Chapter 2

Hermione woke up the next morning to someone jumping on her bed. She opened one eye and saw Emmett jumping up and down crying "Wake up Mione."

Hermione quickly grabbed him and pulled him. She started tickling him and his giggling woke up Kadi.

"Morning babe. I tried to wait up for you but I was too tired. Sorry." Kadi said sheepishly.

"No matter. Kadi, this is my little brother Emmett. Em, this is my best friend Kadi." Hermione said. Kadi and Hermione grinned as Emmett got up out of Hermione's grasp and walked over to Kadi. He lifted her hand, kissed it and said "Hello beautiful." This sent both girls into a fit of laughter.

Emmett pouted and said "Daddy told me that always works with the ladies." Kadi smiled and lifted him up. She kissed his check and said "It did work. Would you like to escort Hermione and myself to breakfast? You will have to wait until we get changed but we would love to have such a handsome escort."

Emmett stuck his chest out and said "Well hurry up then. Food awaits."

Kadi put Emmett down and grabbed her clothes. She followed Hermione into the bathroom and once in there, both girls fell over laughing.

"That was so adorable." Kadi said when she calmed down.

"That was just an eight year old. Wait until you meet my other brothers." Hermione said.

She pulled on a black leather mini skirt that sat on her hips. She threw on a purple tube top that showed off her stomach and belly button ring and took her hair out of the braids. She pulled the front bit back and clipped it at the black with a black butterfly, leaving the rest of her hair out. She also slipped on a pair of black heels and put some light makeup on. She grabbed her black leather jacket before slipping a pair of black hoop earrings into her ears and put her nose piercing back in. She had taken it out that night before so as not to giver her family to many shocks in one night. She had also taken out her lip piercing but now she decided it was time to show them. She put her lip piercing back in and turned to look at her friend.

Kadi and Hermione looked like total opposites today. Kadi was wearing a knee length red dress with red heels. Her blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail with a red head band holding it back. She had very light makeup on and some red hoop earrings in. Kadi looked like the little innocent girl who would never get a detention or do wrong where as Hermione looked like the typical bad girl who would get 5 detentions a day and would be the girl caught smoking in the bathroom. Despite their differences, the two girls were the best of friends and nothing could tear that apart. The two girls walked out of the bathroom and found Emmett still sitting in his pyjamas on the bed.

"Em, you need to change." Hermione said.

"I don't have clothes with me. Mummy has them all." Em said.

Hermione waved her wand and Emmett was now dressed in a pair of denim jeans, a brown shirt and sandals. He smiled and held his hands out to the girls. They each took a hand and the three headed down to breakfast.

By the time they got there, Emmett was residing on Hermione's hips after stating that the girls walked to fast. Kadi and Hermione were telling Emmett all about the Quidditch games they played when they walked into the hall. All conversation stopped as the girls walked in. Many male eyes went to Hermione's legs, ass or chest and Emmett glared at them all. Hermione noticed the silence and looked around the Hall. She sighed and yelled "Take a picture, it'll last longer." This snapped everyone out of their reverie and they all started to eat again. Hermione and Kadi continued their walk to their table in silence.

Andre and Damien pulled out seats for them and Andre also pulled one out for Emmett. Hermione placed Emmett in the chair and gave Andre a quick kiss before pulling toast, bacon and eggs onto her plate. Andre poured her a glass of orange juice and rested his hand on her thigh. Sirius, who was sitting at the Heads Table fuming over the reactions of the males when Hermione walked in, noticed this and got ready to go and have a piece of this kid. That is until Danni placed her hand on his and kissed his cheek. He looked at his wife questionably and said "What are you doing?"

"Stopping you from killing that kid." Danni said simply before turning back to her conversation with Lily.

"Why?" Sirius asked. He and the rest of the Marauders had made a pact years ago to protect any girls born to the Marauders or their friends and with Hannah, Michelle, Melanie, Elizabeth, Ginny and Hermione being the only ones, they were fiercely protected. When Hannah first started dating Tyler in 7th year, the Marauders sat him down and stated that if her hurt Hannah, he would be missing a certain male appendage. Even though Tyler was Sirius' son, Sirius was involved in the conversation and was actually the one to threaten his son. Sirius could be seen as the most protective of the Marauders as since he had been quite the playboy in his school years, he knew exactly how to react. He knew best what boys thought of beautiful girls and that many of guys wanted girls for only one thing.

