Summary: Hermione is the only daughter of Sirius Black and Danielle Lupin. Instead of going to Hogwarts like her brothers (older and younger), Hermione heads off to Salem Academy of Magic. How will her daddy and uncles feel when she comes to Hogwarts, no longer the little girl she was when she left? No Voldie. AU. Severus- a Marauder. James has a sister (married to Severus), Marauders friends with Lucius, Narcissa and Regulus but not other Slytherins.

Chapter 1

"Hermione, wake up." Kadi Westbury said as she shook her best friend awake.

16 year old Hermione Jean Black rolled onto her back and smiled up at her blonde friend. "Why do I have to get up?" Hermione asked as she sat up in her bed. Kadi sat beside her friend and replied "We have to pack our things."

Hermione frowned. Seeing the look of confusion on her friends face, Kadi explained "Today we are going to Hogwarts. Remember?"

Realisation dawned on Hermione's face and she slumped back on the pillows, covering her face with her hands.

"Why is it today" She asked rhetorically. Kadi shook her head and grabbed her friend's arms. She lifted Hermione out of the bed and pushed her towards the showers.

Hermione turned the shower knobs until it hit the right temperature. She got into her shower and washed her hair and body. After she was done, she got out and got dressed. She put on a black crocheted halter top, a pair of red skinny jeans and a pair of black thongs before putting on some smoky eye shadow, clear lip gloss, foundation and some slight blush. She then walked out of the bathroom brushing her hair. Kadi had put Hermione's suitcase on her bed and was beginning to pack her things.

"Would you like me to braid your hair Mya?" Kadi asked as her friend sat down.

"Yes please." Mya said. Sure Hermione could braid her hair with magic but she liked the feel of Kadi's hands in her hair. Kadi stood behind Hermione and started to braid. When she was done, Hermione's hair was in to long braids. Due to the fact her hair was so long, her braids ended at her waist.

Hermione looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was a very beautiful girl. She stood at around 5'9. Her hair was a mix of both her mothers sandy brown hair and her father's black locks making it a rich brown. Her hair had changed over the years from being wild and bushy to falling in sleek waves that fell down her back. She had her mother's chocolate brown eyes and her mother's little ski jump nose but she had her father's cheek bones, jaw line, tanned skin tone, eye shape and general build. She was as beautiful and smart as her mother and as stubborn as her father. She also had inherited her father's pranking ability but her mother's love of rules. Hermione played Quidditch having gotten over her immense fear of heights. This gave her a body that many girls would kill for.

Kadi was the same height as Hermione with long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She had fair skin with freckles. Like Mya she played Quidditch. Both girls were considered the most beautiful girls in the school.

"Do you want to take your black and red dress Mya?" Kadi asked holding up a thigh black dress with a red tartan print around the bust. Hermione nodded and Kadi threw it in.

2 hours later, both girls were packed and they headed down to the entrance hall of Salem. All the 6th years were standing in the entrance hall waiting for the teachers to arrive. The girls waved to people they were friends with and Hermione smiled when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist.

"Hey baby." Hermione's boyfriend of a year Andre Smith said as he kissed her neck.

Hermione and Andre had been going out since the beginning of fifth year and they were still going strong. Andre was in the same year as Hermione and was a few months older than her. Andre was around 6 foot even with short, blonde curly hair and sea blue eyes.

"Hey." Hermione said as she spun around and kissed him on the lips. He smiled and tried to deepen the kiss before she pulled back and giggled.

"You excited about going to Hogwarts?" He asked both Hermione and Kadi who had joined the conversation.

Kadi nodded but Hermione said "Yes and no."

"Why's that baby?" Andre asked.

"Yes because my family will all be there and no because my family will all be there." Hermione explained.

At Andre's confused expression she continued "I haven't seen my family in five years. Sure I write to them but I haven't seen them in years and they haven't seen a picture of me in four years. I have changed since then. I was a gawky 11-year-old who was into pink and was totally unpopular. Now, I am 16, I am no longer a gawky kid and I am popular. I am pretty sure that my family won't like the changes very much."

