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Dear Tony,

You have been gone for a year now.

A new person has come in your place at work.

His name is Declan O'Connell. He is a liaison office from the ISS: Irish Secret Service. He cannot tell us anything about the ISS, and we do not know much about him either.

There is not as much joking anymore. O'Connell is not the type of person to joke around; he is more the serious type.

I suppose I should get onto the main subject…

Antonia Talia David-DiNozzo.

That is her name.

She is six months old now.

She has my eyes, and your smile, or so Gibbs says.

Jenny and Gibbs have been a great help in the last six months, and Abby and McGee also. When Toni was christened, Abby and Jenny were her Godmothers and McGee and Gibbs her Godfathers.

Abby has already tried to buy a cot that looks like a coffin for Toni, but McGee managed to stop her buying it.

McGee and Abby often take what they call 'shifts.' They come and stay with me, to give me a break from having to wake up when Toni cries. They are a great help to me, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without them.

Wherever you are now, whether your heaven, or my Olam Haba, I hope that it is a nicer place than this cruel world.

At first I only wished to join you, I asked myself, "Why did Elohim take you, and not me?"

Then Antonia came, and part of you returned with her.

When she grows up, she shall know about you, and how you died for your country.

I miss you.

I wish you could come back.

But I guess you can't, can you?

Life of life eternal, and all that…

If there is life after death, I hope I will meet you there again.

Abby misses you too. She told us she was in mourning clothes, but we could not tell the difference between her mourning clothes and the clothes she normally wears.

McGee misses being called Probie, I think.

Gibbs misses head-slapping you, and O'Connell gets really annoyed when Gibbs does it to him.

I guess that is the difference between the two of you.

You could (only just) take authority. Declan hates being told what to do.

I guess that is why he dislikes me so much. Opposites attract? He was an ISS assassin, I Mossad. He hates authority; I disliked it at first also.

It still seems strange, coming into work, sitting down at my desk, looking up and not looking at you.

I'll never replace you.

There will only ever be one "Daddy" to Antonia.

I bet you never thought that the 'tough Mossad assassin ninja-butt-kicking chick' would ever be crying over you, would you?

I miss you.

I can never, ever tell you just how much I miss you, and if you were here now, you wouldn't believe it, I can tell you that at least.

I don't know why, but I have kept the piece from the newspaper about you. It is on the wall, a final memory.

Abby helped me find photos of you.

McGee found the frames.

There is a wall covered in photographs of you, and of me and Antonia.

A family?

A family… with one missing.

I wish you could come back.

Some days I might wake up, thinking that it was all a bad dream, and then reality hits me like a hammer.

You're gone.

And you aren't coming back.

I miss you.

I love you.

Why did you have to go?

Why did you have to leave me?



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