Hannah and Ginny had received a lecture when they had turned 14 on guys and Michelle, Liz and Mel would receive one when the time came. However as Hermione had been away, she hadn't received the memo that if the Marauders caught anyone dating their girls without their permission, he wouldn't last long.

"Because, you don't know anything about the kid. You don't know how long they have been dating for, how long they have known each other, what his name is, how old he is. You don't even know what he is like as a kid. He could be one of the nicest kids around." Danni explained.

"Yea but he could also be the biggest jerk ever known to human kind and could be treating her wrong." Bill said, deciding to join the conversation. Tyler, Bill, Charlie and Percy were also protective of the girls as well.

"I think he seems nice. He accidentally ran into me this morning and knocked the books I had been carrying for mum out of my hands. He helped me pick them all up and carried them to mum's office for me." Hannah said also joining the conversation.

"Did you happen to ask him how long he and Hermione had been together for? Did you ask him what his intentions were with our girl?" James asked, looking at his daughter with hope in his eyes.

"No. I didn't. He was very sweet. He is quite the charmer though. When I thanked him he said that it had been a pleasure to carry a pretty girl's books for her. He said he did it frequently as his gorgeous girlfriend always carried to many books." Hannah explained. The ladies all squealed quietly but the boys frowned.

"That just proves that he is a flirt. Who knows how many girls he could be flirting with when Mya isn't around. I think we should have a chat with this boy about Mya." Severus said. The Marauders and the boys all nodded and made to stand up when they fund themselves stuck to their chairs.

"You will not do anything. Leave them alone. Sirius, you just hate the fact that your only daughter, your baby girl has grown up. You have to let her go sometime." Danni said to her husband as she put her wand away. The girls all turned back to their conversation and ignored the boys.

Remus turned to his friends and said "If he hurts my niece, I'm going to let Moony out to play." The Marauders all nodded and turned to Dumbledore who had stood up and moved to the front of the Head Table.

"As my students know, they will today be placed with two buddies from Salem. You will take your buddies with you to your classes. They will essentially be in your care for the duration of their visit. Now we will be allocating your buddies. Please be patient." Dumbledore said as he waved his hands and a scroll appeared.

"From Hogwarts- Pansy Parkinson. From Salem- Michael Jones and Kristine Lewis." Dumbledore said.

He continued like this and Hermione blocked him out. Until she heard "From Hogwarts- Harry Potter. From Salem- Kadi Westbury and Hermione Black."

Hermione turned to Kadi and smiled. She then turned to the Gryffindor Table and noticed Harry looking at them. She smiled at him and raised her glass to him. He did the same in return and Hermione was brought back when she heard "From Salem- Andre Smith and Damien Cook."

"Who were you guys paired with?" Hermione whispered to Andre.

"Some guy named Xander Lupin." Andre replied.

"That's my cousin. He's pretty cool." Hermione said as she rested her head on Andre's shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her as they listened to the rest of the people get allocated buddies. When the allocation was done, Mark cast a spell over his students to make their names appear above them so that their buddies could find them.

Hermione stood up and after picking Emmett up, turned to her friends and said "Hand here for two seconds. I am going to deliver this little rugrat back to mum and dad. I'll take you with me to meet Harry and Xander."

Hermione turned and walked up to the Head Table. She walked over to her parents and sat Emmett on the ground. He crawled under the table and over to Ed and Michelle. Hermione smiled at him before turning back to the adults.

"Hermione, what's with the pieces of metal on your body?" Tyler asked, looking at her piercings with distaste.

"My piercings? Well they look cool. So I got them done." Hermione explained.

"I think they look great. Especially the lip one. When did you get them done?" Hannah said. The males all glared at Hannah for encouraging Hermione's piercings.

