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Third POV

Seth Clearwater was the friendly outgoing boy that people always dismissed as a goof, but he knew that something had definitely changed.

Sam Uley was one of his least favorite people. He had been his big sister's true love, they were talking about getting married and having kids. Leah had been happier than he had ever seen her and he was glad that she had Sam. Of course that was before that idiot decided practically overnight that he was over Leah and that now he was Emily's little lapdog. Leah was devastated that not only had her longtime boyfriend left her without a single word of explanation but that it was to be with her own cousin.

When Uley had started his little gang of followers Seth was worried that something bad was going to happen. Guys started shooting up like weeds and Seth took to avoiding most of the other teenage boys around the reservation. All of them, except for Black, were practically Uley clones and Leah was getting more and more depressed by the day.

Then it all pulled a three sixty in one night. Most of Uley's gang spent half of the day sleeping and when they woke up they were the guys that they were before the whole thing started. It was like the whole gang/cult thing never happened. The biggest change was in Uley though.

"I wanted to apologize for my poor behavior and for hurting you when you definitely didn't deserve it." Uley looked like the words were physically hurting him but he was saying them and Seth couldn't be happier. Leah looked better already, though she still looked more than a little depressed and pissed off. "The whole thing was beyond my control but I should have handled the situation better than I did."

And that was the wrong thing to say. "Beyond your control?!" Leah was now just inches from Sam's face and he was at least intelligent enough to keep from looking straight into her eyes. "You went from planning our future, complete with a wedding and children one day to not even looking my direction the next without a single word. You started following Emily around and proposed to her just last week with the ring that I had picked out. You didn't just turn your back on me; you stabbed me in the back in the worst way possible. There is no way to apologize for throwing everything we went through and everything we planned back into my face like that." Leah's chest was heaving and she looked about ready to pick Uley up and throw him out of the house. "You get out of my house and don't you ever even think about coming back here."


Orion's POV

I knew that there was something off about Jake the moment that I saw him coming out of his house with a couple of guys that were almost as big as he was. There was an air of something powerful around him that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I had the oddest urge to show my neck in submission. The urge only lasted until Jake caught sight of me and his face split with a huge grin.

He jogged the short distance between us and had me up in the air before I could blink with the two guys he was with watching him with eyebrows touching their hairlines. "Orion, you have great timing. I want to introduce you to two of my very best friends. The one on the left is Embry and the other oaf is Quill."

I waited until Jake put me down before edging closer to the two and giving a short bow. "Hi, my name is Orion Black-Lupin. It's very nice to meet some friends of Jacob."

The one on the left, Embry, ruffled my hair and seemed breath in for longer than necessary before smiling just as large as Jake. "No formalities here little thing, any friend of Jake's is a friend of ours." The other one, Quill, nodded vigorously. "We were just going to head out to get some pizza for the football game."

"Oh, would it be alright if I tagged along?" I didn't really want to go home and interrupt Papa and Father's date night.

Jake picked me up like a sack of potatoes and started for the big truck that he told me that he had been trying to pawn off on someone for ages. "Of course you can come. I'm sure that you'll be much better company than these two and it's been too long since I've had some real quality time with you."


I honestly thought that it would be a little awkward to be the only one in the group that hadn't been a member since childhood but the boys made very sure that I was comfortable. Quill seemed like a big kid with a personality like the Twins and Embry was the more mature one but not by much. Jake was happier than I have ever seen him though there was something else there, a feeling of purpose and responsibility that seemed to be natural but it was new.

We ended up getting six large pizzas with a ton of toppings and four large orders of breadsticks and cheese. Embry looked over everything with a critical eye. "It will be Jake, Quill, Orion, and Me, Mr. Black is going to Chief Swan's place for the game so this might be enough. If not we could always order some more in." I would have been surprised if I hadn't already seen just how much food Jake could put away.

"I could always cook something if we need more food." I had made sure that Jake stocked the kitchen with actual food, rather than just pizza and snack food.

"With how much the mutts eat you'll definitely need to make a meal just for snack food." Rosalie came around the corner of the pizza shop and looked at each of the boys with me with her normal higher than thou look before shooting me a warm smile. "You'll have to keep an eye on them to make sure that they don't make a mess on the carpet after they eat."

I could practically see how much effort Jake put in to keeping his temper, the other two seemed to have more trouble but calmed when Jake didn't react right away. "I'm sure that Orion is more than capable of holding his own with us. Is there something you needed or are you thinking of changing up your diet, maybe to pizza boys?"

Rosalie almost managed a smile. "Getting a little wittier in your old age mutt, Esme wanted me to pick up groceries for tomorrow." She turned toward me with a softer look on her face. "Edward wanted to be the one to invite you but as I am the first to see you, would you like to come over tomorrow? We were planning to have a baseball game and it's not something that you want to miss."

A lot of vampires playing baseball, I couldn't help but wonder if the equipment would even survive. "I would love to." I wasn't going to say anything else, at least I hadn't planned to, but a wicked thought that I firmly blame on Father managed to sneak out without my permission. "I'm sure that Jake and a couple of his friends would be glad to come to, and then we could have a really good game without splitting a couple up."

Rosalie's eyebrows shot up and it looked like she was going to say something right before Jake chimed in. "Sounds like an excellent idea to me. I'm sure that I could round up enough of a pack to make things interesting." Embry and Quill looked caught between amusement and horror. "Unless your family doesn't think they can handle the competition."

I could almost see the switch flip in Rosalie's head at the same time that I thought of something that I really should have thought of before. "We would love the chance to prove which of us is the stronger of the two, our family, or your little pack of mutts." Everyone referred to Jake and all of the teenage boys on the reservation as mutts even Papa and Father referred to Jake as a pup. It was a widely known fact that vampires and pretty much any kind of canine species were somewhat less than fond of each other. Werewolves and vampires were the worst but canine shifters were almost as bad. It would certainly explain why all the boys I've seen on the reservation are huge and why the Cullens didn't typically go anywhere near the reservation at all and avoided the entire tribe if they could help it. I am going to blame the fact that I didn't notice anything before on the fact that Forks is about as ordinary and plain as towns could come, honestly, who would expect to find vampires and wolf people in Forks?

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