Before The Meeting

Caius and I laid on the couch watching old movies. He played with my hair and caressed my cheeks; I really was starting to like him a lot. The bell struck 6am and it was time for our coven meeting. We stood up and held hands while we walked into the dining room.

We covered many topics and planned to meet the Cullen that week, though I wasn't as excited about it as everyone else was.

'Ha-ha imagine Edwards face when he sees his little Bella, and she 'doesn't even know who his is'!" Aro laughed and the rest join in.

'Bella's not his anymore' Caius said madly.

'Mhmm but don't you ever think that when she sees him again that she will fall in love with him, once again'. Jane questioned.

'No, I don't think she will, isn't that right Bella.' 'Ah yer, i don't love him and never will' i hated lying to myself of corse I love him and want to be with him, and want to ruffle his hair up and push him over and then help him up and kiss him passionately.


The years slowly passed, and I was longing for Bella's love. She chose Jake over me, and from the word around the street he left her and she disappeared. Alice tried to make me feel better and said that we would find her but I knew that Bella didn't want me, so what was the point of being broken even more, that's right, love.

'EDWARD! It's time for school' Alice called to me.

'Great, the days just keep coming'. I mumbled to myself as I grabbed my bad and languished down the stairs to Alice.

My first class was Science with my lab partner Mindy. Alice always tried to hook me up with her but, she's creepy.

'Come on Edward, just go on one little date you might like her', Alice mumbled low from behind me.

'Alice, there's something wrong with her', I mumbled back.

'What do u mean?'

'She's not all the way there', I said and pointed to my head.


'She's dumb as crap!' I yelled impatiently then realising that the whole class heard me.

'Would you like to explain yourself Mr Cullen?' Mr Delf asked

'Not really'

'That's good enough for me!' he and smiled and continued teaching.

'Please Edward Jasper and I will double with you?' Alice begged


'Jasper will keep her in control and I won't tell her that you think she's cute',


'Fine' Alice got out of her seat, walked passed me and sat down next to Mindy. 'Hi, umm I'm Edward's sister and I just wanted to let you know, he thinks' you're cute...' Alice got up and went back to her seat.

I looked at Mindy and she jumped on top of with a smile that looked like she was possessed.


When I got home Alice was waiting for me.

'Now just one little date' she said


'Ok well I'll just have to tell her that you lov—' she almost finished but tackled her to the ground.


I stopped being made and looked at Alice, she really looked hurt.

'I'm sorry I yelled, but you know that's how it is,' I said while standing up and helping her up too.

'I'll see you later, I gotta ...think' I announced and turned around.

'No, no, no, no, NO stay', Alice pleaded

'Its ok I'll see you later I promise', I calmed her.

'K, love you'

'Yer, love you too', and I ran out the door.


I changed clothes for hunting and waited for everyone outside. Soon everyone else came running down the stairs, but Caius was missing. I stood on my tip toes to look over everyone in case I had missed him but he wasn't there. I felt a soft had slip into mine and I knew it was him, I turned around and leaned in to hug him but my eye site faded and I started having a vision.

I smiled, it was Edward but then I saw more pacifically. He was lying on top of Alice, my teeth slammed together and I clenched my fists.

'I'm sorry I yelled, but you know that's how it is,' he said while he stood up and then pulling Alice up with him.

How could he, how could she!

'I'll see you later, I gotta ...think' I announced and turned around to walk out of the house.

'No, no, no, no, NO stay', Alice pleaded to him.

'It's ok I'll see you later I promise', I said to her.

'K, love you'

'Yer, love you too', and he ran out the door.

My vision stopped there, and when my site came back half of the place was ripped to shreds and everyone either looked scared or worried Caius touched my face and groomed my hair. I tried to be happy that I was in his arms, but I wanted to kill Alice and Edward. I would let them have it when I see them, I deserved more than him, and now I have Caius.


I decided to say yes to Mindy, I didn't want to hurt her and it was just one little date and we we're doubling with Alice and Jasper.