"I got my nose done when I was fourteen and my lip done for my 16th. I was gunna get my tongue down but Kadi had a fit. She said that one day it would come loose, I would swallow it and it would get lodged in my throat and I would die. She was heaps distressed about it so I didn't get it done." Hermione explained.

"I'm glad you didn't. My brother got his done and he swallowed it and had to be taken to hospital." Kadi said as she joined her friend. She was followed by Andre and Damien.

"Kadi, Andre, Damien, this is my mum, Danni, my dad, Sirius, my eldest brother Tyler, my uncles Remus, James, Sev and Lucius, my aunts Mandy, Lily, Leslie and Cissa. This is Hannah, Bill, Charlie, Percy and you know Em but the other two are Michelle and Edward. Everyone, these are my best friends Damien and Kadi and my boyfriend of just over a year Andre." Hermione said making the introductions.

Kadi and Damien waved but Andre walked up to Sirius and held out his hand. Sirius eyed it before grasping it tightly. "Sir, you have raised a beautiful daughter. I feel honoured to be dating such an amazing girl." Andre said, looking Sirius in the eye. The two began an intense staring competition and neither was backing down. When Sirius let go, Andre held his hand out to Tyler. Tyler grasped it and Andre said "Your sister is one amazing girl." Tyler had a grip on Andre's hand that could surely break it. The pair were also staring one another down and like with Sirius, neither was backing off.

"Ok. I think it's time that I introduce Andre and Damien to Xander. Um, I'll see you guys later." Hermione said. Tyler and Andre let go of one another's hands and Hermione walked up to family. She hugged them all and turned around.

"Oh Mya?" Sirius said.

Hermione turned and smiled at her dad. "Yes daddy?" She asked.

"We are gunna have a chat later about your outfit and the piercings. You, me and the Marauders." Sirius said.

Hermione laughed, not taking him seriously. Andre wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pressed a kiss to her head as she led them away from the Head Table and down to the Gryffindor table. "I wasn't kidding." Sirius whispered but the Marauders herd him and silently made an agreement.

Hermione walked down to the Gryffindor Table and found her brothers, cousin and friends sitting there.

"Hey guys." Hermione said with a grin.

"Hey Mya." Everyone chorused.

"Ok, Xander, this is Andre and Damien. Andre, Damien this is my cousin Xander." Hermione said. The boys shook hands and Hermione turned to Harry.

"Hey there. Kadi, this is Harry. Harry, Kadi." Hermione said. Kadi waved and Harry returned the wave.

"Shall we go? I have Potions first all the way down in the dungeons. It's quite a walk. Xander, Ron and Draco have the same class as us." Harry explained.

"Lead the way Harry." Kadi said. He held his arms out to the girls who took them with giggles.

The big group of students headed down to the dungeons and walked into the potions classroom. Snape walked in a few moments after and cast a fond look over at Hermione. He glared when he noticed the way the boys were staring at Hermione. He also noticed that Hermione was getting very sick of the stares so he said "The next person I catch staring at Miss. Black will be serving a detention with me for the entire duration of her stay."

All eyes turned to Snape at that point and Hermione smiled at him. She mouthed 'thank you' and Snape gave her a small smile before turning back to his class.

One hour later Harry, with the help of the girls, submitted a perfect sample and began to pack up. They were free to leave once they had packed up and did so. They waited outside the classroom for their friends to finish. Xander, Andre, Damien, Ron and Draco soon walked out of the classroom and joined them.

"What class have you got now?" Hermione asked Xander.

"I have Divination. So do Ron and Draco." Xander said.

"Harry? What have you got?" Hermione asked.

"I have Charms with mum." Harry explained.

"Well we'd better go. It takes forever to get to the Divination room and because we are coming from the dungeons, its gunna take even longer." Ron said.

Andre gave Hermione a quick kiss and followed Xander and Ron.

Harry looked at the two girls and held out his arms before saying "Shall we fair maidens?"

"We shall good sir." Hermione said with a grin. She grasped his arm and Kadi grasped the other. Harry looked at both girls and said "Well, I could certainly get used to having two extremely beautiful girls hanging off my arms."

