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Nao see here my sweets… A quick list up of the whole story~

Day# - Day (week)


1 – Friday

Nel and Hime invite Cirucci, Nnoi, Tesla & Ulqui to go to the club; Ulqui meets Grimm, ONS

2 – Saturday

Morning after, Ulqui leaves hotel, flashbacks; Grimm finds 'Cuatro's' phone

3 – Sunday

Grimm locates 'Cuatro's' school

4 – Monday

Back to School, Ulqui realizes his phone is missing; Grimm comes along, makes a big scene, returns 'Cuatro's' phone

5,6 – Tuesday, Wednesday

Rumors spread, girls ask for Grimm's number from Ulqui

7 – Thursday

Ulqui confides in Nnoi and Tesla; Grimm's messages are ignored

10-16 – Sunday to Saturday

First week of summer break

17 – Sunday

Nnoi invites Ulqui along to Cirucci's mountain resort trip

18 - Monday

Cirucci, Nnoi, Tes & Ulqui go to the resort

20 - Wednesday

Ulqui goes hiking by himself, gets into an accident; Grimm and crew goes to the same resort for business reasons; Grimm follows and saves 'Cuatro'; Cirucci, Nnoi & Tesla witness Grimm carrying Ulqui bridal-style back to his room

21 - Thursday

Breakfast drama; midnight poolside escapade

22 - Friday

Swimming pool incident

25 - Monday

First day back to school; Ulqui replies to Grimm's texts; 1st 'peace offering'

26 – 29 – Tuesday to Friday

More 'peace offerings'; invitation to Kir Royale

30 - Saturday

Ambush pre-date preparation; Date – Kir Royale, city park, Dordonh's café; Grimm & Ulqui officially get together

32 - Monday

Ulqui's love life plagues the school – students/teachers are in the know ;) Photo shoot session

36 - Friday

Ulqui and friends go to the mall to see a movie; they stop by a shop that featured the photo shoot's pictures; Gin appears~ Yay~

39 - Monday

'Hime informs Ulqui of the talk show rumors of Grimm's supposed 'new lover'; Szay and Forte confront Grimm regarding the same issue; Grimm calls up Ulqui to meet up the next day

40 - Tuesday

Media bombards the school gates; Grimm picks up Ulqui; make or break talk

43 - Friday

Nel, 'Hime and Cirucci's three-way telephone conversation

44 - Saturday

Nel calls up Ulqui, they watch the showbiz news where Grimm confirms his relationship with Ulqui

45 – Sunday

Cirucci's out with her boyfriend, Nnoitra's getting drunk in the bar with Tesla, Ulqui waits for Grimm outside; Grimm arrives late; Ulqui & Grimm are totally back on

46 – Monday


A 46-DAY LOVE STORY PEOPLE! Is this even realistic? xD

And that's my neat trivia… and the little wee fact that I've started and ended the chapter titles with 'Sunrise'-named drinks… With a Sundowner and a Sunset Strip being the 3rd and 2nd to the last chaps… Plain ol' fun…

Speaking of which, I just want everyone to know that Tequilla Sunrise is a damn pain in the head. And that comes from this stupid 16-year-old authoress who went batshit at seeing an open bar in her godfather's wedding reception. Yes, I had a drink of tequila sunrise. Five sips and I'm out. I even mistakenly grabbed the toothpaste tube instead of our shampoo bottle when I took my bath in the morning… Yeah, I suck that bad. I'm sticking to non-alcoholics for a while… :3 But it was soooooo prettyyyyyy

Now decision time, dear readers… Remember what I said a few chaps ago that I'll be migrating fandoms…? That ain't gonna happen so soon. My Hetalia!Muse ran out from my brain's central fic-processing area… eerily on the very same day that I saw Grimm, Ulqui, Szay and Gin in human clothes… And then I never heard from Hetalia!Muse again D: …especially after the Grimmjow figurine (which cost me $7.225!!) started to live in my closet… Hm, strange…

So my head is now repopulated by my Bleach!Muse which has me on a stranglehold with three… oh wait, scratch that… there's a last minute entry… FOUR different fic ideas… and I need your help to decide which one I should pursue, is that okay?

