Hello! Remember me? It has been a really long time. Like six years since I wrote my last FF. Eight years ago this week I dabbled in my first J/B story. I uploaded it with low expectations that anyone would read it, but all these years later and I'm still getting reviews and such lovely messages from all of you wondering what happened to me. I was feeling nostalgic and decided to write a little something for Fate Has Brought Us Here.

Some of you know I went on to publish my own books. I've been working hard and have written over twenty titles. I've learned a lot about my craft and what it takes to be an author. I don't believe I ever would have had the courage to take that leap if not for all the support I received from the readers on this site. If you'd like to read my books please message me and I'll connect you to my website.

This takes place in between Fate Has Brought Us Here and Love Will Keep Us There. Keep in mind I'm a much different writer than I was when I started this story. I think that's a good thing ;)

Fate Has Brought Us Here (Bonus Material)


I sat on the shoreline, stretching my legs and indulging in the warmth of the sun. The private honeymoon destination I'd chosen for Bella and myself was a welcome change from the frigid Alaska environment, and the dismal weather in Forks. It didn't matter to me what the temperature was, but it was pleasing being out in the sunlight for a change.

As Bella splashed in the water, I admired her sparkling beauty. I'd seen many vampires in my time, but none were more breathtaking than my new wife. My wife? Would I ever get used to that? Not only had we married just a short week ago, but she was now a vampire. A choice she had entered into freely. Most of my kind didn't get to make that decision but Bella wanted me enough to become the very existence I had grown to loathe through the years. It wasn't like that anymore. I'd been lost for so long, but now I had purpose. My days had meaning. All because one clumsy, little human called to me in ways that I could never have imagined.

My life had taken me in many directions since becoming a vampire. Many of those years were long and lonely. I'd found temporary joy with the Cullens and Alice. I'd always adore Alice. We helped one another more than we realized. Now that I found Bella, I appreciated my adoptive family and hoped to reconnect with them once Bella and I had some time to enjoy our relationship. Everyone seemed genuinely happy for us on our wedding day. Even Edward had come to terms with it. Although he was the last person I wanted to see for quite sometime. My gift revealed his true feelings. No matter what he tried to do when it came to Bella, he still loved her deeply. There was no denying it.

I laughed when she went under the water and didn't resurface for a few minutes. She'd been doing this for over an hour. Snorkeling without the gear, she called it. This world was new to her. She had so much more to experience and I couldn't wait to show her all the things we could explore.

She swam up and joined me on the sand. Her wet flesh glistened as she lay back and gazed up at the sky. "Do you think I'm an odd vampire?"

"What?" I sank down next to her, taking her hand in mine. "Why would you ask that?"

"I was an odd human."

"You were a quirky human." I brought her knuckles to my mouth and kissed them. "You're an exquisite vampire."

"The fish." She took a moment to gather her thoughts and I suspected she was trying to focus on what she wanted to say next. Being a newborn could be frustrating at times, but she was doing a fantastic job dealing with her change.

"What about them?"

"They don't swim away from me." She propped herself on her elbows and looked out at the water. "Out there I saw some dolphins and they let me swim along side of them. They weren't afraid of me."

I had noticed that hunting with Bella was easier than it should be. She had a way with the prey. "Maybe that's your gift." I scooted over and rested my head in her lap. "You're the Snow White of the vamp world."

"Ha! Me, Snow White? I'm no princess."

"I beg to differ." I stared into her stunning eyes, noting they weren't as red as when she'd awoke from her transition. That was faster than normal, but Bella always had a uniqueness about her. "You're my princess."

"I want to go to Paris."

"Now?" I smirked, trying not to laugh at her attention span or lack there of it. "We're on our honeymoon."

"I know, but we'll go, right?"

"When you adjust to your new life we'll make plans We have lots of time."

"I love my new life." She leaned down and kissed me. "I love being a vampire. I love this island. I love you."

I nodded.

"You already know all of that."

"It's a gift."

"Do you think I'll have a gift?"

"You're special all on your own." I cupped her check in my hand. "But, yes, I do. Call it a feeling."

"You're good at those." She pressed her hand over mine, snuggling into my touch. "I want to be good at something."

"You're already the most controlled newborn I've ever met." I tried not to think about my time with Maria, but I'd been somewhat of an expert on newborn behavior and my wife was like none I'd ever encountered. "You haven't snapped or tried to bite me once."

