AN: This story is open-ended. It has been so long since I updated that I don't have the drive to finish this story. I just don't know how to end it. There are three options. Choose the one you like and write your own ending in your head. Many of you probably have.

Understand that I wanted to finish this story so badly, but any time I tried to write it, the story changed in my head. It's not up to me to find the ending. It's up to you to write one yourself.

Option Ending One: Bella dies turning Rosalie human. The end. The Giving Gift.

Option Ending Two: Bella goes into a coma state when she goes supernova and turns Rosalie into a human again. Bella stays in the state for a few months while Rosalie becomes pregnant and has her own hybrid baby, and then Rosalie is changed again and Bella is returned to her old self. Bella used her "gift" to give Rosalie a "gift". The Giving Gift.

Option Ending Three: Rosalie decides that she can't sacrifice Bella for what she wants. She tells Bella that the "gift" of sacrifice was one that she learned from Bella. So the "gift" of learning sacrifice makes Rosalie spare Bella and give her a life. The Giving Gift.

It is very difficult for me to choose. Maybe, in the future, I will update an ending, but for right now, let your own creative mind decide.

Maybe you made your own ending. I would like to hear about it. Put it into a review.

Thank you for all who have stayed with this story. I love you!

I hope you are not too disappointed. I am a bit angry with myself.