"Well babe, they are just gunna have to accept it because this is the new you." Kadi said.

Hermione smiled at her friend and boyfriend before their Headmaster, Mr. Layfield walked in front if the group of students and said "Alright everyone. I need you to separate into your houses so we can mark roles before heading off to Hogwarts."

Like Hogwarts, Salem was split into four houses. The houses were:





Hermione, Kadi and Andre all moved towards the group of six years that were in Currey. Their Head of House- Michelle Stewart (Known as Shell to her students. The students were permitted to call the teachers by their first names). The role was called and when it was determined that everyone was there, the students got ready to board the plane that would travel from America to England. The whole journey would take about 3 hours instead of the original ?( Find how long the trip takes) (it's magic darling). The plane looked like a normal plane from the outside but inside the plane was beautiful. It was separated into different compartments (like the Hogwarts Express). Hermione, Andre, Kadi and Kadi's boyfriend Damien all boarded first and found a compartment near the back.

--- Hogwarts ---

Sirius Black was sitting in his quarters clutching a photo in his hands. The photo was of him and his beautiful daughter Hermione. This was the last photo he had had with his daughter shortly before she left for Salem. Hermione was hugging him from behind and they were both laughing. Sirius and Hermione would pose before Sirius started to tickle Hermione causing her to laugh and fall over. Sirius would check on her to see if she was hurt before she would tackle him and hug him. The photo would then begin again.

Sirius felt arms wrap around his waist and someone kiss his temple. He turned his head and saw his beautiful wife Danielle standing behind him. He pulled her around to sit on his lap.

Sirius and Danielle had been friends for 6 years before they began dating. She was Remus Lupin's twin sister. Remus, Sirius and their other friends James Potter and Severus Snape were a group known as the Marauders during their years at Hogwarts. Their female counterparts included: Lily Evans, Danielle Lupin, Leslie Potter and Amanda Jones. Narcissa Black (Sirius' cousin), Lucius Malfoy and Regulus Black were the friends of the girls. Narcissa and the girls would swap beauty secrets whilst Regulus and Lucius would help the Marauders with pranks at times. During their final year at Hogwarts, Remus and Amanda got together, Severus and Leslie, Lily and James and Sirius and Danielle also got together.

A couple of months later, Sirius and Danielle were married. A few months after that and they welcomed their first child Tyler Sirius Black. He was the spitting image of his father. When Ty was 2, Sirius and Danni welcomed their next two sons- Jacob Severus Black and Elijah Lucius Black. Then Hermione came one year later. Hermione's younger brother Noah Phoenix Black was born when Hermione was two years old. The final Black child to be born was Emmett James Black.

Like Sirius and Danni, Lily and James were quickly married and soon began having children. The first to be born was Hannah Lily Potter. She had beautiful auburn hair like her mother and sparkling hazel eyes like her father. Next, 3 years later was Harry James Potter. He was exactly like his father in all aspects. His eyes however were a sparkling green like his mother's. Next after Harry was Tobias Jesse Potter. After Tobias was Lily and James' final child Michelle Alice Potter. All of the Potter children were Quidditch fanatics like their father but they were all smart like their mother.

Remus and Amanda waited 2 years until they were married and another year before they gave birth to their first child Xander Evan Lupin. Xander had inherited his father's amber eyes and sandy hair but unfortunately his lycanthropy. Remus felt terrible but Xander didn't blame him neither did Amanda. The Lupin's only had two children, the second being Jordan Remus Lupin. He did not receive lycanthropy.

Severus and Leslie were married one year after school ended. They welcomed their first born child another year later- Axel Malcolm Snape. Leslie was proud to make her brother an uncle for a second and third time when she gave birth to Elizabeth McKenna and Melanie Tessa Snape.

