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Anyway this is an Edward/Sigmund fanfic meaning yoai also meaning boy on boy action so if you don't like it don't read

Also just so no one is confused, in the game Sigmund dies, but that doesn't work well for this story so instead of dying Sigmund is instead in a coma.


It's been three years since Capell returned from the moon. As expected, there was the anticipated mob of friends glad to see their long lost comrade return after three years. As was the expected bombardment of questions, typical ones such as 'how are you?' and 'how did you get back?' Capell, after the unexpected wave of questions quickly regained his composure and answered all to the best of his ability. Soon after though, everything quickly quieted down.

Kristopher and Komachi have since teamed up in an attempt to find a cure for the 'sleep' that all of the Aristos had fallen into.

Two years ago on a seemingly reliable piece of information the two left on a journey that led them halfway across the world only to return shortly empty handed. Unwilling to give up they still search for a remedy that will revive their loved ones.

Edward and Kiriya are still working together, much to Edward's chagrin. Kiriya has yet to lose the joy that he finds in tormenting Edward and his lack of diplomatic skill.

If it wasn't for Vic and her encouraging words, Edward would have throttled Kiriya by now. She is still working for Edward as one of his retainers. Despite growing into a lovely young woman, Vic still retains her masculine nature, no doubt thanks to Dominica's 'guidance'.

All of the Aristos including Sigmund are in Fayel where they are all being watched over by Michelle's careful eye. Michelle, in spite of losing her healing glyph, hasn't given up on her dream of taking care of all those whom she loves.

She dutifully takes care of all in her ward but she pays special attention to Sigmund. She says it's because he shows the most promise in awakening considering that he is only in a comatose state, unlike to others.

Capell upon his return immediately turned his attention to overseeing the rebuilding of his father's kingdom. Casandra is now the great city it once was with Capell as its governor, even though he despises the title.

He and Aya got together soon after his homecoming and are still going strong. There has been a rumor going around that Capell is trying to get up the nerve to propose to Aya, but no one dares to speak of it, none wanting to ruin the surprise.

This is where our story begins.

It was a warm day. Almost stiflingly so if it wasn't for the slight breeze that was making its way across the valley.

It was high noon and two sleeping figures lying underneath the shade of a tree almost made the scene look like one out of a book.

Capell and Aya lie underneath the shade of the tree trying to enjoy the day to its fullest.

The breeze picks up slightly, moving the leaves of the tree overhead allowing gaps of sunlight to shine through. Capell furrows his brow in annoyance as the sunlight falls across his eyes disrupting his peaceful euphoria.

He smiles as the breeze quiets down returning the shade to rest on his eyes. He lets out a sigh, arms tightening around Aya's waist.

"Aya?" Capell asks.

Aya shifts hmning in response, not wanting to be disturbed. "What?" she asks curling up closer to Capell.

"You know you're the most important person in my life right?"

"I know." Aya says stretching seeing that she won't be allowed to rest anymore. She sits up, leaning up against the tree.

"And that I would do anything for you?" he asks kissing her.

"Yes," Aya giggles. "Capell stop, that tickles." She laughs pushing against Capell. Capell gives Aya a mischievous look before he lunges at her. Aya screams, laughing as they roll around in the grass.

Capell makes his way down Aya's neck showering it with soft kisses. Aya stops struggling, giggles escaping from time to time.

Capell pauses his assault on Aya's neck. "Well I was wondering." He says as he puts his hand in his pocket.

"CAPELL, AYA!!!" a voices rings out across the valley.

Capell jerks away from Aya a blush be-painting both their cheeks. They both try to smooth out their clothes trying to look at least a bit presentable. They look up to see a red haired beauty making her way towards them.

"Vic what's wrong?" Aya asks worried. Capell gives Vic a glare before shaking it off, knowing that she wouldn't ruin something so important unless it was an emergency.

Vic comes to a stop in front of them gasping trying desperately to get air into her deprived lungs. She waves her hands around wildly trying to tell them both something despite her lack of words at the current moment. She is able to wheeze out some words like 'Fayel' and 'hurry' before she gives up.

She motions for them to follow her before she darts off in the direction she came from.

Aya and Capell exchange confused glancing before Aya scrambles to her feet, racing to catch up to the hysteric red head already a few hundred yards ahead of them.

Capell heaves a deep sigh, pulling out a ring from his pocket. He gives it a melancholy stare before returning it to his pocket. 'Maybe later,' he thinks before he starts running after the two girls. "Hey wait up."

Edward groans, running his fingers through his hair. He lets his head hit the desk, the thump resounding through the room.

'Damn Kiriya, I bet he knew that this would happen.' Edward thinks to himself. He moves his head so that it is resting on his chin instead of his forehead. Edward straitens out his back, letting out a happy groan as it pops, releasing some of the earlier tension. He holds up the parchment, looking it over trying to figure out where he went wrong.

