"Bella, I'm sorry, but I don't love you, I never have", Edward spoke wretchedly.

"But…. why?" I stumbled

"This is all for the best really" I looked up at the man who had saved my life, as a single tear trickled down my cheek.

"How can it be the best when we're not together?" I asked with sorrow

"Im so sorry, goodbye Bella".

When I looked up he was gone. I stumbled through the woods, not knowing what to do.

"Well, well, well look who I've found", almost the last vampire I wanted to see right now spoke… Victoria. I looked up only to be pushed and slammed 10m back into a tree. I cried out in pain

Victoria and a few other vampires were observing my reaction.

"It seems your little Edward has left, now how will he feel when he finds out I killed you".

"I don't know, happy for all I know."

She looked surprised and the tops of her lips rose.

"Humph, well that's no fun", She stoped and turned around to the others I could now see.

There was a tall man, with dark, sandy blond hair. His skin was darker then the other vampires I had seen and his eyes were Icy blue.

There were also 2 small women. The first looked just like the man, except her hair was slightly lighter and her features were more feminine. Her eyes were Greeny-Orange. They must have been brother and sister when they were human.

The second had dark brown hair, and a perfect figure. Her eyes were very light brown, and her skin was paper white.

She whispered in their ears, to fast for me to hear. The man held me down as they played out their new plan.

Victoria bit my left and the others joined in. They each either had an arm or a leg and they bit every centimetre of skin they could. So instead of killing me, they were turning me into a vampire so I would remember this day for the rest of eternity.

The pain struck me like a lightning bolt. It was like nothing I had ever imagined, everywhere flamed. My eyes drifted, I knew I wasn't sleeping, I couldn't, not in this pain, but I did try.

The few days felt like forever but I started to hear the voices around me.

"Vic, this isn't right, it's been too long, something must of happened lets just go", I heard a girl whine.

"No, Nexy she ok, listen her heart is speeding up, its almost finished."

"Finally, how long has it been, 8 days" the man blabbed.

"Yer I think so", a sweeter voice included.

Then all the pain just stopped. I slowly opened my eyes, being carful not to lose it. The world seemed so much clearer. Everything was so bright and beautiful. I could hear every step someone made and it was amazing.

"Hello I'm Nexaly, but you can just call me Nexy". She placed her hand next to mine and held it. she leaned up and whispered in my ear.

"Im sorry what has happened, Vic is crazy". She murmured so quietly I only just heard her.

I looked down at her and nodded.

"Hi Im Beverly, yes but everyone calls me Bev." She added.

"Hey, god you took a long time to turn what were you doing, meditating…Ha just kidding honey. But anyway I… am …. The….Avatar!" I couldn't help but smile at the merrinessof saying his name.

"Yes and you know me, I have told then about your life, well what I know of it." Victoria uncaringly said.

"Well hi, I guess, what are your powers". I said with no self-conscious.

"I can change the weather and gravity", Bev said

"My power is to control Earth, water, fire and ice, you know stuff like that", Nexy beamed.

"Yep and I can talk telepathically." Avatar smiled

I trusted then, well not 'Vic', but the others. They explained to me that she had ordered then to turn me or she would rip the apart and burn them. Nexy was my new best friend, Avatar was my protector/ fake lover as he would put it and Bev was always there when I was clueless or needed help with life. She had been a vampire for 100 years and knew a lot.