Title: Catwalk

Genre: General/Romance

Pairing: main: Grimmjow X Ulquiorra; side pairing/s: undecided

Summary: 'Ulquiorra' and 'indifferent' are basically two synonymous words. But everything changes when our protagonist wakes up one morning sharing a bed with the latest celebrity sensation in town. AU. GrimmUlqui.

Disclaimer: Authoress holds no claim on the Bleach characters used in this story. All characters are (c) Kubo Tite.


Chapter One: Tequilla Sunrise


It was cold… His head throbbed painfully… Something else was moving… and that something was… warm?!

Eyes opened, revealing irises that were as green as jade. A wave of dizziness overcame him and he shivered, feeling the unusually cold air on his face and arms. His long fingers grasped the white bed sheet and pulled it closer to his bare chest. His hands froze; his bare chest?! Jade green eyes were filled with surprise. He could never recall having changed his bed sheets… Come to think of it, he couldn't even remember owning the pristine white sheets that covered him at the moment. What more, since when did he get a tan? And so much muscle… Wait a damn minute… He had both his hands holding the sheets, and the tanned arm was wrapped around his waist… he was very much sure that he had only two arms. Fear seeped into his too-green eyes.

As though building up the suspense, the pale figure suddenly became aware of hot puffs of air on his nape. Dark brows creased and he could feel his heartbeats go uneven; it's pace quickening, going quite out of control. He strained his ears to hear anything, looking for any indication of what his unknown companion might be doing. Soft snoring noises reached his ears, and a quiet sigh escaped him. Thank goodness.

His relief was only short-lasted, as reality seemed to find utter enjoyment in torturing his mental capacity that morning. He was naked, laying in a bed that was not his, with an equally naked someone else, and to top it all off, that "someone else" was another guy from the look of things.

Oh dear.

Ooohh dear.

A pale hand gingerly extended and carefully slid the tanned arm off his waist, making sure that its owner was not the least bit disturbed. As he tried to crawl out of the bed though, the slim figure found that a certain amount of hurting came from his rear. The implications of this abruptly sent his already confused mind into a whirlwind of greater perplexity. But even before he could ponder a bit more, a particularly loud grunt escaped the other occupant of the foreign bed. Cautiously peeking, the green-eyed man held his breath realizing that the other man was turning in his sleep. He caught sight of disheveled electric blue hair and a well-toned chest that complimented the lightly tanned complexion. The conscious man instantly caught himself and shook his head, cursing inside his head. This wasn't the time for this! He needed to get out as soon as possible…

The dark-haired figure slithered his way out of the bed sheets in the quietest way that he could and upon freeing himself, he noted that indeed, he was stark naked. He immediately went in search of his clothes, a rush of blood rising to his cheeks as he discovered that his clothes were littered all over the place. His boxers were hanging haphazardly over a chair (looking as if it had been thrown away unceremoniously), his pants were on the floor right beside the bed, his belt and sneakers lying a few feet away, his aqua-hued t-shirt and black hooded jacket were scattered near the door. He dressed up in haste, and after feeling for his wallet and apartment keys in the pockets of his pants, the pale man left the room without a glance back. Hoping against hope that no one would find out about this… That and when the guy wakes up, hopefully he'd just forget about anything that happened…

Damn. He really screwed up. He knew he shouldn't have agreed to anything in the first place…

Closing the door softly as he left, the green-eyed man realized that he was in some hotel. How did he get there? He didn't know… Another dizzy spell clouded his thoughts and the man decided to save his deductions for later. His main goal now was to return home safely and as fast as possible. Running a hand through his uneven ebony hair, the man started off in a brisk walk…


Consciousness dawned on him as it had always done, abrupt but not the least bit disturbing… He felt the cold artificial air from the air conditioning unit and a lazy smile flickered on his lips. Last night was damn… just damn… The lax smile turned into a smirk as vivid memories of the previous night filled his mind's eye.

The delicious haze of heat… the contact of bare skin, sliding against one another… sensual touches… nips, kisses, bites, and more… Twin pools of glazed-over emeralds stared at him in hunger… A rosy flush spread over alluring milky-white skin… And there were voices, his and someone else's… gasping, moaning… hot breathing against his neck as the sweet sensation of climax filled his being… and a kiss… a most out of place kiss that was unexpected yet very much welcomed…

Sapphire eyes opened. The tent-like protrusion from the bed sheets over his groin was quite self-explanatory. He turned to his left, wondering subtly whether the little bastard from last night would agree to another round but his musings stopped short once he saw an empty space beside him. The white sheets were pulled off and there were creases on the mattress cover. He listened for any sound that might've been made by his 'fuckbuddy' but there was none. It was eerily silent in the room.

