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1. Thirst and Family

It ceased to amaze me-even now, a full year after my transformation into a vampire- how fast the time could go when I was spending every moment with my love. The fact that I didn't need sleep anymore gave me time alone with Edward, but no matter how much time we had together- it was never enough for me. Every night seemed like less time for us than the night before.

As we lie there on our hugely beautiful- and highly durable- bed, the sun began to shine through our windows. The early rays of sunlight hit our bodies- at the moment, joined as one- head on, catching us off-guard- something that rarely happens for us vampires- because we were so wrapped up in one another that disturbances seemed impossible.

I still could not believe that this beautiful creature lying with me was all mine. The sunlight coming through made Edward's skin sparkle. I sucked in the beautiful sight of the little "diamonds" glittering under his skin. He was glowing. I didn't need the sun to survive- though it made Edward, if possible, more beautiful than ever. My only sun was Edward. I needed him to survive. He was my warmth, my light, my love. Mine. I thought to myself. All mine. I smiled to myself at this revelation, though I have the same thoughts every morning around this time.

"Why the sudden smile, love?" Edward laughed.

Why don't you read my mind and find out, Edward? I thought in his direction. I concentrated on that thought while maintaining my shield. I found it easier after a year of practice to keep my shield up-even through all of the distractions Edward placed on me because he could finally read my mind, after years of silence radiating at him from my brain. Edward always found it frustrating that he could read everyone's mind except for mine- the one he would give anything to read.

Suddenly, he was kissing my lips- softly. That was always his reaction to hearing my thoughts. He pulled himself on top of me- I was lying on his chest at the moment- and began kissing me with more passion. He moved his hands over my thighs and my arms- anywhere he could reach. I pulled the shield back in- not wanting him hearing my thoughts anymore- much to his displeasure. Edward thought it was still hard for me to keep my shield up, that it took a lot for me to do it. He thought that the shield being pulled back just then was due to the fact that I couldn't concentrate whilst he was kissing me like that. He was very wrong. I don't know why I am keeping it from him that I am absolutely perfect at maintaining my shield now, that not even his tender kisses could make me lose my concentration.

I don't know why I am not telling him about the extent of my ability either...

I was removed from my train of thought by his sudden laughter.

"Bella, love, has it still not occurred to you that we are married? Do you not remember our daughter in the next room? Speaking of Renesmee…" I didn't have the time to answer his first two questions. We were hurriedly getting out of bed, and into our clothing that we would wear for the day. We ran into the closet that was bigger than our whole house combined, and then some. The closet was courtesy of my sister-in-law, Alice.

I decided to wear faded blue jeans and one of Edward's shirts to the larger Cullen residence today. Edward- I noticed- was quickly pulling on some faded, holey jeans and a button-up white shirt. He looked amazing. As always, I thought.

We had just finished getting dressed when Renesmee urgently tapped on our bedroom door. We rushed back into our room and opened the door to find our beautiful daughter tapping her foot at us. She was adorable. After only a year of being alive, she already looked like a 9 year old girl would look. But she had the mind of a teenager- and we all know how that is. Our daughter is special. She is extremely beautiful and highly intelligent for her age. Renesmee inherited Edward's bronze-colored hair, but the curl that she had in it came from my father, Charlie. She has Edward's face, but the slight blush in her cheeks comes from me- I used to blush a lot when I was human, mainly because Edward made me. Her attitude, however, came from us both.

"Can we go now???" Renesmee was always like this; every morning. She was so eager to get the Carlisle and Esme's house, mainly because she knew that Jacob- her werewolf boyfriend who imprinted on her- would be there. Jacob is my best friend, and one day- much to Edward's displeasure- he will be my son-in-law. I love Jacob. And I can't see any man that I would rather my daughter spend her forever with- well except for Edward.

"Why are you in such a large rush?" Edward asked her. I could tell he was stifling a large laugh. Even though Edward didn't like the idea that his only daughter was imprinted to a werewolf- sworn enemy to the vampire- he couldn't deny that Jacob really loved Renesmee. Apparently Renesmee could tell that her father was fighting his laughter too because she scrunched up her face into a cute pout and was- I'm guessing- throwing things at Edward in her mind. I took this to be true when he scooped her up in his arms and started to tickle her.

"Now is that a very nice thing to say to The Tickle Vamp-Monster?" I couldn't stop myself from giggling at that.

"The Tickle Vamp-Monster?" Renesmee and I said in synchronization. We all shared meaningful looks and burst into fits of giggles. I became memorized- like I often find myself- by the sound of Edward and Renesmee's combined laughter. There was no symphony in history that could compete with the sound of their beautiful voices.

"I want to hunt first," Renesmee said, a little exasperatedly, "Because I want to get it over with early. And yes, I want to go to Nana Esme and Papaw Carlisle's house- as soon as possible. But, FYI- it isn't only because I want to see Jacob. Auntie Alice and I are…" She cut off her sentence abruptly, and flashed me her wonderful smile. Obviously, Alice had instructed her not to tell me something. I decided to let it go for now.

Edward, however, knew what she was hiding from me because he could see into her head. He began to laugh uncontrollably, and looked at me.

