May 21, 2009


Okay … I'll say it again because I am so humbled by how many of you kept up with this story. Thank You!!!!!! Really there are no other words!

Here's the info you really want:

Love Will Keep Us There – Newborn Bella is experiencing things that no vampire ever should. Something is terribly wrong, but what? Sequel to Fate Has Brought Us Here – READ THAT FIRST! Bella/Jasper

Hmm… Poor Bella can't even do a vampire right! This story will be somewhat darker and more angst like! I felt like we had a pretty smooth run in the first one and that is the way I had intended it. I needed to establish the love story so that J/B could overcome any future obstacles. Edward? Most definitely, but maybe not in the way you think! I'm playing with a triangle here; just not a traditional one. Hopefully this will be different than any other fanfic you've read. Cryptic enough?

Our boy Edward will have a huge reveal in this story which some of you will love and others may want to bite my head off for! I promise you lots of drama and I hope I can deliver. With that being said … all of my faithful readers know that I am true to my characters and I really can't hurt a certain empath! So, PLEASE stick with me on this one and I promise my writing will take us where we need to be! All of my cliffies (yes, I love those), reveals and shockers will have a purpose!

I have already started the first two chapters and hope to have them up sometime this weekend. Please add me to your author alerts if I'm not already there so you won't have to wait any longer then necessary.

I hope I have peaked your interest! Let me know what you think! I am so looking forward to sharing this next installment with you! I'm excited…can you tell?