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Warnings: yaoi, lemons, mpreg

The beginning of the story will revolve around Yugi and Yami. Not sure for how long. Some of the others will be mentioned through them talking, on the ohone with with, e-mail, etc.

Summary: Yami Sennen is the owner of a famous five star restaurant. He has been looking for love for the past few years, but hasn't found anyone yet. He meets Yugi Mutou, who has worked in his restaurant for the last two years. Yami instantly feels an attration to Yugi. As the two get to know each other, they end up falling in love. Follow them as they fall in love, as their love grows, and prospers as well as the trials that come along with it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter 1- A Chance Meeting

Yugi Mutou was running around the kitchen, getting all the ingredients that the lead chef would need to make the main dish that night.

Yugi worked at Sennen's, which was a five star restaurant, which attracted a great many customers, including the rich and famous. Yugi had been working there as an understudy to the head chef, Leon Merswan, for two years.

Leon Merswan was a renounced chef. He was a rather large man with black hair and piercing green eyes. Although he had a tough exterior, Leon was a rather soft and kind-hearted man. He helped Yugi get better at his cooking.

"Yugi, do we have everything?" Leon asked.

"Yeah. Everything is here." Yugi replied.

"Good. From what I've heard, we're going to have a big crowd tonight." Leon said.

"All right." Yugi said happily.

"Could you make the clam chowder, and remember to-" Leon started.

"I know. Make it with a pinch of salt and pepper unless a specialty order comes in." Yugi said.

Leon smiled. "Good. Now go and get started." Leon said.

Yugi nodded and went off to do as he was told.

Leon smiled as he watched Yugi go. When Yugi had been hired, Leon had taken to teaching Yugi everything he knew because he could see that Yugi was very serious about cooking, and over the last few years, Leon had come to consider Yugi a prodigy and a friend. Yugi was as bit as good of a cook as Leon, and Leon had no shame in that fact. He was thrilled that he had met someone as talented as himself.

Yugi went about the kitchen and started to get the clam chowder ready. He loved his job. He had gone to cooking school so that he could learn the art of cooking. Even as a young boy, Yugi had loved cooking, and he was always practicing with a new recipe.

Yami Sennen sat in his office, going over a tone of paperwork. He was tired and knew that his day was far from over. Growling angrily, Yami slammed his fists down. This wasn't his day. He had just found out that his girlfriend of the last few months, Tanisha Harmsworth, had been cheating on him.


Yami went to Tanisha's place because he planned to surprise her with lunch. See hadn't been able to spend much time with him and thought that she would enjoy this. He used his key to open the door and walked inside. Yami walked into the kitchen and looked around. "Hmmm. Wonder where she is." Yami mused.

There seemed to be a noise coming from down the hall.

Yami started down the hall and heard the sound of moaning.

"Oh, Fred! Harder!"

Yami froze. He knew that voice. It was Tanisha. He opened the door and saw Tanisha having sex with some guy. He growled and said, "Tanisha!"

Both people in the bed were startled and jumped, ceasing their actions.

Tanisha's eyes widened when she saw Yami. "Y-Yami, I can explain." Tanisha said.

"Explain? You're fucking another guy! What's there to explain?!" Yami growled. He thought about it and said, "This is why you haven't had time for me, isn't it?"

"Please, Yami. I-" Tanisha started.

"Save it. I don't want to hear it. You can fuck him all you want. I don't care. We're through." Yami said. He turned to leave.

"Yami, wait!" Tanisha cried.

Yami glared at her. "All you were after was my money. Well, forget it. You can't touch any of it." Yami spat.

"Well, could you leave? We were in the middle of something." the guy, Fred, spat.

Yami glared at him. "Sure. Have fun with your whore." Yami said before storming out of the room.

~End Flashback~

This was a usual thing with Yami. Every guy or girl that he dated seemed to only be interested in his money or his looks and not him. He wanted someone that would love him for who he was.

True, Yami was bi, so tended to date both, but no one had ever been someone that he could take true interest in. He tended to date guys more than girls, though.

Yami sighed and put the paperwork away He knew that there was no way he could concentrate on his work now. He checked his watch and decided that he would go and eat at his restaurant. It wasn't far, and he didn't feel like going anywhere else. Standing up, Yami left the room.

"Mr. Sennen, you're leaving early." his secretary, June, said. She was a brunette with long hair with hazel eyes and was slim.

"I know. Bad day." Yami said.

June smiled sadly. She was a good friend to Yami and knew what Tanisha had done. "I'm sorry for what happened, Yami." June said.

"I know, June. Better to find out now than when we were married." Yami said.

"Anything I should know?" June asked.

"No. I'm calling it quits early because I'm too angry to think. I'm just going to go down to my restaurant and eat dinner alone. Could you call and let them know to have my table open?" Yami asked.