"Oh, and what makes you think she will cooperate with yours and Alice's little plan?" He asked her. I could see now where this was going. Alice was going to ask me to do something that I won't want to do. No doubt it would either embarrass me or bore me to death- figuratively of course. But she may not give me a choice. Knowing Alice, she could be ready to handcuff me to a salon chair and dress up my hair for hours on end without being fazed by my screams… I shuddered to think what Alice had planned for me.

"Mom will not have a choice." She said simply. I internally shuddered.

Edward busted into another fit of laughter.

"LET'S HUNT!" Renesmee screamed above Edward's loud roaring.

"Okay, okay, okay." Edward and I said. Having a daughter really changed him. He was so used to giving me- his wife- everything that I wanted. He would also give me things that I insisted he not get me- though that only made him more eager to give them to me. Now, he had to please two amazing women. I knew he didn't mind. He loves us more than his own life, and he doesn't let us forget it.

"Alright, let us hunt. Are you ready, love?" Edward asked me as he bent to kiss me. He meant to give me only a peck, but I wouldn't have that. Before I knew what I was doing, my hands snaked their way around him and knotted to his hair. He reacted by bringing his arms to my waist and pulling me closer to him. We forgot, for the moment, that our impatient daughter was waiting for us to leave. She wouldn't let us forget long.

"Oh my gosh. Just please. Get a room. I will go and hunt by myself and make my evil plans with Alice. You are not needed for that until later..." She continued her rant of threats about Alice, but I was too preoccupied by Edward's hands, and his lips, to notice much.

"Love," Edward said, trying to get my attention. I was too consumed by him to notice. He always had this effect on me. I continued to kiss him without hearing anything. But then he broke away and gave me a look that said "we have all of tonight, and the next, and the next".

"Bella, let us hunt." He said to me. I mulled it over in my brain. We do have forever. And I am pretty thirsty…

"Okay, lead the way, Renesmee."

"Finally." Was her reply. We would really need to do something about that attitude of hers. But the second that thought crossed my mind, I pushed it away. We were the cause of that attitude. And also, we could never get onto Renesmee. She just had this wonderful way about her that made you love her from the moment you laid eyes on her…

"Ugh. Mom! Come on. Dad, she is in her trance thing again. Stop looking at me like that." Okay, maybe she needed a good talking to.

"Renesmee, do not talk to your mother that way please." Edward said to her, with a look of clear disappointment.

"No, Edward, it's okay. I was just admiring how wonderful our daughter is and how anyone who sees her will love her automatically and-"I couldn't finish because she ran to me and gave me a bear hug that would probably cause Emmett to wince.

"I'm so sorry, mommy. Please forgive me for being so awful." So my guilt trip worked. I smiled knowingly at Edward and he winked at me.

"I forgive you, honey. Now let's go drink!"

"Yes, let's. Come on, lovely parents of mine." Oh, so she was still sucking up… I will let it slide.

We ran vampire speed deeper into the forest. After a few moments of running, we smelled our prey. There were about three elk up the stream… Enough for us each to have one. Though we would need to find more after these, they were the only things we smelled at the moment, so we three crouched down into our hunting positions, ready to pounce on our unsuspecting prey. We heard the rustling of the leaves around us. It was fall at the moment, so all around us was peace, wind, and colorful leaves. It looked beautiful.

As if on the same timer, we sprang over the hill that separated us from quenching our thirsts.

After we tackled the elk, they didn't stand a chance against our strength, speed, or precision. Before the animals knew what happened, they were still. They lay on the colorful forest floor- lifeless and drained.

It took us about twenty minutes to become sloshy from the amount of blood we took in. My father Charlie would be coming for a few minutes today, and we didn't want to take a chance that we would become tempted by his human blood. We knew that we love him, but it was still wise to prepare before-hand, even though he would only be staying for a few minutes. He was to be going fishing with Billy Black- Jacob's father- for the majority of the day.

Charlie doesn't know about what we are. He knows that we are different, especially Renesmee, but he has his wants and that includes only telling him what is on a need-to-know basis.

We arrived at the large Cullen house in approximately a minute and five seconds. Edward, Renesmee, and I had decided to race to see who arrived first. Of course, the winner was Edward. He is the fastest vampire in our family. He sat there on the front porch steps waiting for us in the remaining seconds it took us to get to the house.

When we went to open the door, it was jerked open, almost falling off of its hinges. And there stood my pixie of a sister-in-law, Alice. I saw a glimpse of worry, pain, and confusion in her eyes. But that look lasted no amount of time. I couldn't be sure I had seen it at all. In fact, I was positive that I hadn't. Now she had a mad look in her eye. It could've easily been that look that I saw when she opened the door. She was dazed and crazy looking. It was a mixture of different levels of excitement and she looked like she was about to burst open like a balloon. I knew that look. It was a look she had when she played dress-up on me. Or when she saw a sale in her favorite store. But it was multiplied. I only saw it on occasions that involved one thing. It could only mean one thing…

"Ohhh, Bella! I have a surprise for you!!!" Oh, no.

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