"Well, I did bite you last night." She licked her lips. "Twice."

"You can bite me like that anytime you'd like." I flipped her onto her back, hovering over her. "I may even bite you."

"Please." She ran her hands along my back, scraping her nails against my spine. "I need you."

"Again?" Not that I was complaining but my bride was insatiable.

With a speed I still wasn't used to from her, she reversed our positions and now I was at her total mercy. Just the way I liked it.

"I don't get tired anymore." She pulled at my bathing suit, sliding it down my legs. "That's one of the perks of being immortal, isn't it?"

"I can think of a few more." I tugged the strings on the side of her bikini until I freed her from it.

Reaching around to the back of her neck, she untied her top, tossing it in the sand. She shook out her hair and let out the sexiest, little growl. "I like being naked."

"I've noticed." Since becoming a vampire, she'd taken to her natural side. I'd often find her roaming around the island with nothing on. "It's pretty hot."

"Why thank you, Mr. Whitlock." She straddled me, brushing her heat against my erection. "You know what I want?"

"I have a good idea." I grasped her hips, lowering her onto me. "Bella," I moaned when she pushed down. "That's amazing."

"Wait." She hopped off me and ran toward the ocean.

"What the hell!" Before I had time to fully react my sweet girl was almost a half mile into the water.

"Jasper, keep up." She giggled. "I want to go to the waterfall."

There were may perks to being a vampire, but her short attention span wasn't one of them. I swam out to join her, following when she went under and to the falls. The flow of the water echoed inside the private cove.

"There you are." She glanced over her shoulder, laughing as I came closer to her.

"Come here." I pulled her to me, wrapping her legs around my waist. "That wasn't very nice."

"I'm sorry." She kissed me. "I have a hard time concentrating."

"Even when we're getting ready to make love?"

"I thought how sexy it would be to make love under the waterfall and the next thing I knew I was here." She shrugged. "Isn't it beautiful?"

"Not as beautiful as you." I brought us over to the gentle water cascading into the stream. "But I can see why you wanted to come here." I leaned her against the large rocks, taking my time to enter her. "It's very inspiring."

She closed her eyes as she gripped my arms. I focused on her lust, absorbing it all, using it to fuel my ache for her. When her emotions began to wander, I reigned her in. "Concentrate on us."

"I'm trying." She moved with me, slow and steady. "There are so many distractions. My thoughts move in all directions."

"You can do it." I kissed her neck, radiating my desire onto her. "Does that help?"

"It's very intense, all that passion." She held onto me as the waves swished around us. Except for the sound of the falls flowing into the water, it was tranquil. Just the two of us. The way it would be forever.

"You always know what I need." She brushed her lips along my jaw. "You always know."

"You're mine, Bella." I slid her from me and turned her around. "The best of me."

She gazed over her shoulder and looked up at me with her wide eyes so full of light and love. "We're the best of each other."

Flexing my hips, I arched her over the coral and entered her with a quick force. Gathering her hair in my hand, I grazed my teeth along her back, kissing and licking her flesh. I had been addicted to her scent when she was human, but now she smelled even better.

She clawed at the rock, leaving indentations in her wake. The strength in her fingers alone awed me. The reality that she was just as unbreakable as I was still hadn't completely set in. I would always be her protector.

As we connected, the water thrashed from side to side. Bella clenched around me, tightening as her arousal heightened. I couldn't tell where she ended and I began. Eternal. No beginning, no end. Only us. Fate...

Jasper." She softly cried out as she let go, a warmth surrounding our cold forms.

"That's my girl." I kissed her neck, trailing my hands up her body and cupping her breasts. "I knew you could find the focus to enjoy this moment."

"I enjoy all of our moments." She brought her arms up and clasped my neck as she thrust her pelvis back, allowing me to slip deep inside her.

"Sweetheart." I growled as I released, violently driving my hips forward, pinning her to the rock. Her muscles tensed for a moment and then she screamed out my name again. My insatiable girl.

She twisted in my arms, lifting her taut legs and hitching them around my waist.

"At least now we know how you can get me to concentrate on one thing at a time." She took my face between her hands. "We just have to have sex all day."

"We already do that."

"Isn't it the best?" Her laughter filled the cove and in that moment I knew nothing would ever come between us.

"The absolute best."

Pressing my lips to hers, I imaged our hearts beating in perfect sync.

Thanks for letting me play with Jasper and Bella again. I'd forgotten how much fun it was.