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Harry glanced around the Great Hall with very little interest, it didn't really stack up to some of the places in World of Warcraft and it actually seemed a bit like they were trying too hard, though the ceiling was a nice touch. The other first years seemed sufficiently impressed other than the ones that he had ridden the boat with and a couple others that were probably pureblooded too.

Harry almost lost it when the woman who had given the welcome speech, Ms. McGonagall, if he remembered right, pulled out a patched up looking hat and told them that they would be put into a House by it. Of course he was a bit shocked when it decided to open up a good impression of a mouth and started talking. His shock managed to make him miss the first part of the sorting until he heard the name of someone that he recognized.

"Daphne Greengrass." The blonde girl from the boat walked to the hat with all the grace of a lady and perched just on the edge of the stool. The hat sat quietly for barely a moment or two before the brim opened again and it gave a shout to the hall. "Slytherin." She slid off of the stool and glided to where the Slytherin table was politely clapping.

A rather forgetful and clumsy looking boy named Neville Longbottom ended up in Gryffindor and almost took the hat with him. Theodore went next and ended up in Slytherin as well. Harry had to pinch himself several times to keep himself from fidgeting as the names just kept getting closer to his own. He was so concentrated on it that he almost missed it when it was called. "Harry Potter."

Harry took a deep breath and walked up to the stool as calmly as possible as the entire hall erupted into furious whispers behind him. He managed to keep his eyes on the hat and slid onto the stool without looking at the students that were practically leaning over each other to get a look at him. The hat was large enough that it slid over his eyes and down to stop at his nose. He was about to push it back up when the most curious thing happened, it started talking to him inside of his head. Talking out loud is one thing, talking inside his head however, was something completely out of his comfort zone, it was a bit too close to the Lich King for him.

'What do we have here? There's plenty of talent, oh yes, there's no doubt about that. But where should I put you? You're loyal and hardworking, but much too powerful to blend in with their House. You can be brave, but you are never reckless. You desire to learn everything, but you plan to use that knowledge, not let it rest and collect dust. There is much ambition in you, but you tend to put the safety of those you care about above your own far more that a Slytherin should.'

'I am here to learn about who I can really be.'

'Yes, you are a rather unique child; the things that you know already will set you apart more than anything that happened to you when you were a baby.'



Harry made his way to the table of blue and bronze as two redheads that looked suspiciously like the annoying redhead from the train stood and clutched each other while crying that they didn't 'get' Potter. It was amusing if a little bit over the top. Every other table was politely clapping while most of the students at his new House table were gazing at him curiously as he sat with the other new first years and waited for the other students to get sorted.

The annoying redhead, Ronald, sat on the chair with the hat on his head for a full minute before the hat yelled out Gryffindor and almost leapt off of his head with an annoyed huff that had several of the older years chuckling. Harry turned to one of them. "Why did the hat do that?"

The older year looked at the hat for a minute before refocusing on Harry. "The hat doesn't like to be argued with. He probably tried to get the hat to put him somewhere that he wouldn't fit in at all."

Harry noticed a rather pretty girl with light brown skin looking his way curiously. She wasted no time when she noticed that she had his attention. "Hello, my name is Padma Patil, the oldest female child of the Patil family, though I am only three seconds older than my twin sister Pavarti."

Harry ignored the other children that were staring holes into the side of his head and managed a makeshift bow without getting up. "It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Patil. I am Hadrian James Potter, only heir to the Potter family and heir apparent of the Black family."

"Wasn't Black the one that betrayed your parents to You-Know-Who and killed those muggles?" A rather thin faced boy spoke up. "I read about it in 'The Rise and Fall of the Dark Lord' over the summer."

Harry could feel his eyebrow twitch. "He was never given a trial and when I went into Gringotts this summer to access my vault the will of my parents was released with proof that he did not betray my parents, whether he killed the muggles or not is for the courts to find out now that he has to be given a trial." The boy seemed to lean forward like being closed would help him learn more. Harry sighed and figured that it would be easier to just let it go, but it wasn't in his nature. "I would suggest not relying on a book written by someone that wasn't actually present for anything that they are writing about."


Blue and bronze were a better combination than Harry thought that they would be. He barely listened to the older students who emphasized the need to keep their grades up, study often, obey the rules and never be late to a class. There were going to be tours given by the seventh years the next day, Saturday, and they were expected to attend. By the time that he reached the dorms with the other first year Ravenclaw boys he was about ready to drop. Who knew that that entering a completely different society would be so draining?

"My name is Terry Boot." The boy who spoke had longish brown hair and blue eyes, he looked around expectantly.

"Michael Corner." Brown hair, brown eyes and a somewhat distant expression on his face rounded out the slightly tall boy.

"Anthony Goldstein." The only blond haired boy in the room had eyes dark enough that they almost looked black. He had the bed closest to Harry and he absently noticed that Anthony was also the tallest and broadest boy in the room not that that was saying much with a room full of eleven year olds.

Harry didn't introduce himself again; they had heard him at dinner after all. Instead he changed into his pajamas quickly and crawled into the bed. He barely managed to meditate for ten minutes before he slipped into dream land.


The weekend passed swiftly and Harry found something else that set him apart from the other boys in his dorm, other than the whole Boy-Who-Lived nonsense anyway. He had absolutely nothing in common with them and didn't really know how to talk to them. The only other child that he really talked to was Dudley and they spent most of their time playing World of Warcraft. He did however find talking to Padma easy.

"I wonder if our classes will be challenging." Padma had latched on to him the moment that he had come down for breakfast on Monday and he saw no reason to change it as they walked to their first class, which was Potions with Hufflepuff.

"Well, Potions deal with ingredients that could explode or become poisonous if mixed incorrectly, so it should be a very challenging class. I'm looking forward to it." Harry was hoping that Potions would be more useful in Hogwarts than it was in WoW.

The walk to Potions from the Great Hall was a long one that made Harry thankful that he was in good shape and that Padma was as well. Many of the portraits lining the hallways called out greetings as they passed, some with amused looks on their faces.


The Potions room was practically empty when they entered and they managed to claim a desk in the front row. The rest of the room filled quickly with the last few Hufflepuffs barely managing to slide into their chairs as the set of doors on the opposite side of the room burst open and a man who simply had to be the Potions Professor almost stalked out into the room.

"There will be no foolish wand waving in this classroom. As such, I don't expect many of you to truly appreciate the delicate fumes of a successfully brewed potion. I can teach you to brew glory, bottle fame and even put a stopper in death." The man's eyes traveled over every student, stopping only briefly at Harry before moving on. "That is, those of you who are not the dunderheads that I usually teach."

"My name is Professor Snape and that is the only way that you are to address me. The potion that you will be starting the year off with is on chapter one of the book that you should have brought to class." His onyx eyes narrowed slightly as only a handful of students reached for their bags, Harry and Padma included. "Well, wait are the bunch of you waiting for, get out your books and begin reading! We will brew this potion next class and I will not put it off just because some of you are incapable of doing the reading."


"He's an awfully grumpy person." Padma looked more than a little indignant about Professor Snape's attitude, even though he had left them alone. "He made that one Hufflepuff cry."

"Well, in his defense, that Hufflepuff was reading the entirely wrong chapter and was trying to tell his desk partner that he already knew everything about Potions and didn't even need the class. Professor Snape was just nipping that kind of behavior in the behind." Harry thought that the man probably wasn't the best teacher but the man knew the subject. The way that he threw out questions and answers at that Hufflepuff was impressive to say the least.

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