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Harry knew many things about the way the world worked by age four. He knew that he was not loved like the other children he saw play outside with smiles on their faces. He knew that he was considered to be a burden despite the fact that he already took care of most of the chores on the inside of the house and quite a few on the outside that he was big enough for. He knew that the way that he was treated; the yelling, the punches, the lack of food and the small cupboard that he slept in were not right. He also knew that no one cared about the scrawny whelp that lived in number 4 Privet Drive, he was invisible to everyone and he liked it better that way.


"Boy! Get your lazy arse out of bed and fix breakfast up before my Diddiums starves to death!" Aunt Petunia's shrill voice woke him up as it did almost every morning. He sighed as he rolled on his side and put his new glasses on. The Dursleys had not been happy that they had had to spend money on him when the lady at the daycare they had left him in when they visited Aunt Marge took him to an eye doctor when she noticed that he squinted all the time. They couldn't get out of buying him glasses without looking bad, and they would not stand for that, needless to say he would probably never get left at a daycare again; he would either get taken along or left behind in the house.

He made breakfast almost mechanically, he had been doing it for almost six months and they always had the same breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, and flapjacks with gobs of syrup. After he was done he was given his breakfast, a slice of bread, a halfway rotten apple and a glass of water. He waited to the side so that he could refill their glasses before they got empty. It took almost an hour for them all to finish, Petunia didn't eat much but she drank a lot of coffee in the morning. He cleaned the table off and hurriedly did the dishes while his relatives got ready for the day, they were going to go to the mall today and probably spend a lot of money on things that Dudley would break within a week.

Before they headed out of the door he was given a list of chores that had to be done by the time that they go home and a solid smack to the back of his head that almost sent his glasses to the floor. He regained his senses from the smack after they left and quickly set to work, the list was long and he had no idea how long it would take for them to buy enough to keep Dudley happy for a couple days. He mopped, dusted, organized and polished the entire house, he was exhausted but everything was done.


Dudley watched his parents cater to his every demand with calculating eyes, he may not be very book smart but he knew enough to know that his parents were not good people. The way Harry was treated was very wrong. He really liked Harry, he was smart but he didn't make Dudley feel stupid, but he knew that if his parents saw Harry helping him with anything without ordering him to do it first they would punish him for trying to corrupt him. Maybe he could use their desire to make him happy to get them to be nicer to Harry, even if they didn't mean it. He could always make it look like he needed Harry's help on a new game and gradually warm them up to the idea of Harry being his playmate instead of just a burden they didn't want.

He kept his eyes open in the computer game store because he knew that a lot of them were filled with things that you had to read to go farther in the game and he would need help, help that neither of his parents would have the desire to give, they hated his computer games. He found what he was looking for in a display near the counter, World of Warcraft, they had all the expansion packs laid out together, it was perfect. He knew enough to know that he would need Harry's help almost constantly, it would ensure that Harry would be able to stay out of the cupboard for most of the day, and he might even be able to get him fed more often, after all he would need his playing partner.

As soon as he told his parents what he wanted they tried to tell him that he wouldn't like it because he would have to do a lot of reading, which is what he wanted. He slowly worked them around to the fact that Harry was more then able to read and would be perfect for playing the game, he made it seem like it was all their idea and he was just agreeing with them. He left the store with all of the game clutched to his chest with a strong sense of pride in his chest, he may not be a genius, but he knew how to get what he wanted from his parents.


Harry was surprised when his uncle immediately grabbed him when they got home and led him up the stairs with Dudley following only to drag him into Dudley's room and almost throw him onto the floor. "Listen here boy! Dudley has a new game that you are going to help him with whenever he wants you to. Helping him is your new main chore, you will still do the cleaning but not the other things until Dudley doesn't need your help anymore, do you understand?"

Harry nodded quickly, he knew better then to question his uncle, nothing good ever came of that. "Yes sir." Vernon nodded, satisfied. He stalked out of the room and both boys could hear him thunder down the stairs.

Dudley looked at his cousin just sitting on the floor of his room, he hoped that his plan worked, Harry was so very small and delicate, there was no way he would be able to survive in this house very much longer. "I need you to help me put this game on my computer and help me play it." He tried to make it sound like he didn't care if Harry wanted to or not, otherwise he knew that Harry would get suspicious.

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