Minty Green

A disgusting green substance shot out from the approximate location Buffy stabbed her stake into the demon's side. Much of it spurted all over her; the rest slopped messily to the ground. It stank something fierce, too, not unlike rotten eggs mixed with battery fluid.

"Ugh," she muttered, looking down at the now minty green stained leather of her jacket. "That's just gross."

Tara offered a sympathetic smile and at once moved in to offer a handkerchief she pulled from her pocket. When Buffy didn't react immediately, Tara went about mopping up the green ooze from her.

"Thanks," Buffy said to her when she was done. "I could have done without living through that."

Tara nodded and held up the handkerchief in Buffy's line of view. The corners began to shrivel up as the ooze ate through it. "We'd better get you home and cleaned up before this happens to you, too!"

A sigh escaped Buffy's lips; they exchanged dark looks. The jacket would keep the ooze from burning her skin for now but would suffer for it's trouble.

"There just had to be acidic demon goop the day after I got myself a new leather jacket, didn't there?"