Summary: The past has a funny way of working it's way back to you, no matter how fast and far you centric(duh!)
Warnings/Spoilers: Language Warning
Disclaimer: Yes I too own nothing...NOTHING! *Sigh*
Takes Place: No real setting here, latter half of Season 2 but in my perfect universe Owen is not dead.

Jack stood up from his desk and walked over to the window to look out on his team.

Rolling his neck he worked it to release the pent up tension of catching up on paperwork, by far his least favorite job. Annoyingly Ianto was probably right when he said it wouldn't be so bad had he been doing his paperwork as he went along, but it would be a cold day in hell before he would admit it to the Welshman.

Sighing he eyed his team as they went through the motions of keeping busy in what had been the quietest week that Jack could ever remember, and that was saying something. If the down time had proved anything it was that they were all adrenalin junkies addicted to the thrill of the hunt and they were not very good at just sitting around. Right now they were discreetly keeping their collective distances from each other and just as well they were.

Jack was fairly sure he would have been the one mopping up blood off the floor, more than likely Owen's.

For an educated man the Dr really had trouble engaging brain before acting, thinking, speaking and breathing for that matter. Sometimes he thought Owen just liked to antagonize a reaction from whoever was in striking distance and lately his target was Ianto.

Owen took it as a personal mission to derail the normally unflappable man. To Ianto's credit he usually managed to hide his reaction and not give in to the shit-stirring medic, well most of the time. It could have been the recent inactivity and boredom that set Ianto off, the prank certainly wasn't the worst thing Owen had ever attempted but the latest prank had sent the young man into a fury Jack hadn't seen for a long time and it made Jack wonder what else was behind it, it was a thought Jack stored away for later, there was no way he was letting it drop. It is true though what they say about people with long fuses….takes a while to get there but once it detonates, the only thing that will save you is an underground bunker.

At first it was the collection of pizza boxes Owen had kept stored in the medical bay for over the last week. Jack watched as yesterday Owen placed a pizza box on Ianto's desk first thing in the morning only to replace it as soon as Ianto had cleared it away. 24 boxes later and Jack watched as the cracks in Ianto's façade began to show through. Watching as Ianto gritted his teeth muttering incomprehensible curses under his breath Jack was impressed that the young man still refused to rise to Owen's taunts. He was tempted to step in but knew Ianto would kill him twice for fighting his battles for him, besides Ianto could more than handle himself when it came to Owen.

Owen was not to be deterred however and decided to up the ante. Unbeknown to Jack, or anyone else for that matter, Owen had to snuck down to the Archives and planted 2 stink bombs in amongst the 'e' section knowing Ianto had started yesterday cross referencing the entire archives and was about to hit the fated section. No-one had noticed the broad mouth-splitting grin Owen sported this morning as he waited like a kid at Christmas as Ianto retreated to the Archives.
Jack wasn't aware how long he had been down there, all he knew was that he had been interrupted in his report to UNIT by a bellowing Welshman and a hysterical Londoner. At first Owen had missed the intensity of fury that flowed from Ianto and he was too busy laughing.

"Hey Teaboy, you smell like something Myfanwy coughed up"

A roar and Ianto lunged for Owen and managed to catch him, dragging him to the ground of the Autopsy bay.

"Jack! Do something!" Tosh yelled, horrified.

"Hey it was just a joke" Owen now had a panicked edge to his voice.

It seemed he had only now realized the abject fury emanating from the crazy Welshman.

"Fuck Ianto, get the hell off me!" Owen was panicked now.

Ianto looked down and just grinned at him, a maniacal grin that held no joy.

"Make me!" He hissed.

Owen was quiet; a grip of fear had passed over him. Gwen and Tosh stood above, whimpering and unsure of what to do. Suddenly Jack's voice boomed from up above.

"Ianto! STAND DOWN!"

Ianto didn't move. His jaw clenched and unclenched, the fury making every fibre in his body tense and on fire.

"Jack" Owen called in a panicked voice. "Get him the fuck off me!"

"IANTO!" Jack yelled again, trying to get his attention. There was still no movement of recognition from the young man.

Jack decided to change tact and he leant down next to him, his mouth almost level to his ear.

"Ianto?" Jack called softly this time

Heavy breathing from the young man told Jack he was trying to calm down.

Jack placed an arm under his shoulder and pulled him off the medic. He turned him around and marched him up the stairs out of the autopsy bay. Owen floundered on the ground recovering his voice he shouted after them.

"Fucking crazy Teaboy!"

Gwen and Toshiko stood looking down on him shaking their heads.

"What?" he asked with mock indignation.

"Owen you are an idiot you know that?" Gwen rolled her eyes at him as she and Tosh turned tales and left Owen to gather himself.