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I figure that the best way to keep from burning out on my stories is to get all of the plot bunnies out of their cages before they start viciously attacking each other.

A lot of people are doing Twilight/Harry Potter crossovers so I thought I would give it a go. Let me know what you think of the beginning.

I found myself sitting on a plane that was heading toward the U.S. with an almost numb feeling working its way through my chest. At the end of the last year I had to watch as a fellow student, Cedric, die at the hands of the man that had betrayed my parents and then watched in horror as my blood was used to bring Voldemort back to life. I had no concern for what Voldemort would do, it may sound cold, but the Wizarding World was the one that's prejudices created him and they would have to deal with it. No I was more concerned with what was going to happen to me now, I am no fool, I knew that they would all expect me to be the one to save them all. I am no killer and I know that I would not be able to do it.

When I had arrived back at the Dursley's house, ready to spend the summer working myself to the bone while playing the part of my darling uncle's punching bag and only source of exercise I received the shock of a lifetime. Apparently Vernon had managed to land a promotion to the head of a new factory that they had opened in the U.S. and the company was paying to move the entire family, even going so far as to buy them a house in the town of their choosing. Unfortunately for the Dursleys Grunnings knew that I lived with them and had already bought me a ticket and included me in all of the preparations including testing to place me into the American school system. Normally I would have made sure to do slightly worse then Dudley but I am tired of always hiding my true self, it wouldn't help me in the long run anyway, I would be beaten almost daily no matter how I do or what I do. I did my very best on those tests and thanked my lucky stars that I had kept up with my muggle education. Of course I had to as the Dursleys made sure that I did all of Dudley's summer homework.

Dudley managed to barely scrape by and landed himself in freshman year of high school, although how he accomplished that is beyond me. I managed to land myself into junior year and spent that night drifting between consciousness and blissful darkness, even now my ribs are sending jolts of pain all the way down my spine, but its nothing more then I'm used to.

The only part of the move that I find myself happy about is the fact that the U.S. does not have a magical society of its own. The magic of the Americas is far too wild for any of the wand waving wizards and witches to use their magic within their shores, it simply won't respond to any command. It meant that he wouldn't have to worry about Dumbledore finding him and the Wizarding World could deal with its own problems. Maybe they would learn something.


I stared at the house in front of me and found that it was actually rather beautiful, it was a large Victorian with large bay windows in a neutral color scheme. I carried the baggage up the front steps and waited to be told where everything was to go.

Vernon looked back at me with contempt, as per usual. "Boy, Dudley's room is the one at the top of the stairs, the guest room is the next room and the largest one on the second floor is the master. You are to stay in the attic and I don't want to hear a peep from you for the rest of the evening. We are going to see if there are any good restaurants in the area. Tomorrow you will make sure that everything gets unpacked or there will be hell to pay. Now get out of my sight." I hurried to do as I was told, no reason to make things even worse on myself.


The next couple of days flew by as I unpacked all of the Dursley's belongings and stocked the kitchen with food from the nearest grocer. I was given barely enough to purchase the food and the receipt was checked the moment I walked through the door as I was ordered to put the food away and begin making lunch. I failed to mention the fact that every female in the store had watched me like a hawk, it would appear that women in a small town are better at catching on to the hints of abuse, I'll have to be much more careful.

It was toward the end of the week that we received a visit from the local police department, he assured the Dursleys that it was just a greeting and nothing to worry about but I noticed that his eyes flitted over me several times. The Dursleys had tried to make excuses for me to get me out of the room but he wasn't going for it.

Review and let me know if you think that it has potential, the first part of the story moves quickly as I believe that people in a small town where everyone knows each other would pick up on things like abuse very quickly because they pay a lot more attention.