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After a few hours the doctor finally faced the group. Everyone in the room fell silent as they saw the expression on the healer's face. "We found an existence inside Hiyuu-kun." She started.

"existence?" Daigo asked. None of the woman's words were making a sense to him.

"Yes. You heard me right. And it's reacting actively inside Hiyuu-kun's body. I can say that this is the cause of his sudden condition, be cause we observed that the existence feeds on his powers. The stronger the power it's host possesses, the stronger it becomes—" before the woman can continue on her explanation she was cut off by Sakurai.

"Wait a minute. It feeds on his power? Is there such thing?" Well, it's not really realistic to think that there is really such thing that exists in this world. But more than any other people they were the ones who know the most on what is really happening on their place. They got strange power didn't they?

"An oni."

"What?!" The question was chorused by the group. All of them couldn't believe at the truth landed before their eyes. Or rather.. ears..

"Are you nuts?! How can an oni get inside Tatsuma's body?! Not even that idiot would let an oni live inside him and posses him. That's ridiculous!" The guy stood from his chair.

"Is it really impossible, Kyoui-chan…?

"Don't call me by that name!—" A thing crossed Kyouichi's mind. After a few seconds he was now wide-eyed looking at the doctor. "T-That's… the reason…?" His knees felt weak that he fell back to his chair dazed.

The woman nodded which made the others more curious on what their conversation went to. As we can all observe on the two can understand the situation, none of the other member of the group can relate on what the two is talking about. Which made them more nervous.

"What's that? Tell us! How is it possible to have an oni inside Hiyuu-kun?!" It was Sakurai who voiced out what the others are curious for.

"According to your story, the oni you fought exploded right? And Hiyuu-kun is the closest one to it."

"How could that be—" the girl finally got the point. "T-That…?"

"Yeah. The remains from the explosion got inside Hiyuu-kun's body and now creating havoc in his system."

Everybody fell silent.

Daigo remembered something. "But if Hiyuu-kun got infected, how come that we are not? We fought the same oni."

"As far as I can remember, you said that he was the closest one to the incident and the others remained unscathed because you were able to protect yourself from the explosion."

The pieces were now connected, giving them the true picture of the reason of their worries.

"Is there anything we can do for him?" Aoi broke the silence.

The woman shook her head. "Nothing. All we can do is pray and hope that Hiyuu-kun will be strong enough to reject that thing inside him by his own will."

Damn! We're here yet we can't help him! This is bullshit!"

"Even if you say that, there's really nothing we can do about him Kyoui-chan."


Everyone headed back to Tatsuma's room. Sadness and pity for their friend is the mood that lingers in the whole room. Dead air was scattered on every four corners of the place. The only sound that breaks the silence is the sound of the apparatus that monitors Hiyuu's heart beat.

"It would be better if you will now head back to school. Maria will be more suspicious of us if she will notice that we would go missing altogether again." All heads turned to Kyouichi who spoke. Though he just made a statement he still has his eyes fixed at the unconscious guy on the bed. No emotion could be read in his eyes or his voice.

No one dared to contest the decision. All of them can understand the guy's point. Lately they have gone missing on some of their classes because of their somewhat called missions at hand. And since they work in groups, it is really noticeable when they don't come to class or suddenly leave in the middle of discussions. Even their adviser Maria Alucard is looking them suspiciously. Well, they can't blame her. It is really intriguing that those people that are not so close during the classes and barely talks to one another will go missing in group everytime there is an accident occurring.

"How about you Houraiji-kun" It was Sakurai.

"I'll stay here. There's got to be someone left here and watch this idiot from time to time. Besides, Maria-chan won't ask further if we are not in her class. She's used to it anyway."

"Understood. We will be back after the class." Before leaving the room Daigo tapped Kyouichi's shoulders. Giving him a silent message that it will be over and there's the group to serve as a support.


Luckily, Aoi and the others arrived just in time the bell rang, signaling that the break is over and the next class is about to start.

"Whew! We made it in time Sakurai-san."

"Why is that so, Daigo-kun?..." A figure appeared behind the guy. The three automatically turned at the voice's direction. None of them was able to speak when they realized who it was—Maria Alucard.

"Ahm…sensei…ano…e…to…" Aoi couldn't find any words that could save them from further interrogations. She was about to blurt the first thing that came inside her mind when another person appeared out of nowhere.

"Maria-sensei, can I interview you after the class?" You can now guess who the newcomer is. The teacher finally got her attention by the person.

"What is that for, Toono-san?"

"It's for the second part of the fist article that we wrote about you, sensei." Anko brought out a piece of paper that is obviously a draft of the magazine issue for the next month. "Know Maria-sensei more!"

After hearing this, the teacher automatically beamed. "Is that so? You should've told me earlier! I'll an appointment for you after this class, okay? Do you have any other plans for that article, I am willing to add suggestions!"

"Oh, about that sensei, I'm really planning to ask you for additional things for this." While talking to the obviously fooled teacher, Toono made a sign telling them that they should go inside the room already. The young journalist is buying them time for them to be able to escape the possible outcome of their being late.

Technically, They are not late. Maria-sansei arrived after they reached the door.

Slowly the three made their way inside the room, at the same time making a sign of thanks to Anko.

"We're safe now right?" Daigo asks. After that few minutes of tension, they were able to enter the room, their secret still intact.

"Yeah. We made it somehow, thanks to Toono-san."

"Maybe we should ask her to come with us after the class."

"Let's do that."

It took quite a long time before the class started because of Anko's marvelous distraction technique with the teacher. And when the teacher entered the room, she no longer pokes her nose on the business of the three students.

They thought that the class will go smoothly as they want it to be, but they were mistaken. She still managed to notice the missing students in her class.

"Where's Houraiji-kun, and Tatsuma-kun?" The three automatically tensed.

No one answered.

"Has anyone seen them?"

A student raised his hand and answered, "I saw them going on the rooftop."

"Those two…" The woman said under her breath, nevertheless she did nothing and continued the class.


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