A Week of Storms Chapter 1

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Haruhi looked out the windows at the softly pattering rain for the tenth time in as many minutes. The light drizzle that had started that morning had turned into something more resembling a storm in the past half hour. Why, she thought, did I come to school this morning? In the distance, came the first warning rumble of a full thunder storm. The Hitachiin brothers shared a look while Haruhi, who sat between the two, dropped her head in an attempt to bite off a small whimper.

"Teacher!" Both twins spoke up at the same time, raising their hands. "Haruhi's not looking good, may we take him to the infirmary?" the teacher, seeing a nearly unresponsive student, was about to give permission when a knock sounded from the door.

"Yes?" the teacher asked, stepping out to speak with the visitor. "I see. Thank you for informing me." Stepping back in, he pointed at the Troublesome Trio. "You three, apparently there is an emergency meeting of your club that your attendance is required. Why it couldn't wait until lunch, I have no clue. Since I wasn't given any specific ending time, please take your things and see me when you get out for your homework assignments."

Standing up, the twins gave a salute, "Hai sensei!" Kaoru gathered Haruhi's work and bag while Hikaru guided the girl out into the hallway. She was surprised to see the entire Host Club out in the hallway, though she probably shouldn't have.

"Haruhi, you were aware of the weather conditions this morning, correct?" Kyoya stated, adjusting his glasses. Turning away, he didn't even look back, correctly expecting the club to fall into place as they walked.

She barely muttered a 'hai' as they all started walking, leading Haruhi on a familiar path, when the first echo of thunder cracked overhead. Before even completing her startled jump, she found herself in Mori's arms with Hunny looking down at her in worry.

"Don't worry Haru-chan, we're right here." Hunny smiled reassuringly from atop Mori's shoulders. "Do you remember the breathing exorcises we've been working on?" Nodding, Haruhi flexed her fingers into Takashi's shirt, concentrating on the gentle giant's steady heartbeat. Out for ten, in for then, let all outside distractions fall away…

Lightening, it seemed, split the sky in to and earned a yelp from the usually stoic girl. Momentary concentration shattered, her hand twitch-grasped at the senior's blue jacket. The club's walking pace increased in response. Nervous silence was felt by all, none expecting the storm to pick up this fast, and all hoping it would leave just as soon.

Reaching the third music room, Mori set down the trembling freshman, only for her to attempt to dive under a fancy table at the next flash. His hand was faster, grabbing her shoulder and staying her dive. "This way." His voice was like thunder itself: deep, short and to the point. Steering her to one of the side doors, he led her through to a smaller room, bare except for a standing piano, couch and a few chairs.

"What are we doing here, Mori-sempai?" Haruhi managed to ask after a few calming breaths.

"Haru-chan, do you hear anything?" Hunny asked in place of his quieter cousin speaking.

"What are you talking about, I don't hear… Oh." It was true, all Haruhi could hear of the storm outside was the occasional low growl, like an animal caged and willing to escape.

"Uh-huh, this is a practice room, Haru-chan. The walls are soundproofed." Sitting on the plush couch, Mori pulled Haruhi into his lap gently, one arm looped around her waist, the other hand gently pressing her head back into his chest. Huni sat at their feet leaning against her legs with a small smile. At one point, Usa-chan had transferred hands from Hunny's to Haruhi's and now was victim of a death-like squeeze that would leave any living creature gasping for air.

Kyoya sat in a chair, working on his laptop diligently as Tamaki dug out some sheet music from the piano bench. He knew the piece practically by heart, but the music would still be better with the prompts.

Minutes later, the last members came in, Kaoru carrying a small table and a thick blanket, while Hikaru carried a tray with seven steaming mugs. Unfortunately, nature chose to express itself the moment the door was opened. Startled, Haruhi yelped, her near-calm ruined by bad timing. Hurriedly setting up the small table, Kaoru unfolded the blanket with a flourish, wrapping it around the jumpy girl. Both twins took seats on either side of the couch after Hikaru passed out the drinks, hot cocoa with a small kick to keep away the chill. Leaning close, one started petting her hair, while the other her back.

"Ahem," Kyoya cleared his throat and adjusted his glasses. "As you are aware, the weather this week is stated to be ninety percent chance of rain." Through his cold demeanor, Haruhi could hear a hint of concern in his voice. "Which includes severe to moderate storms. As it is obvious taking extended leave would be bad for scholarships and business, I propose a rotational schedule."

"Daddy goes first!" Tamaki jumped up from his playing, hand waving. "Daddy will help his daughter through the storms!"

"My dad's not here this week, Tamaki-sempai, and you are not my father either." Haruhi stated dryly.

"Time slots will be decided by grade rank, meaning Kaoru and Hikaru will have first turn." Kyoya continue, ignoring the prince's plea to go first. "Of course Ranka-san has granted permission for us to escort you so long as the weather persists and he is out of town on a business trip." She didn't like the sound of that. "After all, if the weather starts to affect your performance during club hours, it will be added to your debt, understood?"

"Yes, Kyoya-sempai."

"Yay! Haruhi-chan!" The twins cheered in unison, grabbing the girl in a sandwich hug and giving Tamaki a set of devious grins. The blonde's soothing music turned to depressed plunking, looking wistfully at the girl.

"Poor Tono," Hikaru purred, pressing his cheek into Haruhi's.

"We'll take really good care of her." Kaoru's chin rested on her shoulder.

"Takashi," Hunny pouted, "That means that we go last, doesn't it?"

"Hn." Mori tightened his arms around her waist. Since they would be the last ones to have a turn, they would have to take advantage of their time now.

"Yes, thank you." Snapping his phone closed, Kyoya looked up. "There are ten minutes until lunch, and it seems that the storm has let up, for at least the time being. We will continue during the meeting this afternoon. Ja." Standing up, Kyoya left, holding his hand up casually.

It's just a start. Don't expect the chapters to be long though. I have this completely written out and I hope you enjoy A Week of Storms with me!

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