A/N : I was bored and this fic came into my mind.

DISCLAIMER : Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ouji-sama is Konomi Takeshi's.

It really was a fine day until Hiyoshi suddenly shoved a pink and fluffy teddy bear to me.

I stared at it for a while then at Hiyoshi then at the teddy bear and at Hiyoshi and then at the pink doll again and then Hiyoshi again and so on. After repeating the same thing for who knows how long, I finally ask; "What is this?"

Hiyoshi who is looking away-not that I realized where he was looking minutes ago- answered with his usual blank look, "I found it on storage room. It was mineā€¦back when I was a little and I thought I can give this to you."

Ok, that's is an aswer, I thought while secretly sniffing the pink teddy bear, it smells like soap and detergent, I found myself slightly disappointed.

"Why did you give this to me?" he asked again, hugging the teddy bear in front of his chest. It's kinda cute actually.

He was actually staring at his shoes as if thinking and answered shortly, "Because I thought you like it?" It sounds like a question rather than an answer.

The teddy bear is fluffy pink, it has a red ribbon around its neck, tied into a bow and it is holding a heart shaped cushion. Image of little baby Hiyoshi hugging the teddy bear and sleeping together with it while sucking his thumb is actually adorable and cute-kind off, not that I want to admit it aloud.

Yes, I found the image is very adorable that I mentally jumped in giddiness but HiyoPiyo had to interfere which I actually glad of.

"So, you like it, Mukahi-san?"

Hugging the teddy bear closer to my chest and I flashed him a grin, "What do you think?"

He smiled faintly-because Hiyoshi Wakashi rarely smiles and always scowls- and muttered something I didn't hear because I'm too bussy staring at teddy bear and images in my head.

"Well, I guess I have to go to school carrying this, right?" I grinned and pat the teddy bear on its fluffy head, "I guess it's ok then, I'll just leave it in Club Room and get it after practice, what do you think?"

"Ok, I guess. It's up to you, it's yours now." He said and stuffed his hands to his pockets.

I grinned again at him and begin walking to school. Some Club members asking about whose Teddy Bear it is that sitting on the bench and they asking me in enthusiasm about who gave me the pink doll but I only grinned at him, "From someone unexpected!"

And later in my room when I was hugging the teddy bear that I named Hiyopi, I realized that the disappointed feeling I felt back then was because he had washed the doll. If only he hadn't, the teddy bear might smelled like him. I smiled and then drift off to sleep with Hiyopi in my arms.