Title: The New Hokage

Words : 861

Pairing: KakaIru


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~The New Hokage~

Chapter 01

Oh. My. God.

That was the first thing crossed Iruka's tired mind at the sight in front of him.

I must be hallucinating.

His hand moved to rub his eyes (just to make sure it was not a nightmare), but he stopped in time (it wouldn't do with the mask prevented him) and blinked again.

Nope. The figure sitting before him was still there.

"I believe you have a report for me?" The lazy tone was there as its owner looked up from the horrible horrible orange book under his nose. The book was so glaringly clashed against the piles of papers on the desk before him.

Iruka gulped before falling on one knee, eyes down obediently to the floor as he recall everything he had done for the past three months to the man. It was a bit unsettling as the secrets he vowed to share only to Godaime was revealed freely to the man, his apparently new Hokage.

It seems that the rumors are true.

The silver haired man merely nodded as Iruka finished his three months surveilance mission on the hidden Mist neary thirty minutes later. "Please stand up. Do you write all of those?" He asked simply, bored single eye never wavered from the brown haired man.

Iruka managed not to blush at the stares as he finally stood up and looked at him in the eyes (well...eye). Stiffly, he put the mission reports (slightly battered after hours of travelling home) on the pale hand. "It's all here.....Hokage-sama."

The mention of the man's position was leaving an odd taste in Iruka's tongue. He had never expected to ever call the man before him with it.

Rokudaime......I've always hoped that will be Naruto.... Apparently I'm wrong.

Seeing the Hokage nodded in approval, Iruka bowed politely. He wanted to have warm bath and sleep for days as his tired muscles and bloodied attires requested. "If there's nothing else I can do, please excuse me, Sir."

Get the hell away from here as soon as possible!

Before Iruka could perform hand seal, a lazy yet familiar tone stopped him. "Wait a minute."

"Yes, Hokage-sama?" Iruka blinked warily, recognizing the hint of teasing on the order.

"I want to ask something that bugs me for a while....."

Iruka didn't dare to response, choosing to wait silently for the Hokage to continue. He had known the question would be there since he stepped into this room.

"I wonder...... Since when you made ANBU, Iruka-dear?"

Right. Kakashi, his newly-turned Hokage lover had never disappointed him.


It took a while before Iruka could answer the question. Sighing (and saying goodbye to his dear bed and warm tub), he finally pulled the mask down and nodded. "I joined ANBU four months ago, Hokage-sama."

Hatake Kakashi, the now Rokudaime of Konoha hidden village, merely raised his eyebrow. "And you've never told anyone else. I was not aware until I read the ANBU files."

Iruka nodded, a slight grim smile on his face as he stared back at that familiar dark blue eye. "You were never called back into ANBU troops unless it was extremely important. And I told Godaime, Hokage-sama."

Kakashi narrowed his single eye as he slowly stood, closing the distance between them as he finally stared down at the shorter man. "You did not tell me, Iruka."

"At that time, you didn't need to know that." You were too busy fighting in the front line to notice it.

Silence hung in the air as the two lovers (well...­­ ex-lovers Iruka supposed, after all... he practically ran away to the hidden Mist without Kakashi's knowledge. It would count as .... break up right?) stared at each other.

"You're thinner." Kakashi said solemnly as his eye travelled down at the battered form before him. Before, the dark-skinned man was filled with solid muscle and slightly wider shoulder than Kakashi's himself. But now, Iruka was even leaner and looked paler than him.

"And you looked taller now." Iruka's own eyes stared back. Before, the silver haired hokage often slouched as he walked in that infamous lazy posture, which often made both of them at the same height. Yet now, Kakashi stood proud, adding intimidation to his already intimidating aura. He was taller by slight few inches than Iruka himself by now.

"You're.....ANBU." The ANBU gear was an answer to that.

"And you're .... Rokudaime. I suppose congratulations in order then?" Iruka tried to add humor in his tone. Their conversation turned awkward by seconds they talked.

Kakashi nodded. His masked face turned distant as he looked away to his face relief in the mountain, next to Tsunade's. "Many things have happened since you leave the village."

I can see that.

"When was the ceremony?"

"Two months ago."

"And Tsunade-sama-"

Kakashi sighed before he turned back at the ANBu before him. "It'll take a long time to explain. And you're tired. Maybe we can talk later? Tommorow?"

Iruka could feel something tightened inside his stomach at the soft gaze Kakashi –no- Rokudaime had on him.


At Kakashi's nod, Iruka vanished in the swirl of water.

And crashed into his own bed as sleep welcomed his tired being.






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