Title: Filial
Word Count:
Summary: Originally a kink meme fill – China agonizes over taking his adopted son as a lover.

He didn't know when Yun-soo suddenly grew up (how long ago was it that he was forever fishing the boy out of the goldfish ponds?) but the thought did not cheer him like it should have. No parent liked to think of their child as an adult, he told himself. But this was not a matter of protectiveness.

He considered the sleeping face of his younger brother, lax and softened, his lips parted slightly. This was at odds with the sprawled position he had taken, over most of the bed. But it did not matter; Yao did not want to sleep.

He pulled on a robe and got to his feet to slowly pace. His steps remained soft, silken, gliding and he gathered the folds of the robe to his body. While he had the body of a young man, he felt the pains of an elder one, with joints throbbing and inexplicable aches along his back and shoulders. Yun-soo would know how to get those out- came the soft, slyly treacherous whisper. And he shook his head, rapidly.

No, he told himself. No.

It took precisely sixteen paces to go from wall to wall.

Why had he taken the boy into his bed? While Yun-soo was never shy about his feelings, the fault still rested in Yao, who had extended the invitation. He swallowed, hard, as he bundled up his long, long hair in his hands and pulled it over his shoulder. It was not unpleasant, being with the boy (which was understating the truth). For what he lacked in experience, he made up in exuberance, stamina, and quick-thinking.

Was that what brought him back again and again?

Yao combed his hair with his fingers, on his fourth trip from one wall to the other.

He disapproved of Kiku's favorite philosophy, that a man may raise a girl, lovingly, carefully, thoroughly, with the full intention of making her his ideal wife. It disrupted the structure of a family- it violated the careful hierarchy.

But was he not doing that anyways?

No. He shook his head violently again, braiding his hair again and again.

Yun-soo was his brother and he had raised him proper, to be loyal, to be intelligent, to be… obedient. He stopped in mid-step, staring ahead of him in a blank, bleak horror.

"Hyung-nim?" murmured a sleep roughened voice. He turned around to see that Yun-soo was awake, propping himself up against one of the pillows and blinking heavy-lidded eyes.

"Go back to sleep," Yao said softly.

"I can't. Not without you." The invitation was clear even in the soft, innocent tones.

He swallowed, but his treacherous, treasonous feet took him lightly, eagerly back to the bed. Warm, powerful arms rose up to embrace him and a generous, ever-smiling mouth came to kiss him. Calloused hands touched at his face and slid the silk from his shoulders. And Yao loved it best when a hoarse, young voice murmured, lovingly, "Brother…"

Author's Notes:

-I'm rather rusty on my Confucianism (not to mention I'm not terribly fond of it) but homosexuality is definitely a no-no. Incest is probably also less than accepted.

-To anyone who hasn't read any of my Korea fics: Hyung-nim is a very formal way for males to address older brothers (equivalent to Onii-sama).

-While it isn't necessarily a philosophy, in "The Tale of Genji," the titular prince kidnaps a ten-year-old to raise as his ideal wife (on top of his other sexual exploits). Just a little creepy if you think about it…