"Sure thing." June replied.

Yami left, and June made the call.

"Yugi, I have a family emergency!" Leon said.

"What happened?" Yugi asked, worried.

"My granddaughter had been taken to the hospital, and I need to go. My daughter's the only one there, and she's hysterical." Leon said.

Yugi nodded. "Go on. I've handled things here before, and I'll do it again." Yugi said.

"Thanks, Yugi. I owe you." Leon said before he ran from the kitchen to leave.

Yugi started taking the orders that waiters were giving him and started preparing them.

Twenty minutes later, David Belloni, the restaurant manager, a tall, thin blonde man with black eyes, entered the kitchen in a hurry. "Yugi, where is Leon?" David asked.

"He left twenty minutes ago. His granddaughter was taken to the hospital, so he went there to see her." Yugi said.

"Oh, dear. This is not good. He picked the worst day to leave." David said.

"I can handle it. I've had to do it before. It's no problem." Yugi said, having not stopped what he was doing.

"Yugi, Mr. Yami Sennen is coming to eat here tonight." David said.

"He is?!" Yugi exclaimed, looking up.

David nodded. "Yo have to make sure what you make is good." David said.

"I always do that. Don't worry. His will be fantastic." Yugi said.

David nodded. "I hope so." David said.

Yugi smiled at him. "David, you know that I prepare every meal I make as if a senator or the president were eating it. Trust me. This will be great." Yugi said, going back to cooking.

"All right. Just make sure that it is." David said and left.

Yugi continued with what he was doing although he was a little nervous. He had never cooked for the owner of the restaurant before, so he was worried. He could lose his job if what Yami had was bad.

Yami arrived at his restaurant to find that although it was crowded, he had seen it worse.

David met him at the entrance and said, "Mr. Sennen, your table is ready. Right this way."

Yami followed David into the back where there was a wall that cut off one of the tables from view. Yami was the only one that ever ate at the table, so he was able to just go in and eat.

"Someone will be with you momentarily." David said.

"David." Yami said.

"Yes, sir?" David asked.

"You know who not to send, right?" Yami asked.

"Yes. None of them will be coming." David before leaving.

There were a view of the waitresses and a few waiters who came onto him. Yami made a point that none of them were to wait on him.

A young man with blue hair and brown eyes came over. "What can I get you to drink, Mr. Sennen?" the man asked.

"Get me a glass of white wine and bring me some clam chowder as an appetizer." Yami said.

"Yes, sir." the waiter said.

Yami picked up the menu and looked over it, trying to decide what he wanted.

A few moments later, the waiter returned with his wine and said, "It will be a few minutes for the chowder, sir."

"That's fine. Give me a few moments to decide what I want." Yami said.

"Yes, Mr. Sennen." the waiter said. He poured Yami a glass of wine and left the bottle with him when he walked off.

Yami scanned over the menu when he came across a new dish. "Hmm. Three Cheese tomato soup." Yami murmured. He noticed that there was an option of having chicken, rice, or shrimp added in the soup. "That doesn't sound too bad." Yami remarked to himself.

The waiter came back with the clam chowder and placed it in front of Yami. "Can I get your order yet?" the waiter asked.

"Yes. I believe that I will try the Three Cheese Tomato Soup with chicken in it." Yami said.

"Very well. What kind of dressing on the salad?" the waiter asked.

"Ranch." Yami answered.

"I'll put this in right away." the waiter said and walked off.

Yami started to eat the chowder. "Hmm. Not usually this good." Yami remarked.

Yugi was hard at work making the different orders that were being thrown at him left and right.

"Yugi, an order of Three Cheese Tomato Soup with chicken." a waiter hollered.

"Right!" Yugi responded.

Yugi had actually created the three cheese dish. Leo had been skeptical of it because he had never thought that cheese in tomato soup would work, much less with the other food in it, but Leon loved it and out it on the menu. Yugi had no problem making this dish. It had been popular that night although most had been getting rice.

Yugi placed two dishes out for waiters to get before he went to start the tomato dish.

Yami finished his clam chowder, and the waiter took it away.

Yami's phone rang. He took it out and said, "Hello?"

"Hey, Brother. How you doing?"

"Hey, Atemu. I'm okay." Yami said.

"You don't sound it." Atemu, Yami's twin brother, remarked.

"June called you, didn't she?" Yami asked.

"Well, yeah. She was worried about you." Atemu said.

"I'm fine. I was getting tired of her anyway. I was trying to make it work, though. Did June tell you what happened?" Yami asked.

"No. That's why I called. What did happen?" Atemu asked.

"Went over to her place to surprise her with lunch. Used my key to get in and found her screwing some other guy." Yami answered.

"I'm sorry, Yami." Atemu said honestly.

