Title: One Last Night

Rating: PG

Length: 267

Summary:'Just One Last Night' was the deal.(post ep:5x1)

AN Sorry about the format...I Don't know how to fix it on ff

When the sun began to rise, leaking light through slivers in the blinds on the window, House knew it would be the end.

The end of what last night had been.

So comforting and beautiful.

'Just One Last Night' was the deal.

Wilson was still lightly snoring next to him, his hand clasped in House's, like it was the most natural thing in all the world.

House looked from their hands to Wilson's face, asleep and care free.

He stared to memorize everything he could about the peaceful face of the man lying next to him.

Because when he woke up,the peace would be gone, replaced with a scowl of hatred.

After all.

Wilson said they were never friends.

But he agreed to pretend again...for just one more night.

It was a parting gift, according to Wilson, and House eagerly accepted.

A gift of just one night,to stay by his side,pretend that everything was perfect.

A night to pretend that the next day he wouldn't be gone.

When the morning came House would have to let him go, where he would be left all alone.

With the everlasting memory of this one night, mingled with the silence of his apartment.

House dared not to ask for anything more, He knew too well from past experiences, that you have to make due with what you've got,or else you get nothing at all.

But he dared to hope for just a few more minutes of silent bliss next to Wilson.

He drank in the warmth of the moment, and desperately tried to will away the cold and lonely future.