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A Demon and an Angel.

Chapter one:

(From Hinata's View.)

This is my story, sad but true.

There is not much to explain.

For as father has always said I am but a useless being, I am worth nothing.

I admit I have always strove to make father proud of me.

But it was when he tried to give me away that day.

That is when I realized that heartless man didn't care about me.

Only about himself and Hanabi.

Only Neji seemed to care that I was still here.

It was only a Sunday when this happened I thought it was to be only another miserable day.

But instead father threw me a lifeline he thought would end me.

Instead it had saved me from father, the Family, and most of all myself.

Hinata! Hinata! Hinata! Hinata!

I could hear someone yelling my name but I didn't want to open my eyes.

I could hear Neji open the door but I didn't move.

He touched my cheek ever so softly.

Hinata he murmured,

Wake my dear we need you right now.

Please Hinata.

I opened my eyes to meet his.

Why? When we both know today I will only suffer more.

I much rather stay here with my dreams as company.

I whispered as I turned away.

Please Hinata not today, today the Uchia's are coming!

Neji begged.

I sighed softly as I stepped off the edge of my bed,

I strode to the wardrobe slowly opening it.

Carefully I pulled out a white and silver kimono with pictures of lotus blossoms on it, and a choker necklace of jade beads.

I changed behind the rice paper screen, as I stepped out I knew today was to be different.

I could feel it in the air.

I could feel it as I watched Neji look me up and down with such longing.

Sighing deeply as I looked into the vanity mirror and adjusted my hair.

Little did I know I would be in fathers study facing the most enchanting pair of eyes I have ever seen.

But I wasn't aware of a lot of things that day.

(From Itachi's View.)

Itachi! Sasuke screamed.

I opened my bedroom door.

What do you want oaf?

His eyes flared in anger,

But I really didn't care, because today I was to become engaged to the hyuuga family's heiress Hinata.

I haven't seen her before.

But I could tell I wouldn't like her at all.

But I had no choice in this matter.

I dressed in a black suit like mother wanted,

But I didn't wear the tie.

Such damned annoying stupid little things.

A waste of clothe in my view but hey.

But everyone else finds them stylish.

Itachi! We are leaving! Sasuke screamed again.

I sighed.

Moments later I found myself facing Hiashi Hyuuga.

And the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

End of chapter one.

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