They cheated nature. They sped up the process, just a little bit. By two months, they had created a baby boy, floating in a stasis chamber, hardly alive.

Today was the day of his birth.

Izel's hand caressed the glass as the fluid emptied, the boy lying on the floor of the chamber. The glass slid up, remaining fluid seeped onto the floor, and for the first time, Izel was able to touch his creation, the key to Eden. Two red-gloved hands swiped the stasis goop away from his grey, chubby flesh. And he started to cry. Izel pulled away, turned away and didn't see the woman take the artificial babe, pull him up against her breast, rock him.

"Izel, you scared him," Norma scolded, trying to soothe the grey baby, still dripping the stasis chamber fluid on the ground, on her shoes and clothes, but she didn't seem to mind.

Norma was a secretary for the Zerard branch of the Daytron Laboratory. She had become fairly good friends with Izel over the past few weeks, interested in his work with the strange child. The scientist suspected that it had something to do with her insecurities as a woman unable to have her own children.

She rocked the infant until it's cries stilled, and it's eyes drooped closed. "Does he have a name?" Izel shook his head, always feeling a burn of nervousness around the amazingly beautiful Norma. "Can I name him?"

"You're asking the wrong person. Valkog paid for his creation," Izel said, typing something quickly in his computer system about the reactions of the grey infant.

"I'm going to call him Seed." Izel must have looked at her strangely, for she smiled, flounced, the baby awakening slightly. "It makes perfect sense. He represents a new beginning, a source of further growth and development. Aren't children also referred to as seeds?" Izel shook his head. If he didn't know any better, he would have guessed she had thought it through already.

"Well I like it. I'm calling him Seed."