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Gibbs stood behind the two-way mirror, looking into the interrogation room. He was not alone. To his right was Vance, chewing on a toothpick. Both men glared into the room on the other side of the pane of glass. Sitting in the chair where many murderers had been interrogated sat a sickly man, thin and frail from his cancer. He couldn't be more than twenty-five years old, and yet he was the man appointed head of La Grenouille's cartel after Rene Benoit was killed. He had a smug smirk full of arrogance, despite looking like death itself. He was Deux Grenouille. He was the man who ordered a battalion on thugs to murder Jenny, Tony, and anyone else involved.

"Where the hell is DiNozzo?" Vance demanded. "He was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago!"

"Give him a break, Leon, you couldn't move that fast when you were on crutches," Gibbs countered.

"Give him a break? Do you know how many protocol rules he broke within the last few days? I had to start a cover-up about some bogus mob-hit put out on him! He should be out on his ass!" Vance steamed. Inwardly, Gibbs smirked. There was no way Vance could fire anyone on his team. Not with what Gibbs had on him.

The door to the interrogation room opened, and Tony hobbled in on his crutches. He winced as he accidentally hit his bad leg against the table. Taking one look at the man sitting across from him, his blood boiled.

"You're the guy who was at the Doc's office," Deux Grenouille stated, still smirking while pointing to Tony. Tony just glared at him. He remembered back to when he got Jenny's prescription- Deux Grenouille was the man the Matrix-looking guy was talking to. The same Matrix-looking guy who was now down in Ducky's morgue, burnt to a crisp, like Ted, Kort, Caplin... Jenny. Tony blinked, then stared at the man. "You gonna say something, prick?" Deux Grenouille asked disrespectfully, crossing his arms on his chest. Tony opened the file he held and looked through the photos, not letting the younger man see them. "Hey, bastard, say something! I've got a three o'clock business meeting with some business associates, and they'll be really pissed off if I'm late." He crossed his arms over his chest, rolling his eyes when Tony didn't say anything. "Yaknow, you have no reason to keep me here."

"You're an arms' dealer. You replaced your uncle, Rene Benoit- AKA La Grenouille- AKA The Frog- After he was killed." Tony said, trying hard to keep his voice even as he pretended to shuffle through the papers without directly looking at Deux Grenouille. The criminal smirked.

"Ay, so you heard a' me! Good! Then you know Kort, the slimy bastard, he'll have me out of here twenty minutes after you charge me with something!" Deux Grenouille leaned back in his chair, smirking arrogantly.

"Nope, I'm afraid Kort won't be able to save your sorry ass this time," Tony said blankly, holding one large picture in his hand, the back of it to the other man.

"Well why the fuck not?" Deux Grenouille asked, sitting up in his seat. Tony laid down the single picture on the table. It was a body- or what was left of one. It had little to no skin left from the fire, and the remaining bones were charred to a crisp. Deux Grenouille looked down at the picture in horror. "Holy shit, is that Kort?"

"Yeah, he's not feeling too well at the moment," Tony snarled sarcastically, before laying down another picture or a charred body. "You're friend Ted can't do anything, either!" He slapped down a photo of each goon Deux Grenouille sent after Jenny, each corpse blackened and burned. "None of your friends can do anything for you anymore!" Tony yelled, slamming his fist onto the table. Deux Grenouille stared at the pictures, wide-eyed and trembling.

"The little degenerate is scared," Vance commented to Gibbs, both still watching from the observation room.

"He was a low-level gunman in an international cartel before he got bumped up to be Big Cheese. He never even considered the consequences for his violence." Gibbs said quietly.

"Just a stupid kid who was handed a gun and told to not miss. Probably the story of his life," Vance grinded the toothpick between his teeth, looking at the frail young man sitting in front of DiNozzo. "His cancer probably didn't do much for his future-planning. Who thinks six months ahead when they only have five left?"

"I-They... They're dead..." Deux Grenouille said, staring at the pictures.

"Really?" Tony seethed, starting to lose his cool. "I thought they were just sleeping! Oh, wait- When you get shot in vital organs and set on fire, you don't really get better, do you?" Tony laughed bitterly, before slamming two more pictures down on the table. These two were different. One was of his late blond neighbor, laughing and flashing the peace sign at the camera. McGee got it off her Facebook. The other was Jenny, sitting at the director's desk- Her desk- trying to hide her laughter by covering her mouth. It didn't work, however, because her eyes were bright and happy. Abby took that picture years ago, long before she even considered she was sick. Deux Grenouille looked at the two dead women.

"Who're they?" He asked, looking up at Tony. Tony scowled.

"You don't know Jenny?" He asked, pointing his finger at the picture of Jenny. "You should, seeing that you sent all your friends to go kill her!" He stacked each picture of the burned men and held them, each hand clutching a different corner. "You sent hit men after her a few days ago to kill her and score you some meds. They didn't do so well, so you sent your other friends after her. But, you see, she had friends, too." He forced a laugh, tearing the stack of photos right down the middle then throwing the remains behind him. "So, your friends against her friends- My friends, really- Your guys didn't stand a chance. But Kort did get the chance to put a few in her before he went down." Tony picked up Jenny's picture and tore it down the middle, too. "That leaves the last of your victims. A civilian in the wrong place at the wrong time caught in the crossfire." Tony picked up the final photo, Caplin's picture. "She took a few to the gut, and bled out slowly. Our M.E. said the fire is what really got her." Tony ripped Caplin's picture in half, and tossed it behind her like the rest, then leaned forward towards Deux Grenouille. "All these lives lost, just to kill a woman who had half a year left," He said flatly. "Why?!" He demanded. Deux Grenouille glared at Tony, trying to regain his cocky attitude. Tony saw right through the younger man's act- Tony himself was a master at faking arrogance.

