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Return to Hawaii, chapter 3

Location: 10,000 feet above the Silicon Dragon's base

"I'm glad that they didn't go with another underwater base," Kon said.

"It would have been inconvenient," Match agreed.

"So, what's the plan?"

"What makes you think I have one?"

"You're the planning guy! You always have a plan."

"I don't have any information on what the base is like, so I thought we'd bust in and wing it."

"You're disappointing me. I expected something elaborate."

Match sighed, knowing his brother was teasing him. "How about this: we bust in, and, while you engage Lady Dragon, I'll take the foot soldiers and disable their computer?"

"See, that's so much more detailed than 'we'll wing it.'"

Match rolled his eyes. "Get ready to descend at Mach 2.3 on my signal. Three...two...one...now!"

Location: the Silicon Dragon's base, Lady Dragon

Lady Dragon's eyes widened when she registered the intrusion, just a moment before she heard the crash. She was aware of everything that happened in her base, and, while she was aware that Superboy had returned to Hawaii, she wasn't expecting him to have found her base so soon.

"He's grown since we last fought," she mused aloud.

She turned her attention to her minions, who were panicking.

"I will engage Superboy," she told them. "I will use my control of the base to funnel his companion into section H where you will lay an ambush for him. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Lady Dragon," they called out, ready to follow her directions.

Location: the Silicon Dragon's base, Match

Match had the feeling that he was being led somewhere. There just happened to be a number of corridors that were sealed and certain ones that were open. While he could break open any of the doors, he preferred to follow the path laid out for him and turn the tables on his hosts.

He paused before going into the next room. His enhanced hearing picked up several figures moving around and likely in places to surround him when he entered.

'An ambush,' he thought to himself. 'How wonderful.'

He had his telekinetic shield up as he stepped in. For the next several seconds, the Silicon Dragons fired repeatedly at him. The full force of all their shots would have wrecked a city block.

"Cease fire!" one of them called out. "The intruder must be dead after that!"

The smoke cleared, and Match stood there, completely unaffected by their barrage. He grinned at them.

"Now, it's my turn," he said.

Location: the Silicon Dragon's base, Superboy

Superboy had the feeling he was being led somewhere. There just happened to be a number of corridors that were sealed and certain ones that were open. That was fine with him; he strongly suspected that he'd see Lady Dragon at the end.

His suspicions were confirmed when he saw Lady Dragon standing in the middle of a large room.

"We meet again, Superboy," she said. "Now, I'll have my revenge on you for what you did in the past."

"Are you sure you don't want revenge for what I'll do in the future?" he asked. "I mean, really, what were you going to take revenge on me for?"

"Silence, you impudent brat!"

Robotic arms snaked out to restrain him. He disassembled them with his powers and advanced on her.

"You're really going to have to find something new," he told her. "I'm a lot more powerful and experienced than I was when we met before."

"Flying Dragon Kick!" she shouted as she leapt towards him, trying to deliver a kick to his chin.

Kon blocked it and countered with a sweep when she landed. She fell to the floor. She quickly scrambled to her feet.

"You have become a skilled fighter," she informed him. "You'll be a challenge."

"Look, you're completely outclassed. Why don't you give up? It'll be less painful for you."

She charged him with a yell, but Superboy used her momentum against her and threw her into a wall.

"Please stop," he said. "This is kind of embarrassing. You're just not in my class."

Her eyes blazed with rage. "Now that I know what you're capable of, I'll be prepared for next time!"

She ran to a teleport pad, and Kon pursued her. She was a little too fast.

"I'll be back!" she proclaimed, as she stood on the pad.

A moment later, she was still standing there.

"What's going on?" she cried out.

Location: the Silicon Dragon's base, the computer room

Match sniffed in derision. Not only were the Silicon Dragons an inadequate physical challenge, but their computer system had pitiful security. It was pathetically easy for him to break into it and deactivate things like the teleport pads.

Location: the Silicon Dragon's base, Superboy and Lady Dragon

"I'm not going to feel guilty about this because my girlfriend says that the sexes are equal, and, anyway, you're no lady," Kon said, as he knocked the villainess out.

He looked around. The base didn't start shaking like it was going to explode or anything. She was melodramatic, but it looked like she wasn't that melodramatic.

Match's voice came over the loudspeaker. "I've isolated her forces and have called the police. Can you believe she had this place rigged to explode if she were knocked out or killed? I took care of that."

Kon smiled. Maybe she was that melodramatic.

Location: the police station

Makoa was furious. You shouldn't have gone by yourselves! You could have been killed!"

Kon was annoyed. He stopped Lady Dragon and her goons with little effort, and Makoa was treating him like he was still a rookie.

"I'm not the same person I used to be," he snapped back. "I knew exactly what I was doing, and there wasn't much danger."

"You're still as reckless as ever," Makoa said.

"Superboy's analysis is correct," Match informed him. "There was little danger, and if you accompanied us, you would have been a liability."

Makoa glared at Match, and Kon wondered at his brother's continuing lack of tact. It had to be intentional.

"Perhaps you'd like to explain that statement," Makoa said through gritted teeth.

"If you were there, one of us would have had to accompany you to make sure you weren't injured. It would have forced us to split our attention."

"Look, you cocky-"

"Match is right," Kon interrupted. "He's being rude about it, but he's right. My powers have grown a lot since I faced her the first time, and I didn't break a sweat this time."

"Even if that's the case, what about Match? I'm sure that he-"

Kon interrupted again. "He would have finished quicker than I did. I know how skilled he is."

"Superboy is far stronger and more focused than you remember him," Match said. "He's grown up."

Makoa sighed. "You're right. I just can't help but think of him like he used to be."

"That's the other reason I didn't want to come back to the islands," Superboy admitted. "I was a little immature when I lived here. I didn't want to be reminded of that."

"I'll take care of everything else," Makoa said. "Why don't you two go do some sightseeing for real this time?"

They left the police station and paused.

"Is there anything you want to do?" Match asked.

"I don't want to do it, but I should pay my respects to her grave," Kon said in a subdued voice.

"I understand."

There was a confrontation between Kon and Tana's family. They still blamed him for her death and said some very unkind things. He bore it silently, but was clearly distraught about it. Match had enough of it and glared at them until they went away.

"Did you know that we made up before she died?" Conner asked. "I saved her; it was like old times."

Max was silent.

"I don't think we would have dated again, but we were friends," he continued. "Spence knew that and wanted to take it away. It turned out that I'm not even part Westfield, like she thought."

"I wish none of it happened," Max said quietly.

Conner wiped his eyes. "It still hurts; I think it always will."


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