A/N: Bolded/italicized=start of a new stanza

"Save You" (THT)


You're the most important person in my life

You always were since I was 14

Long, curly haired beauty with the impossibly long legs

Babe, you were beautiful

Had your guard up

Full of venom

Paralyzed anyone that attempted to get near

Within a five foot radius of you

I could not explain why I kept coming back for more

You must have had some alluring power over me

Because I insisted on getting involved in your life

And your life inevitably became intertwined with mine

I observed that everything came back to you

I know you think I am the courageous one

You once said, "You're always saving me."

I replied, "Someone has too."

The sentiment still holds true

I want to say I will not let anything happen to you

But it maims me profoundly inside to know I cannot promise that

I do not have the power to save you

Not this time

And I think I am going out of my mind with alarm

I am anguished at the notion that fate could effortlessly take you away from me

How am I supposed to live without you, Peyt?

I cannot bear the thought of that warped reality

You are my precious, amber sun

Your brilliance radiates depth and meaning

Like the solar system, I revolve around you

My world would be a desolate existence

If you were not there alive and breathing the same air with me

Didn't fate bring us together?

We're supposed to be adults now

Only I don't have any more answers than I did

When I was 17

Ready to conquer college

And begin a blissful life in the "real world"

All I can do is be there for you every step of the way

I would follow you anywhere

A/N: Inspired by 6x17-6x19 and Kelly Clarkson's Save You. Awesome song by the way! No matter how hard I tried to add this line, "I wish I could save you" the line never flowed well with the rest of the poem so it was cut out of the poem a little writer's note for you curious people who actually read my A/Ns.