Lucius and Narcissa only had one child- Draco Lucius Malfoy. Regulus married a beautiful Ravenclaw named Stacey and they had only just decided to have a child. Edward Regulus Black was born and now he is a rambunctious 8 year old who can't wait to go to Hogwarts like his cousins and friends.

The Weasley's were close friends of the Potter's, Lupin's, Black's and Snape's. Molly and Arthur had 7 children- all redheaded with tempers to match. First came Bill, then Charlie. After Charlie came Percy and then the twins Fred and George. Following the twins was Ron and then finally, the only female Weasley- Ginny.

Now, Ty, Percy, Bill, Charlie and Hannah had finished school, Eli, Jake, Fred, George and Axel were 7th years, Hermione, Draco, Harry, Xander and Ron were 6th years, Toby was a fifth year Noah, Ginny and Jordan were 4th years, Elizabeth and Melanie were second years and Emmett, Michelle and Edward were all eight years old.

"Hey babe." Sirius said to his wife.

"Hey." Danni replied. She smiled when she noticed the picture he was looking at. She missed her daughter immensely but she knew she was fine. Hermione was living with Danni and Remus' cousin in America. Josie (their cousin) sent them updates on Hermione all the time. Danni wished she could see her daughter more but in the 5 years Hermione had been gone, they had seen her once. That was when she had finished her first year. She returned home saying that Salem was the best place ever. Danni and Sirius were reluctant to let her return because it was hard to commute to Salem and back. Josie came to the rescue saying that she didn't mind if Hermione stayed with her and it was arranged. They had waved goodbye to their daughter knowing they would visit her. However because both Sirius and Danni's schedules clashed with Hermione's school schedule they were unable to visit. They did exchange letters but that wasn't the same as being able to hug their daughter and see her every day.

"I miss her." Sirius said after a pause.

"We do to dad." Ty said. It was then Sirius noticed that all his kids were in his quarters as well.

"Hey boys." Sirius said as he hugged his sons.

"Uncle Al sent us to get you. That school that is visiting has arrived and he would like everyone to assemble in the Great Hall to meet them." Ty said.

The Black family walked out of Sirius' teacher's quarters and down to the Great Hall. Sirius, Danni and Ty split from the rest of the family and headed up to the Head Table. Sirius went to his seat as DADA professor. Danni went and sat with Amanda, Lucius and Narcissa who weren't professors. James taught flying after Madam Hooch retired, Lily taught Charms after Flitwick retired, Remus taught DADA with Sirius, Leslie taught Arithmancy and Severus taught potions. As all teachers and students took their seats, Dumbledore stood and said "Good evening. I know we have all been excited about the impending arrival of our foreign students. I can tell you now that they are here and that the school that is here is Salem Academy of Magic. Please welcome their Headmaster- Professor Marcus Layfield."

The Great Hall doors opened and a man of about 40 walked in. Danni, Sirius and the boys all started to get excited.

"Hey Eli (pronounced E- Lie), isn't that the school Mya went to?" Xander asked.

Eli nodded and turned to the door to look for his little sister.

A group of students walked in but none remotely resembled Hermione. Then a blonde and a brunette walked in. The brunette was wrapped in the arms of a blonde guy and the blonde girl was holding hands with a brown haired guy. The blonde and the brunette were both listening to iPods and the boys were talking about Quidditch. The four walked up to the front of the hall and sat down near their teacher. He smiled down at them before turning back to his conversation with Professor Dumbledore.

Every head turned to the door when a The Great Hall doors flung open with a *BANG* and a fuming redhead walked in screaming "BLACK!"

Everyone looked around shocked, especially the Black boys. They had no idea who this chick was and why she was screaming at them. They looked even more shocked when the blonde elbowed the brunette who smiled and stood up. The redhead pulled out her wand and without missing a beat, started throwing spells and hexes at the brunette. The brunette ducked, weaved and dodged under the spells until she pulled her own wand out and fired off one quick Expelliarmus that knocked the girl out. The brunette sat back down and closed her eyes.

