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Chapter 1

The first rays of sunshine emerged from between the trees in the horizon. It was 5 am in the morning and I was on my way to my new work. It was going to take some time getting used to this, I had never been much of a morning person. Still, I pushed the accelerator even further down on the Volvo S60, eager to get there in time. The purr from the engine increased and I smiled, I sure loved this car, unfortunately it wasn't mine but my father's. I sighed, knowing it would take a long time before I could afford something like this.

The job I'd gotten was as a personal assistant to the executive director of Cullen Inc., probably the single biggest coorporation in the US. What they were actually doing I had no idea, just that they were big, as in REALLY big.


I was really nervous and the sterile interior inside the waiting room at Cullen Inc. main office in Seattle didn't help. Still I couldn't help but be a little proud that I had gotten this far, I mean there had to be some sort of thinning before the interviews. At least I'd passed that one. I was sitting there nervously twisting my hands and fingers, waiting for my turn when a woman emerged from one of the offices calling out "Isabella Swan".

"Please call me Bella", I said walking up to meet her, stretching my hand out towards the woman for her to shake it.

"I'm Victoria" she said while taking my hand. "Victoria Miller. I'm responsible for the staff in the personal service department, which is the one mr Cullen's assistant will belong to."

With that she turned her back against me and walked into the office again. I followed her in since she has not told me otherwise and it seemed the appropriate thing to do. She stopped just inside the door, waiting for me to pass through it and shut it behind me. The office almost had the same cold furnishing as the waiting room, apart from the mahogany desk in the middle of the room. Vistoria sat down in the desk chair behind it and signed for me to take a seat in an armchair situated in front of her.

"So, Isabella…" Victoria said indifferently. "I see that you have no previous experience of housekeeping?"

"No but, ehm, I'm quite tidy of me, not that I've got OCD or anything but I just like to keep my surroundings clean and neat. I mean I guess I'm pretty much like ordinary people, just a bit.. ehrm, tidier? I mean I like to clean but it's not like it's a hobby or anything I just…"

I silenced when I saw Victorias gaze on me, she could just as well have asked me if I was dropped on my head when I was a baby. Nice one Bella, I thought, mentally slapping myself. Verbal filter shutdown.

"How's you experience with cooking?" Victoria asked.

"I'm good at cooking, so that won't be a problem. When it comes to the schedule manager part I can't really say anything else but that I'm a fast learner."

"I'm sure you are" Victoria said scribbling down something at a paper, looking utterly bored with the whole situation.

"How is you work situation now?"

I blushed, confessing that I didn't have one. Victoria muttered something under her breath and adds yet another note to the paper in front of her. She opened one of the drawers in her desk and took out a file. After taking a quick glance inside it at something she shut it again.

"I see that you live in Forks yourself, do you have a car that you'll be able to drive to work?"

"I have" I said, not wanting to go into specifics about whose the car actually was.

"Good" she said. "Just in case."

I mentally snorted. Yeah right, like that's gonna happen.

"Just one last question then." Victoria said. "Why do you think we should hire you as mr Cullen's assistant?"

"Well, I'm very good at organizing things and I love to cook. I see myself as a service person and I have no problems spending time with people, no matter who they are. I know that I haven't had any jobs like this before but there's got to be a first for everything, right?"

"Indeed" Victoria mumbled and wrote something at the paper on her desk. She gave me a critical glance before she began talking.

"Well I don't believe I have any more questions for you now. We'll be in touch with you before the weekend if you get the job."

I raised from my chair and shook Victorias hand once again before walking out of the office, shutting the door behind me. Well that went well, one less job to worry about getting. I sighed and pushed the elevator button.

End of flashback

From the beginning I had never even thought that I would be called to an interview. The job was way out of my league, so you can imagine my surprise when they'd called a few days later saying that I had gotten the job, wondering when I could start. Now?

The job included taking care of business at mr Cullen's house, keeping his schedule in order and making the meals. I had never had a profession even remotely close to this, which made me a bit nervous. I was a good chef but the other things I had no whatsoever experience with. I had over the past few days actually wondered if they might have taken me for someone else, mixed me up with one of the other candidates, but I wasn't going to complain. The salary was good and I desperately needed the money to be able to go to college.

I was brought back to reality when I registered the large gates that emerged further down the road. I had entered a road surrounded by woods, and was now quite far away from any kind of civilization. This must be it, I thought. No other person in Forks could need that kind of protection or seclusion. When I was at the gates I still could not see the house, the road continued further out of my sight.

I stopped the car, turned of the engine and opened the door to step out. When I had both feet safely on the ground (I was a bit of a klutz and I had learned to take safety precautions to prevent accidents from happening) I searched the area around the gates for a communication panel or something similar to it. I found one and pushed a button that said visitors. The speaker started to hum and a few seconds later I heard a soft male voice saying "Yes?".

"Uhm, Hi, I'm Isabella Swan and I'm supposed to start working here today."

"Right, I'll let you through. Just follow the road and you'll get to the house" the voice said again, and I heard a beep in the speaker at the same time as the gates began to open.

I went back to my car, shut the door and started the engine. I slowly pulled through the gates and continued on the road towards the house. After a couple of hundred meters the road took a sharp turn to the left and the woods opened up, revealing a beautiful two-stored house to me.

The panel was white and there was a giant open area in front of it where a sleek black mercedes was parked. The front door was big, made in oak and to be quite frank, a bit intimidating. I huffed irritable at myself. Pull it together Bella, you can do this.

Since I had no idea where to park my car I stopped right behind the mercedes and pulled the key out of the ignition. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car, onto the gravel that covered every inch of the area in front of the house. Good thing I didn't wear high heels today, I thought, gravel and pumps has never been a good combo and with my clumsiness added to it, it could probably be lethal.

I closed the door and locked the car with my keys, before starting to ascend the stairs that led up to the house's entrance. I pulled the doorbell and waited patiently for someone to come and answer it. I guessed that a man with a house this size would have maids or butlers and I was expecting one of them to open the door.

I waited for a few minutes but noone answered the door. I became a bit irritated and pulled the bell again. Nothing happened. I was on my way pulling it once more when I heard footsteps inside the house coming towards the door.

Finally, I thought. I watched the doorhandle turn and prepared myself for being able to explain who I was. Unfortunately, when the door opened, all coherent thought left my mind in a whoosh.

Oh. My. God.

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