"Well Harry, we will be hanging off you arms for the next two weeks. We are your charges." Kadi said.

Harry rubbed his hands together and said "I'm the envy of every guy in the school right now." Hermione and Kadi laughed as Harry led them to the charms room. He walked in and smiled at his mum. She grinned at the sight of Harry with both Hermione and Kadi on his arms.

"Becoming a pimp Harry?" Seamus Finnegan asked when Harry took his seat in between the girls.

"Yes Seamus I am. Ladies, this is Seamus Finnegan. Seamus, this is Kadi Westbury and Hermione Black." Harry said as he introduced the girls.

"Ahhh, so you're the famous younger sister of Jake and Eli. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Seamus said as he kissed Hermione's hand.

Hermione smiled at Seamus just as Lily started the lesson.

--- Lunch ---

Harry and the girls walked into lunch after having Care of Magical Creatures with Hagrid. Harry once again had both girls on his arms and they were laughing at something he had just said.

"Ladies." Harry said when the girls got to the Gryffindor table. He helped them both sit down before sitting in the middle of them again. Andre sat on Hermione's other side and the others sat across from them.

"Harry darling." A high-pitched, nasally voice called. Draco, Ron, and Xander groaned as Harry turned. A girl with long blonde hair walked over to Harry and pushed Hermione out of the way so that she could sit on Harry's lap.

"Excuse me." Hermione said. She looked up at the girl from the ground. The force the girl had used had made Hermione fall off the chair. Everyone who knew Hermione stopped eating and turned to look at the unfolding situation. Everyone knew Hermione had a short fuse as was evidence by the way she had dealt with Pamela the night before. The girl in Harry's lap looked down at Hermione and said "You're excused."

Hermione raised an eyebrow at the girl in annoyance.

"Harry darling. How have your classes been today? Why aren't you sitting with me? We always sit together at lunch. And, who are these girls? Why were they hanging off of you? Are you cheating on me?" The girl screeched.

"EXCUSE ME!" Hermione yelled as she got to her feet.

The blonde got off of Harry's lap and stood toe-to-toe with Hermione. The blonde found herself looking up at Hermione, the heels making Hermione stand at around 5"11.

"What do you want" The blonde said, looking Hermione up and down.

"You really should apologise for knocking me off that bench." Hermione said.

"You gunna make me? Are you? You slut. Just because every guys at Hogwarts is falling at your feet doesn't mean that you are going to get MY Harry." The blonde said.

"First off, who are you?" Hermione asked as she placed her hands on her hips. By now every conversation had stopped and everyone was watching the two girls. Shell and Mark had stood up, as had Dumbledore and McGonagall. All four were ready to intervene if things got serious.

"My name is Cordelia Mason." Cordelia said.

"Well Cordelia, you really should apologise for knocking me off the bench." Hermione said.

Cordelia laughed in her face and said "Yea right honey. Like I'm gunna apologise to a slut like you."

Everyone in the hall went "ooh" and looked to Hermione for a comeback. Everyone's heads were spinning like in a muggle tennis match.

"Listen to me honey; you are more of a slut than I'll ever be. At least everything about me is real. I don't need plastic surgery to look this good." Hermione said, motioning to her body which had every guy needing a cold shower.

Everyone in the hall sniggered but Cordelia looked mad.

"You whore." She cried before she slapped Hermione. Everyone gasped Kadi stood up, ready to hit the girl.

Hermione held a hand up and said "I'm usually against violence but in your case, I think I can make and exception" before she punched Cordelia right in the nose. Cordelia's nose made a sickening *crunch* under Hermione's hand and she fell to the ground crying.

"Harry, what have you got next?" Hermione asked trying to reign in her anger.

"Um double DADA." Harry replied looking between his bleeding girlfriend and Hermione.

"Ok. Kadi and I will meet you there." Hermione said. Kadi handed Hermione a napkin which she used to wipe the blood off her hand. Hermione linked arms with Kadi and the pair left the hall. Andre made to follow but one look from Kadi told him that this was a girl's only moment.