"Worthy" (THT)

Maybe I didn't deserve him

I don't know

But when does someone deserve anyone?

When you loved a person

You loved them

It's a given

Relationships are difficult

They'll always require work

But I believe that entire struggle is worth it

I know our relationship has forever been complicated

But you and I for many unknown reasons belong together

You feel it just as I feel it

I've tried running from it, but this feeling won't let me

You're still here

At the place my hand rests

Underneath where my heart lies

Wildly pounding, out of control, restless

I'll be the first to admit I've made countless mistakes

Haven't you?

But here you are with me

We're making more mistakes together

Hurting more people

Breaking more hearts

Ruining whole lives

We've been wrong

And we've been right

Right for grasping on to the feeling

Wrong for never knowing the one

Until the last moment

With the wrong person

Through it all our love remains the same

A/N: The bolded/italicized letters are stanza breaks. I'm not condoning LP's behavior, but this poem to me was how I think the creator Mark Swhann wanted us to see the LP relationship. I'm hoping you read it and enjoyed it. That's it. Peace!