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Return to Hawaii, chapter 1

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Detective Sam Makoa frowned. He recognized the style of the attack and wished that he didn't. He also recognized to whom this person was trying to send a signal. He could already feel a headache coming on.

"Get me Washington," he said.

Location: Titan's Tower

A DEO helicopter arrived, unannounced. The Titans were leery of this, and Kon was giving Match a concerned look. Had his brother been caught doing something he shouldn't have?

Kon's apprehension deepened when Amanda Waller got out of the helicopter. He had dealt with the woman on a number of occasions, and he wasn't happy with any of them.

"What are you here for, Waller?" Cyborg demanded.

"I need to talk to Superboy," she said. "We've received information about somebody from his past trying to get in touch with him."

"You couldn't have called?" Kon asked.

She shook her head. "I couldn't be sure that the line was secure."

"Is it just me that you want to talk to? Or can the rest of the Titans listen?"

"They don't have the clearance for it, except for Match. If he wants to come, I have no objections."

Robin and Wonder Girl weren't enthralled by the idea, but the three of them went to a room in Titan's Tower. Waller placed a device on the table and pressed a button on it.

"What's that?" Superboy asked.

"It's a device to defeat electronic surveillance," Match informed him. "Please forgive my tardy greetings, Director Waller; it's a pleasure to see you again."

Kon watched aghast as his brother gave two brief kisses on Waller's cheeks.

She laughed. "You and your European manners. You're probably the only one who isn't lying through his teeth when he says that. I'm not popular with a lot of people, like Superboy over there."

"What's up?" Superboy asked, trying to get back to business. "Why did you come to me?"

"Your old friend, Lady Dragon of the Silicon Dragons, has resurfaced. She's looking for revenge on you, and she's rebuilt her organization."

Kon shuddered as he remembered the ruthless gang he fought early in his career. "Match, I don't know if you're familiar with them, but the Silicon Dragons are-"

"A criminal organization that has access to advanced technology and is based out of Hawaii," Match finished. "You worked with the Suicide Squad to defeat them a couple years ago."

"I'd normally ask where you came across classified information, but I'm aware of your talents," Amanda said. "She's calling you out, Superboy."

"Lady Dragon had a twisted code of honor," Kon said. "Are you sure that it's really her?"

"Our analysts say it's a ninety-eight percent chance that it's her."

"So, there's a one in fifty chance that it isn't."

"It's probably not quite that," Match informed Superboy. "Analysts tend to lowball numbers. It's a culture of conservative estimates. Put it at ninety-nine or higher."

"Was this a warning or a hint as to what I'm going to be doing?"

"There isn't any squad to back you up," Waller told him. "Your old friend, Makoa, can provide you with more detailed information."

"She's after me, so I don't want to risk getting anyone hurt. I'm more powerful than I was back then; I should be able to deal with her without anyone's help."

"Don't think that you're going without me," Match stated.

"You'd go without me," Superboy pointed out.

"You'd complain if I did so."

Kon realized that Match was suppressing his powers. He should have realized that his brother would be underhanded enough to pull that.

He grit his teeth. "Fine, you can come."

"Excellent," Match said before he turned to Waller. "If Task Force X was sent before, why are there no resources to send this time?"

Waller looked frustrated. "I have no resources, period. I'm not trusted because I was part of the Luthor administration. They've got me in a hopeless desk job while they dream up a reason to fire me."

"I see. Perhaps I can offer you some assistance when I return."

Waller laughed. "Don't bother. They think they have me on my last legs, but I'm three steps ahead of them. I just need them to take the next step, and then I'll pull the rug out from under them and end up back on top."

"I'll keep an eye out for it," Match promised.

"I'm going to get ready to go to Hawaii," Kon told them.


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