The girls chose a movie while jasper and I waited for them.

'You ok dude?' jasper thought

'Yer' was all I said.

The girls chose some scary movie that I had no interest in. We found our seats and the movie begun. Mindy scared the whole way through and made the rest of the audience irritated, so they through food and drink at us. After the movie Alice suggested that we go look at the new mall down the road and Mindy agreed.

The girls looked though each shop, and bout a wardrobe worth of clothes and Jasper and I were stuck carrying them.

'Ok that was fun, now which way is outta here?' Jasper asked irritated

'Umm that way', Alice pointed from behind us.

'No, we just went that way', I told them

'He he this is fun', Mindy giggled like a child.

I looked at Alice frustrated, why did I say yes again.

'Look its ok we'll just go check the directory'. Alice told us and walked around the corner, while the rest of us followed. Alice found the directory and we first found were we were.

'You are here,' Mindy read and pointed to the dot. 'How do they know?!' Mindy gasped in a serious and worried voice.

Alice slapped her hand against her head; I guess her plan wasn't working so well. And Jasper held his hands to his mouth trying to keep his laugh in, while I rolled my eyes disgusted.

'Hah look we just need to go that way', Mindy laughed and pointed to the left.

We walked out of the mall and down the block, in a dim street with very few shops that only sold alcohol and cigarettes before we got lost again.

'Its fine, Edward and I will go ask someone just stay here.' Jasper lead

'Oh Edward your such a brave man, and a sexy one too.' Mindy howled

'Yer, sure whatever you say,' I mumbled.

Jasper and I quickly walk off to a shop called 'We Got It'.

'Oh god Edward you weren't kidding I seriously think there's something wrong with that girl', Jasper laughed at me. 'And your face, you looked like you saw her throw up continually, hah you should of seen it, oh wait here it is'.

And he show me in his mind my face, and he was not joking I looked sickened.

When we walked in I saw the cashiered, he was a dark Indian in his 50's probably.

'Hi, how may I help you?' he asked politely

'Hi, um we're lost could you', I tried to finish but the Indian interrupted.

'Oh no you didn't, oh no you did not come into my store with nothing to buy!' he yelled.

'I'm sorry but,' he interrupted me again.

'NO, I am not a directory, you see this dot,' he yelled and pointed to his fore head 'this is not a "You are here dot!"'

'OK! BYE!' Jasper and I yelled and ran out of the store laughing so hard.

After we dropped Mindy off at her house and had arrived home to an empty house because everyone else was out hunting, we laugh about everything stupid she had done and how dumb she was.

'So even though I can't stand her, today was one of the funniest days I've had for ages.' I chuckled

'Yer', Jasper and Alice both agreed.

I turned on the X-box 360 and versed jasper in grand theft auto while Alice watched.

We'd been playing for ages and I Was winning.

'STOP! EDWARD!' I dropped the remote and ran to Alice's side along side of Jasper.

'What is it Alice?' jasper asked worried.

I looked into Alice's mind.

It was the Volturi they were coming because of the accident that had happened With Jasper.


Jasper and Emmett were hunting and a lost camper wondered on our territory, and to close to them when they were hunting. Jasper smelt it first and raced to find her and when they saw each other jasper was snarling and covered in blood so she screamed. Emmett was then behind him, but resisted her blood. The girl had seen too much so Before Jasper could attack her he knocked her out and dragged her to Carlisle. He injected her with poison that killed her and buried the remains so Jasper still wouldn't taste her blood.

End of Flashback

'Wait its coming clearer'. She whispered

The Volturi and their guards were standing in the forest outside of our house. Then I saw my face, I looked sad, amazed, shocked but something different, a little love. Then I realised there was a new member of the Volturi, Bella. Still as beautiful as ever, but she looked angry she probably was still angry that I left her, but that was so long ago, could she really hate me that much. But she also looked confused like she didn't know where she was. The vision ended.

'What happened', Jasper asked still waiting for an answer.

Alice and I looked at each other and said one world