Choice A: Incestus

Brief intro: He smells of alcohol again but he bears it. He is intoxicated, unable to recognize him but he puts up with it. He is uncooperative with his sluggish movements, hindering his efforts to take care of him but he must do it and so he continues to try. And then it happens. The drunken affection; a tongue-filled kiss leaving a bitter taste of beer in his mouth, meaningless words coated in lust, a temporary outlet for the excess heat. He is guilty, yes, but what other choice does he have? He would always forget it in the morning anyway, and it's really the only chance that he has. So he struggles to keep awake as he lies in the aftermath of their sacrilege, getting up when he has fallen into slumber to erase all traces of their encounter. It's his dirty little secret and no one is allowed to know. Why, of all people, did he have to fall for his brother?

It's GrimmUlqui still, and I know you guys can already make out the who's who… College AU, and damn do I work on a lot of those… and I keep writing for the bad guys… I support pairs on the Shinigami side too but… hehe…

Choice B: Alianza / Mi Aliado y Mi Enemigo

Brief intro: The Great Skull Emperor's empire is spreading across the land; conquering, battling, taking lives. Only a few strongholds are left in the Hollow World… The Imperial Shark Empress' Palace, the Panther King's Fortress, and what few alliances that they have left. With their losses mounting up day by day, their last hope lies in the mythical Black-Winged Demon – a creature said to wield immense powers. The problem is, no one has seen him for centuries. Some say he was killed in the last Great War with the Behemoth, Anger; still, some believe that he is only hiding away – not being a creature for destruction in the first place. But with time running out and more lives being endangered of being caught up in war, the Panther King is personally sent on the mission to find him and make him an ally. Or else.

GrimmUlqui, what else? Or in this case the Panther King and the Black-Winged Demon since I plan on using the name-translation/-meaning of the Arrancars' Resurrecion because I find them pretty awesome… And also because the characters are all in their Resurrecion forms (or a modified version based on it that I could draw and post up in Deviant Art) because generic white jackets and hakamas are so pre-Winter War… ;D Now my problem here lies around the fact that I can't write battle-ly things… and that I have seriously no idea how I would get along with this fic's scenarios… It's like a dark-fantasy-ish type and I have never done stuff like that before… O_O

Choice C: Bergen /Salvage

Brief intro: "NOBODY MOVE!" came the authoritative shout as the wooden door helplessly breaks from impact as a squad of five men go through the doorway. Sharp azure eyes quickly scan the surroundings, hiding his disbelief when he found the first room to be furnished but without a soul in sight. With a motion of the leader's hand, the rest of the squad infiltrates the house, each one searching for the supposed victim that was said to be locked up in here. The blue-eyed man proceeds towards the only door left unopened and he finds himself in a bedroom, clean and organized like the first room. So far no evidence showed of the one that they were supposed to be rescuing; the tip-off said that a young man was being kept here against his will as a sex slave. He shuddered at the last piece of information; people today were just damn gross. Gun in hand, the muscular man cautiously walked into the room, opening the nearest door and frowning when he saw an empty bathroom. Fuck this, he thought irately as he strode over to the next plausible area. Wrenching the door open, the glare on azure eyes dies when he is faced with the unimaginable.

Grimm's a cop. And that just proves that my brain is malfunctioning; it's just not right, is it? Again, this fic covers unfamiliar territory for me… And it eerily reminds me of Sensitive Pornograph… the Aki and Ueno story… and oh my god why am I even advertising that here? D: Forget I said anything… -coughcough-… Er, where was I? So I have another poor, abused Ulqui… which I really shouldn't be portraying as such… Damn. And yes… the other Arrancar would also be used as… ugh, police guys… It just sounds so wrong, doesn't it? Dx It's like a rescuer-rescuee relation of sorts… I don't know why Grimm plays a cop! –anguish-