Admitting defeat for the moment he stands up, the scraping of the chair across the wooden floor breaking the silence. He walks over to stand in front of the window gazing out.

This had to be one of his favorite views in the whole building. This breathtaking view of the landscape was priceless to him and would remain so for the rest of eternity. The pure beauty of this view was one thing that Edward did not think was disposable. He felt honored that he was allowed to have this room for his office.

Lately he has been spending more and more time staring out at the countryside. There seemed to be something wrong, but not even he could put his finger on it.

He sighs. Returning to his chair he decides to take another look at the document that seemed to enjoy tormenting him.

He jumped slightly as someone started to all but attack the door.

"Kiriya, if that's you I'm not in the mood to hear you tell you me that I'm terrible at my job." Edward growled.

That didn't stop the pounding on the door, if anything it only got worse.

Edward grumbled, grabbing the keys to the door. As soon as he unlocked the doors they burst open and in tumbled Vic.

"Vic, what is the meaning of this!" Edward shouted pushing the red head off of him. Capell and Aya skid to a stop in front of the door. They helped Edward and Vic to their feet, but as soon as she was back up right Vic ran out the door.

Capell grabbed Edward by the wrist and started tugging him in the direction Vic was running.

"Wait! What is going on?" Edward asked getting the idea, starting to run along with Capell and Aya.

"We don't know." Aya shouted.

"We just know that it's too important to waste time talking about it." Capell explained.

After another good half mile of running all the pieces of the puzzle all started to fit together as they entered the city boundaries of Fayel.

Vic raced up the steps of the hospital, slipping in through the doors.

The trio hurried to keep up, making it to the doors as they clicked closed. They exchanged glances as they heard a scream before pushing open the doors.

And Michelle was there, on the floor, papers scattered everywhere. Aya was the first over, already bent down helping pick up the scattered papers. Edward and Capell went over and helped the two young women to their feet.

"What is wrong with that girl!" Edward shouted throwing his hands up in the air.

"You mean she hasn't told you yet?" Michelle asked a shocked expression on her face. After all three shook their heads 'no' Michelle groaned, rubbing her temples. "I told that girl specifically to inform everybody of what was happening. This is my fifth time explaining what is going on and it's starting to get tiresome."

"Michelle what is going on, if it's not important enough for us to know what is happening then I'm leaving." Edward grumbled heading for the door.

"Yeah, what has Vic acting like this?" Capell inquired grabbing Edwards sleeve preventing him from leaving just yet.

"Sigmund is waking up!" Michelle shouts barely able to contain herself. She jumps up and down a few times before darting off down the hall. Capell, Aya, and Edward all stand rooted to their spots, jaws slack.

Edward was the first to move, following Michelle toward Sigmund's room, soon after Capell and Aya followed in suit.

Opening the doors they were able to see that everyone was there, waiting anxiously.

Kristopher and Komachi were both trying to decipher some old scrolls but couldn't concentrate, throwing the sleeping figure on the bed nervous glances.

The twins, Rico and Rucha were running about trying to include themselves in all of the conversations, it was a good thing that Michelle had "coincidentally" admitted Sigmund to the largest room possible, or their running about would have soon become problematic.

Eugene, Balbagan, and Kiriya were in the back corner of the room. Balbagan was saying something about engaging Sugmund in a duel of sorts. Eugene and Kiriya both were trying to reason with the leviathan, telling him that engaging in such activities just might put Sigmund in another coma. Balbagan didn't seem to hear either of them, laughing from deep in his chest at the thought of finally beating Sigmund.

Genma and Dominica were situated on the floor, fussing over Vic. The poor girl had run herself ragged reuniting up the old group. Michelle crouched down offering Vic a glass. She accepted it gratefully and quickly drained it, she shot barely missing the others heads, making gagging noises.

"What was that foul concoction?"

"Just a little something I made up." Michelle explained. "and I don't want to hear you complain." She said just as Vic opened her mouth. "You're no longer exhausted now are you, no thanks necessary." Michelle laughed smugly as Vic closed her mouth a discontented look on her face.

"I don't want to tell you how to do your job," Kiriya started. "but I think Sigmund is showing more signs of awakening." He leaned over the still form of Sigmund noticing that his eyelids had started to move slightly.

"Move." Michelle stated, roughly pushing Kiriya out of the way. Eugene caught Kiriya just in time, stopping his fall.

All noise in the room instantly evaporated.

Everyone crowded as close to the bed as they could get, restlessly waiting for their dear friend to awaken.

A murmur went through the group as they saw Sigmund's brow furrow slightly.

Sigmund tentatively opened his eyes. Everything was blurry and he blinked a couple of times. As his vision cleared he was met with the smiling faces of his closest friends.

"Where is Leonid?" were the first words that had past his lips in a good while.

Everyone's smiles broadened and some chuckled.

"Good to have you back Sigmund." Balbagan said patting Sigmund's shoulder.

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