"Hermione." Professor Layfield said looking down at the brunette.

The Potter's, Black's, Lupin's, Malfoy's, Weasley's and Snape's looked on in shock as the brunette girl opened one eye, smiled, stood up and walked over to Professor Jones. They then noticed the resemblance between Hermione and her parents when they were that age.

"Yes Mark." Hermione said.

"What did you do?" Mark asked, trying to hide the grin that was forming on his face.

"I did nothing. I swear. She hates me and thinks that me breathing the same air as her is a crime punishable by death." Hermione said with a Sirius-worthy smirk.

Mark shook his head and said "Go and sit down."

Hermione smiled sweetly before looking past him. She noticed the look her dad was giving her so she walked past Mark and over to him. She leant over the table and kissed her dad on the cheek. "Hi daddy" she said before walking back to her friends.

Sirius looked shocked. His little girl was not the same. She was dressed in a top that showed way too much skin (in his mind), her jeans didn't cover her stomach, she was wearing make up and, after a quick inspection of the boys of Hogwarts, was making the boys drool. He looked over at Danni who had tears in her eyes. He then looked to Ty who was looking at his sister with a look of protection and a look that was directed at every guy. A look that said "Back away from my little sister or I'll beat you up."

He watched as Hermione sat back down on the lap of the blonde boy. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her shoulder quickly before turning back to his conversation with the other boy. Sirius growled under his breath and noticed that Severus, James, Remus, Lucius and Ty were doing the same. Hermione looked up at them and smirked at their expressions. She shook her head and continued her conversation with the blonde.

"Mark." The redhead whined as she held her head. She walked up to Professor Layfield and stopped just in front of him.

"Yes Miss. Dare?" Mark said as he looked up at his student. She looked down at him before casting a look at Hermione and turning back to Mark.

"Is Hermione going to receive detention for what she did to me?" Miss. Dare pouted.

"What did I do to you Pamela?" Hermione asked.

Pamela glared at her and said "That's Miss. Dare to you and you know what you did."

"Well, Miss. Dare I have no idea what I did and until you tell me I refuse to serve a detention." Hermione said. Everyone muffled grins and laughs as Hermione looked at Pamela. It was the same way that Danni would look at Sirius when he had said something stupid and she was challenging him to continue.

"Humph. Fine. You played that stupid prank on me. The one on the train that whenever I was eating something it would move away from me and then squish itself all over my face and clothes." Pamela said.

Hermione grinned and said "Whilst that is quite ingenious, why would I do a prank that has already been done? That prank was done in the 70's by the Marauders here at Hogwarts. You should know I only go for originality."

"How do you know about the Marauders?" Pamela asked.

"Well, let's see. I am the daughter of Sirius Black and Danni Lupin, niece of Remus Lupin and Amanda Jones, the God-daughter of James Potter and Lily Evans and the 'niece' of Severus Snape and Leslie Potter. Got it?" Hermione said. Pamela looked shocked before looking up at the Head's Table were the aforementioned people were sitting. She noticed the similarities between Remus, Danni, Sirius and Hermione before turning back to Hermione, sneering and saying "If it wasn't you then who was it?"

Hermione shrugged and turned back to her conversation. Pamela pulled out her wand, and in plain view of the teachers, started to say a spell. Hermione had disarmed the girl before she could finish her spell.

"Pamela, that is the second time today you have tried to hex me. You should know better than to do that." Hermione said in a menacing tone.

Pamela whimpered and ran off. Hermione walked up to Mark and handed him Pamela's wand before walking back to her friends.

"Well then, Mark, that table to your right is set up ready for your students, if you'd like to get them to take their seats." Dumbledore said pointing at the empty table.