Choice D (aka the last minute entry): Overnight

Brief intro: Ulquiorra Cifer was a responsible man. Everyone knew that. He was prompt, industrious, well-mannered, and respected by all. He had no social life, yes, but when you're working for the biggest business firm around the world, it's the people who come to you. So how could it have happened that one late rainy night, he finds himself abruptly hitting the brakes of his car?Stepping out only to find an unconscious white feline with the strangest markings lying on the street before him. Did he run it over? Of course not, that was improbable; he was a safe driver. But he definitely heard a mewl, an eerie pained whine that made him floor the brakes of his car. Illuminated by the headlights, Ulquiorra hurried over to the knocked out animal. With cold rain pitter-pattering on him, the jade-eyed man gazed over the still form, its almost snow-white fur sullied by the dirt of the ground, and a rather jagged pattern running along the side of the animal's eyes and it was in a most curious color of… was that bright blue? Suspicious but admittedly more than a bit curious, the ebony-haired man went over and took the feline into his arms; it was just above two feet in length. He may not be the 'warmest' person around but Ulquiorra Cifer did have a heart. And the thought that he might actually had been the one to run over the strange-colored animal was grating on his conscience. So he took the feline back to his car and drove back to his suite, bringing the injured with him. Seeing no trace of blood, Ulquiorra opted to wrap the animal in one of his few spare towels to keep it warm before he retired for the night himself. But as everyone knows, Ulquiorra Cifer was also a logical man. So when he wakes up the next morning to find the feline missing, he freaks out. There was nothing wrong with that, right? Of course not, it was only normal… Oh wait. I forgot to mention something. The cat he laid at the foot of his bed the night before? It was now a full-grown man.

Oooh… lookie, human-world AU and they're not students!! Pfffff… This is just so random… but why am I thinking of Loveless?! Fighter-Sacrifice much? –headdesk- …I still shiver when writing Ulqui's last name…Cifer. Like, seriously? I liked 'Schiffer' better… -pout- This one's kinda a story of some kind of fantasy-thing incorporated into the real world… You know the usual ordinary human gets involved with the magic/fantasy/stuff like that… but as I've said this is a last minute idea. I was on the train home, with Japanese music filling my eardrums and then my mind just went: Grimm… kitty… car… Ulqui… Yeah, it's weird like that. Oh… but this idea does remind me of this one Bleach doujin… where two of the Bleach cast were nekojins hitting on their owner/master…. Yeah, I don't wish to mention names… (Please don't let Ka-chan see this… she'll feed me to piranhas when she realizes I read that pair… damn. And I barely lived through when she found out I ship ByaRen… O_O)

Truth be told, I first thought of Incestus and Salvage as one-shots for Stray, since as I've emphasized, I don't have their plots fully-developed yet… and the same case is with Alianza although there's a slight bit more ideas on this than the first two… Overnight is one that I truly have no further plot thought up for… None of those four have developed plots and I am hoping to focus more on the one that you guys would choose for me to work on next… Although I'll have to say that it's gonna take a long while before I get to publishing more stuff… The, er, not so liked fics would probably be published as a Stray chapter… it's been a loooooong while since I put up something for that… -sweatdrop-

Help please? :) And yes, all of them are (aimed to be) multi-chaps… Oh, but if the ideas have already been published by someone else please do tell me! I wouldn't want to 'steal' them… I've been away from the Bleach fanfiction archive for a while and I don't really know what's going on recently... :P sorry...

Final words… um, thank you for making me squeal like the total GrimmUlqui fangirl that I am with your reviews, I was seriously twisting my pillow to bits as I bit it to refrain from squealing in sheer joy for your encouraging words, thanks for wishing me good luck in college (you guys are right, COLLEGE IS AWESOME!!), also, I'm sorry for (1) making you guys squeal/cry/kill things(?) unnecessarily throughout the fic's duration, and (2)infecting you guys with a cake/sugar-mania… And have we gotten enough siggies to re-make the Sectusempra scene yet? Haha, I'm still not over that… ;P

Most of all, thank you for believing in me and supporting this project of mine. (…this sounds a hell lot like some award-acceptance speech or something, haha…)

Moi moi! Ci vediamo! ¡Hasta luego! Goodbye for now. ;)

Hugs and kisses,