The muscled man sat up, the sheets pooling at his waist. Sharp eyes scanned the surrounding area intently but there was not a trace of the pale-skinned beauty that was with him last night. He felt the deserted bed area, frowning at it's cool temperature. It only meant one thing: the guy had gone… possibly even hours ago. With an irritated snort, the man run a hand through the locks of electric blue hair that now lay limp on his head. His excitement depreciating at his conclusion that he wasn't going to get the nice morning fuck that he'd anticipated.

A loud thrum of guitars and drumbeats broke the silence of the room. Snorting at the familiar tune, the tanned man leaned over the side of the bed, finding his baggy jeans lying on the maroon carpeted floor. Hands felt around the pockets for his cellphone, as he lifted up the material to look on it's other side, he found something that he was quite sure did not belong to him. It was another phone, not quite the latest but not remotely old either, its case was colored black with a metallic gothic green '4' on the back. But before he could investigate, the ringing became louder and he was forced to ignore his find for the moment, using one hand to get his phone from his pant pocket and another to pick up the other one from the ground.

He resumed his sitting position on the bed, his back leaning against some pillows and the headboard. He read the caller's name once and placed his own phone up against his ear.

"Yo." He greeted almost lazily.

"Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, where the fuck are you?!" A high-pitched voice screeched.

"Mornin', Szay…" Grimmjow replied allowing himself a toothy grin as he flipped the mysterious phone over and over in his hands.

"How dare you just greet me a fucking good morning?" 'Szay' continued to scream from the other end of the line. "You disappear from shooting last night with no say-so whatsoever! I tried calling you so many damn times but you won't fucking pick up your goddamn phone! Where have you been, mister?! Explain yourself!"

By the end of his caller's statement, Grimmjow's phone was half an arm away from his ear. "Chill, Szay… I'm fine…"


"Heh. Let 'im blow his top off… I ain't doin' shit the way he wants, have you heard the geezer's ideas? I do NOT do–"

"I know that you weren't in favor of the scheme! Why did you think Hali and Stark had a quick meeting with him? They were trying to come to an agreement that would suit your goddamn tastes but what did you do? You fucking snuck out! The project was almost dismissed because of your damned stupidity!!"

"What do you mean 'almost'?"

"They couldn't just replace you, of course! No other celebrity comes close to you at the moment so naturally, their board decided to keep you as their promoter…" the caller seemed to calm down now, having belted out the pent-up anger.

"So no harm done, right?" Grimmjow asked.

"Not so," came the somewhat uneasy reply. "Hali's still pissed off at you… And Stark… well, he reckons you'd have a lot of paying back to do…"

"And Forte?"

"What do you expect? He was practically running around like a headless chicken last night… He's stressed and, for once in his life, decided to sleep in today…" A sigh. "Where are you Grimmjow…?" the exasperated tone returned.

"Some hotel, I really can't remember what the name is–"

"Don't tell me you snatched up some whore again…" He could almost see the other rolling his golden eyes at him.

"Always one to jump to the worst conclusions, aren't ya?" the muscled man muttered. "Well sorry to disappoint, but I just went to some bar and had a few drinks…"


"I met a couple of people…"

"And what happened after with those couple of people…?"

The celebrity could almost feel the seething anger of his personal stylist seeping through the phone. "H-Hey it ain't what yer thinkin', alright?"

"How many?" Szay's voice was beginning to pitch up again.

"Just one guy…"

"Let me guess, he was throwing himself at you and you–"

"He wasn't throwin' himself at me, dude, listen here… He didn't even seem to give a fuck who I was…" Grimmjow related with smugness.

"You forced him?" incredulity was in the caller's tone.

"…Not exactly…"

"Ugh…" his personal stylist was all too aware of his tactics. "Well, get your ass out of wherever you are right now… It's already fifteen past nine and the photo shoot will start at half past ten, same place as yesterday. I expect you not to be late, understand?"

"Yeah, sure… Bye, Szay…"

The call ended and the electric blue-haired man placed his phone atop the bedside table. His eyes focused on the green and black phone in his hands. He ran a finger along the gothic four mark on the back before flipping it over and unlocking the keypad. He recognized the background image at once, a feral grin coating his lips as he made the connections. So the guy must've accidentally left his phone here. Hn, interesting. A closer look at the screen showed a black border surrounding the picture, and small white text resided on the top part. It held a single word: Cuatro.

"Cuatro, eh?"

Grunting the sapphire-eyed man hoisted himself off the bed, left the guy's phone beside his on the bedside table and proceeded to take a morning bath in a exceptionally good mood.


It was midmorning by the time that the ebony-haired man reached his apartment. A feeling of security enveloped him as he found himself in familiar surroundings. Slender fingers fished out the apartment keys and after taking a deep breath, the pale man entered, closing the door gently behind him.

"I'm home…" he called out.


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