The waiter returned with Yami's salad. Yami nodded a thank you to him.

"It's okay. Like I said, I was getting bored with her." Yami said.

"I was hoping you'd finally settle down." Atemu said.

"Not with her. I'm not sure that I'll ever find someone. They're either after my body or my money or both. It gets annoying." Yami said.

"Don't I know it. I thought that, too, until I met Heba." Atemu said.

"How is Heba?" Yami asked.

"He's good, although I am getting constant threats to my life for doing this to him." Atemu said.

"Yeah. You mentioned you two just found out that he's pregnant. How far is he?" Yami asked.

"Not far. Just a few weeks. He may hate the morning sickness and all, but he loves the thought of having a child." Atemu said.

"I assume that the proud father is just as happy." Yami said.

"Of course. Look. Why don't you come out and visit us some time ion the near future." Atemu said.

"I would, but work is piling up. Besides, you and Heba need time alone. Didn't Heba's brother just come?" Yami asked.

"Yeah. He's excited about becoming an uncle. Wish he could have stayed longer." Atemu said.

"Why?" Yami asked.

"Because he makes an excellent shield." Atemu replied.

Yami burst out laughing. "I'm sure Heba would love to learn that bit of news." Yami said.

Atemu growled over the phone. "Don't even think of saying anything to him." Atemu said.

"I won't. Need ammunition for a later date." Yami said.

"Well, Heba's just walked in. I'd better go. Think about what I said." Atemu said.

"I will. Bye." Yami said and hung up. He sighed and started eating his salad. 'Maybe I should go visit them. I need a bit of a change.' Yami thought.

By the time he finished his salad, his main dish had come. Yami started eating and was instantly shocked at how good it was. "This is delicious." Yami said. He enjoyed the soup tremendously and ate all of it.

David came by and said, "Did you enjoy your meal, Mr. Sennen?"

"Yes, I did. That Three Cheese Tomato Soup. I don't think I've seen it before." Yami said.

"It was added after your last time dining here, sir. If you would like, we can remove it." David said.

"Remove it? I don't want it removed. I had it tonight and it was delicious." Yami said.

"Of course, sir." David said.

"Did Leon make that?" Yami asked.

"No. It's his assistant chef that came up with that, actually." David replied.

"After we close, I would like to meet this person." Yami said.

"Certainly, sir." David said.

Yugi was thankful when dinner was finally over. He was exhausted. He changed out of his uniform into his leather pants, tank top, and jacket.

"Yugi." David said.

"Yes." Yugi said.

"Before you go, Mr. Sennen wants to speak with you." David said.

"Me? Why?" Yugi asked.

"I don't know, but you had better." David said.

Yugi nodded and followed David out of the kitchen and into the dining area.

"Mr. Sennen, this is the assistant chef, Yugi Mutou." David said.

Yugi was surprised by Yami. He had never met him before, but thought that he looked stunning.

Yami smiled warmly and said, "It's nice to meet you, Mr. Mutou."

"The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Sennen, and please, call me Yugi." Yugi replied.

"Very well." Yami said. His look clearly told David to leave, which he did.

"Is there something you needed, Mr. Sennen?" Yugi asked.

"Yami, please. I wanted to tell you that your Three Cheese Tomato Soup was stupendous. I've never had anything like it." Yami said.

Yugi blushed lightly. "Thank you, Mr. Se-Yami." Yugi caught himself.

Yami thought Yugi looked cute when he blushed. "I hear that you came up with it." Yami said, gesturing for Yugi to sit down, which he did.

"Yes. I like to experiment and come up with different new dishes." Yugi replied.

"How long have you worked for me?" Yami asked.

"Two years." Yugi replied.

"That long?" Yami asked surprised.

Yugi nodded.

"Hmm. I've never seen you before." Yami said.

"I usually am in the kitchen. I rarely come out here." Yugi replied.

"Well, you are certainly an excellent chef. I can see that Leon has a great assistant." Yami said.

"Thank you." Yugi replied.

"I certainly hope to see more of your dishes appear on the menu." Yami said.

"Thank you. If you will excuse me, I should be getting home." Yugi said.

"Of course." Yami said.

Yugi and Yami shook his hands before leaving.

Yami watched Yugi leave.

"Hmm. Yugi Mutou. I wouldn't mind seeing him again." Yami murmured to himself.

"Is everything all right, Mr. Sennen?" David asked.

"Yes. I was just heading home." Yami said.

"Did Yugi upset you?" David asked.

"No. I find him rather likeable." Yami said.

"Most of the staff does." David replied.

"I believe I will go home now." Yami said. He left the restaurant and headed for his limo.

Yami didn't know why, but he was already smitten with Yugi although they had just met. He smiled and said, "Maybe I'll drop by and see him again sometime."

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