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Chapter Six Eternity

Harry and Edward sat intertwined under a tree near the Quidditch pitch of Potter Manor. Harry smiled as his thoughts drifted.


Harry and Edward appeared in the entrance hall of Potter Manor. The others rushed in grabbing Harry and Edward in hugs. Harry had to have his magic fill him because Esme got carried away with her hug.

"Carlisle," Harry said. "I need you to sit down and tell me everything you know about from the time you served the Volturi."

"Why? What happened?" Carlisle asked.

"It was unbelievable," Edward said looking at Harry in amazement. "He apparated in and in the end he decimated twenty-one Volturi guards, gave Jane a dose of her own medicine and basically took over the Volturi."

The rest of the Cullens turned to look at Harry. Harry smiled shyly.

"I remembered a little what Edward told me about them so I figured I would do what I could to help set them straight."

Carlisle smiled warmly at Harry, "I bet they didn't take that too well."

Harry shook his head. "I may have had to use my methods of persuasion."

Edward got the attention of the Cullen family, "I have to tell you though, when the Volturi went to check on Bella, they ended up killing her. The mutt was with her but he abandoned her when he realized they were more powerful than he was. I doubt we could ever return to Forks; the Quileutes would be hunting us."

"She's part of the reason I took over the Volturi. Despite that Edward and others couldn't have affected her mind, I know I could have and I could have just erased her memory. There will be no more meaningless killings," Harry said. "Now, I think I need to take Edward to see our wonderful children. I know they missed their daddy."

The Cullens just smiled as they two headed upstairs. They couldn't wait until they could add their children to the mix.

End Flashback

Harry also had his hand full with the Volturi. He remember the first time they were brave enough to try and defy him.


Harry felt the wards around the Volturi headquarters flare to life. He had Edward watched the two toddlers as he slipped on his battle gear and apparated to Italy.

Aro had a guard restraining a human about ready to kill her when he popped in. Harry froze everyone and proceeded to release the human.

"What is going on here?" Harry asked coldly.

"This human has found out about us," Marcus said.

"And that gives you the right to kill her? Is she the mate of a vampire? Is that how she found out?" Harry asked. Caius nodded.

Harry turned to look at the girl that was in her early twenties. She was had big brown eyes and long brown curly hair. She looked like what Hermione might have looked like had she had lived.

"What's your name?" Harry asked smiling encouragingly.

"Emily," she replied.

"You have found out your mate is a vampire. Does that scare you?" Harry asked her.

"No, it doesn't. I know he lives on humans, but he hunts criminals that the police can't catch or arrest." Harry smiled at that reply. At least some of his ideas were panning out.

"Why were you going to kill her?" Harry asked turning to stare down Aro.

"She doesn't deserve to know about us," Aro said. He knew that wasn't going to work for the wizard that had affected their entire Coven.

"You will leave her be," Harry said. "I will fix this like I told you I would."

Harry turned towards the girl and explained what he was and what he was going to do. She nodded enthusiastically. Harry cast a secrecy spell on her and gave her a small coin that would alert him if the Volturi ever tried to bother her about it again. He gave her a portkey and explained how it worked as he sent her on her way. He turned back to face Aro.

"The next time I have to come here for your stupidity Aro, I will kill you. And You two," Harry said addressing Caius and Marcus. "Gain some backbone and stand up to this prick."

Harry gave a nod and apparated back home.

End Flashback

The Volturi finally started following Harry's rules. They had learned he would be there every time they stepped out of line.

With some prodding from the entire Cullen family, Harry found out Andromeda and Teddy were away from the battle when it happened. He reconnected with them and spent many years happily with them and the Cullens.

That had been four centuries ago. Hogwarts and the wizarding world slowly rebuilt itself and Harry became a popular myth amongst the wizarding kids of the world. He would appear and take out the new Dark Lord that would pop up every few years then he would disappear once again without anyone the wiser.

"Papa! Dad! Are you going to sit out there all day?" an eternal eighteen year old Xara Potter-Cullen shouted from the manor.

"We're coming sweetheart," Edward replied. "Come on, we better head in."

Harry smiled as Edward helped him to his feet.

"I love you Harry," Edward said as they walked towards the manor.

Harry smiled at the man that had made him happy for many many years.

"I love you too Edward, for all eternity."