Hermione and her friends all stood up as did the others from their school. Hermione was about to go to the table when she took a quick detour and walked over to Dumbledore. Everyone watched as Hermione hugged the old man who hugged her back.

"It's good to be back Gramps. I missed you." Hermione whispered into his ear. Dumbledore felt tears pool in his blue eyes as he hugged the girl.

"It is good to see you as well my darling. We all missed you." He replied. Hermione pulled away and kissed his cheek before walking back over to her table.

Dumbledore wiped the tears from his eyes as he watched the beautiful girl walk away. He couldn't believe that this heart-stopping, beautiful girl was the adorable little seven year old who used to beg him for access to the school library.

Dumbledore turned back to his students and said "Ok everyone, dig in."

Food appeared on the table and everyone began grabbing food. Everyone at the Head's Table kept stealing glances at Hermione as did her family sitting at the Gryffindor Table.

Hermione could feel the eyes on her so she turned, first to the Head Table and then to the Gryffindor table, smiling at both. She mouthed to her dad "I'll stay behind." Sirius nodded and smiled.

Dinner passed by quickly and soon it was finished. The Salem people were told that their four houses would be split and placed with one of the four Hogwarts Houses. Darcy was placed with Slytherin, Fletcher with Hufflepuff, Thomas with Ravenclaw and (conveniently) Currey was placed with Gryffindor.

"Come on baby." Andre said as he stood up.

"I'll meet you up there." Hermione replied, giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

She watched as her friends walked away before she stood up and turned around. As soon as she turned, she was pulled into a man's chest with his arms wrapped around her.

"Oh my baby girl." Sirius said as he hugged his daughter. Hermione's arms wrapped around Sirius' waist and she buried her face into his chest and inhaled his scent. When he let go of her, her mother wrapped her in a hug. Danni started sobbing into Hermione's hair. After her mother finally let go, the rest of the Marauders hugged the girl.

Ty watched as his sister was passed from person to person. When she was within his grasp, he pulled her out of Severus' arms and into his own. He looked her in the eyes before kissing her forehead and swinging her around. Eli and Jake took Hermione next and each kissed her forehead and hugged her tight. Even though Noah was younger than her, he still towered over her. He lifted her up and started to cry. Hermione smoothed his hair down as she felt tears of her own fall. After Noah had let her go, Hermione picked Emmett up placed him on her hip. She kissed his cheek and laughed as he tried to wipe it away.

"Oh Merlin. I've missed you all so much." Hermione said. She out Emmett down when she noticed the boys all hanging back.

"Jeez, Harry, Ron, Draco, Xander, Axe, Fed, George, Jordan, please stop growing. I already feel short enough." Hermione said before she hugged all the boys.

"You look so beautiful Hermione." Hannah said. Hermione walked into her arms and hugged her tight. Hannah was the sister Hermione had never had.

Hermione hugged Michelle, Edward, Mel, Ginny, Percy, Bill ad Charlie before pulling back to stand next to Ty.

"How have you all been?" Hermione asked.

20 minutes later they were all still sitting in the Great Hall talking when Emmett yawned loudly from Hermione's lap. He was soon followed my Michelle and Edward. Everyone smiled fondly at the young children.

"I think it's time for bed." Danni said. She moved to pick up Emmett but smiled when he clung to Hermione's neck and shook his head.

"No… wanna *yawn* stay with Mione." Emmett complained.

"Tell you what. If you promise to go straight to sleep, you can come and stay in Gryffindor Tower with me." Hermione bargained.

Emmett nodded and put his head in the crook of Hermione's neck. Hermione stood up and after hugging the adults one last time, followed her brothers and friends up to the Gryffindor tower. When they got up there, Hermione walked up the stairs to the dorms where she would be staying after kissing everyone on the cheek. She opened the door quietly and slipped into the room with Emmett now fast asleep.

She placed him gently under the covers on the bed where her trunk was and quickly changed into her pyjamas. She climbed under the covers next to Emmett and quickly fell asleep.