started to relax. "That feels better."

"Are you ok?"

"Of course. Why-"

"No I mean with what happened down there?"

Fox relished what she meant and sighed, "sort of…it was like you said. This was a lot different from what we're usually used to. There was actually a time down there when I thought I was going to die."

She then put her hand on his shoulder, "but thankfully you didn't."

He just smiled, "it's like I said, I would never leave you."

She smiled also as she hugged him, "always keeping your promises."

He returned it, "It's just the way I am." He ended the embrace as he stood up and walked over to his jacket, that he left on the floor.

"What are you doing?"

Fox picked the jacket up and started looking through the pockets, "I have to give Jason that disk I had earlier before they leave." He found it and pulled it out. "Got it. come on lets go." Krystal stood up and walked over to him as they both left the room together.

They both entered the hanger and found everyone else there also. Fox spotted Jason, sitting down on the loading ramp of the escape ship, and walked over to him. Jason looked up and saw Fox approaching him. "Hey Fox."

"Hey Jason…you ok?"

Jason sighed after hearing that, "sort of. I'll be fine."

"What happened?" Krystal whispered to Fox.

"He lost some of his teammates down there," he whispered back. Fox then handed the disk to Jason, "the General wants you to bring this to him."

He took it from Fox, "thanks."

"How's everyone else?"

"Well Nick and Sarah are good, as for Amy and Ethan; they're just eager to go home."

"I would be surprised why."

Jason then stood up and stretched. He then looked back at Fox when he finished, "Fox…thank you."

He just raised an eyebrow after hearing that, "why?"

"If you weren't with us…I doubt no one would have gotten out alive."

"Hey you would have."

"But it still felt like that to me…well it's almost time for us to go. Thanks again."

Meanwhile off to the side Alex and Sarah were talking away from the other. "Well…I guess this is farewell," Alex said.

"I guess so," Sarah said.

Alex then sighed as he spoke, "like I said before, I'm sorry for hurting you in the past but-"

"Alex I told you that I understood why. But it was the fact that you didn't come find me after hurt me the most," She interrupted.

"Again…I'm sorry," he said looking down. Just then a piece of paper was in his vision. He looked up and saw that she was holding it out to him. He took it and opened it to find Sarah's name and phone number. A spark lit up inside him after he saw it. He looked at her with a shocked look, "is this what-"

She silenced him by holding her finger in front of him, "I just want to see you again, that's all. You know, just like friends." 'And possibly more' she thought.

"Th…thank you," he responded, still shocked.

"Sarah come on!" they both heard Jason say.

"Got to go…I'll see later," she said as she walked over to the ship. A smiled crept on Alex's face after she left.

The team watched as they boarded the ship and soon flew out of the hanger and straight to the planet below. Falco spoke after they left, "So what do we do now?"

Fox answered, "I don't know about you guys but this whole experience makes me want to take some time off."

"I couldn't agree any less," Wolf said.

"Me too," Alex also said.

"I think that's a good idea," Peppy said.

"Fine…since there's nothing else good to do," Falco said.

"Then it's agreed then?" Fox asked. "Then lets get planet side." They all then started to walk out, and Fox stopped and looked over at Alex, who was still looking at the paper. He walked over to him, "what's that?"

"Sarah's number," he responded, showing it to him.

Fox smiled, "so you two managed to mend everything?"

"Actual…no. She just want to see me again, but we're just friends right now."

Fox just laughed after hearing that, "you sure about that?"

Alex looked confused, "yes…why?" Fox just kept laughing as he walked away. "What?…hey can't you tell me?" Alex asked as he pursued his brother. Yet after that Fox never told him, but things were good. Fox was back with Krystal. Alex and Sarah rekindled a friendship long forgotten. Things were looking up.

A/N: Hope you like. sorry for the ending but that's all i could come up with. but finally after five months i finished this one. and i thank everyone who read this through out this whole time. My next one will come out soon. But like last time, here's a small scene from my next one.

Falco pushed the door open as he entered an alleyway. He was surrounded in darkness as he looked around. He then started walking down a random path, not caring where it took him. He stopped when he heard a noise and looked back. He huffed when he saw nothing, "mind must be playing tricks," he said to himself.

He turned back around only to be greeted by a fist. It connected to his head as Falco stumbled back, holding the spot that was hit. He looked up and saw the outline of the person, but couldn't tell who it was because of the darkness. "Hey! What was that for?!" he shouted. The figure remained silent as he started walking towards Falco. "OK if you want a beating then you got it!" he then charged at the person but he anticipated it and moved to the side to trip him. Falco fell but rolled back to his feet. He looked back up only to see the person's foot. Falco fell back to the floor and felt the guy grab his shirt collar and lift him.

The guy then started to punch Falco's gut repeatedly. He then threw a right hook to Falco's face, making him go into a daze. He then slammed Falco into the nearby wall, and then flipped him onto the ground. He picked him up and saw the limp Avian. He then threw him into some trashcans.

Falco started to recover, only to feel intense pain course through his body. He then wiped his wing over his head and saw he was bleeding. He looked up only to see the stranger point a blaster right at his head. Falco froze, knowing what was going to happen.