"She killed Uncle Renny. When you mess with the family, the family messes with you," Deux Grenouille said lowly, his voice trembling slightly and giving away his fear.

"Funny. You sound like an Italian Mob Boss, not a French Arm's Dealer," Tony commented, leaning back in his chair, then forced more laughter. "You really shouldn't tell an Italian about messing with family, Frog Two-point-O, you just shouldn't." He leaned forward, sending daggers at Deux Grenouille. "And you sure as hell shouldn't mess with a Federal Agent's family. Jenny was family- To everyone here at NCIS- And we don't take kindly to little C.I.A. lapdog punks who kill our family." Tony stood up, grasping his clutches, moving to leave. "You're going away to a federal prison for the rest of your life." He said coldly, hobbling over to the door.

"Wait- You can't prove a thing!" Deux Grenouille cried. Tony turned to face him. "Anyone involved in this so-called hit is dead and can't testify, I ain't admitting to nothing, and you don't got no physical evidence or testifiers for the Arm's Dealing!" He grinned, letting out a sigh of relief.

"We don't have anything on you for killing Jenny and trying to kill me or the Arms' Dealing, but you, my friend, have evaded taxes. And we found some unregistered weapons. Don't forget the drugs now!" Tony spat. "Your sentence is eight years all together." Deux Grenouille was horrified.

"But you said the rest of-"

"You have five months to live. Six at best." Tony said coldly, without an ounce of sympathy for the young man. "Your cancer isn't responding to the medication you're on- I guess your handler forgot to tell you that it was fake. The clinical trial you were on had 50% of the patients on the meds, the other 50% on placebos. You were on the placebos. Jenny wasn't. That's why Kort wanted your goons to grab her pills." Tony turned to the door, leaving the stunned dying man in silence. From behind the two-way mirror, Gibbs saw Deux Grenouille run his hands over his face, looking utterly defeated. Without a word, Gibbs left the observation room and met up with Tony in the hall.

"You ready, DiNozzo?" He asked, eyeing over his subordinate's black suit as they walked to the elevator.

"Ready as I'll ever be for this, Boss," Tony said, sighing. "This'll be worse than the first one, won't it?" He asked, looking to Gibbs for an answer. Gibbs just looked ahead of them at the closed elevator door, noticing a small dent in it. "Thought so," Tony said in response to Gibbs' silence.


The team- That is, Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Ziva, Abby, Ducky and Palmer- stood silently on the green cemetery lawn, listening as the preacher gave a speech about life and death over the casket. Joining them for Jenny's funeral was only the doctor. Each of them placed a flower on her casket, the doctor going first and Gibbs going last. He let his hand linger on the wood, glad he couldn't see what she looked like. She had to have been burned. Burned bad. He inhaled sharply, refusing to let his tears out. He walked over to the rest of the mourners.

"She was a good woman," The doctor told Tony, trying to strike up a conversation. He didn't look at her. He couldn't take his eyes off the coffin.

"Yeah, she was."

"She didn't deserve it."

"I know," Tony bit down on his lip.

"What happened, anyway? Her disease couldn't have progressed far enough to kill her this soon," The doctor asked. Briefly, Tony considered telling the truth. The whole truth. However, he had to go with the cover-up. He had to be Tony DiNardo one last time.

"There was a mob hit out on me. I must have really pissed off one of my students or something. Anyway, a bunch of mobsters went to my apartment and shot the whole place up while I was out. Aunt Jenny was there..." His voice trailed off as a lump grew in his throat. Abby, who stood next to him, pulled Tony into a hug, her tears falling freely. When they parted, Abby looked down into the small tape recorder she held and turned it on. Jazz music played, and they started to leave. Gibbs stopped at the edge of the cemetery and looked back at the coffin next to the open grave.

Suddenly, a wave of memories came back to him. For a minute, he relived when Shannon and Kelly died, all the pain he was in after them, and how it subsided a bit when he met Jennifer Sheppard. Paris flittered through his head briefly, before he saw her leave him because he 'didn't fit into her plan.' Next was when he first found out she was the new director, and when they went after Ari. Every argument, every conversation, every moment with her replayed in his head. Then Ducky telling him she was sick... Finding out she killed La Grenouille and almost let Tony take the blame... Her first funeral... Abby telling him Tony saw her... Tony telling him she really was alive... Then finally, her cold, blank eyes as they said goodbye one last time. It took Gibbs all he had to not break down crying where he stood. He looked back to the living, and saw them all standing silently, minus the Jazz music, waiting for him.

"Goodbye, Jen," Gibbs whispered towards the grave, and then walked away with the rest of his family.


Author's Note: Not completely happy with this last chapter. Again, I'm sorry this took so long, and I'm sorry that I killed Jenny. Also, I imagine Deux Grenouille with a Brooklyn accent. Just because. Please, like or dislike, review and tell me what you thought of my first finished multi-chapter story.